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  1. Mapster32 compliant numpads

    10 September 2018 - 10:50 AM

    This is mainly for laptop users who don't want to remap their keys or get a full keyboard laptop. If you're looking for a numpad that sends the correct keycodes, here's a list of confirmed ones (if you own any numpads, please help fill in the list, thanks!):

    These are confirmed to send the correct keycodes, thus being Mapster32 compliant. Have at 'em!

    Do NOT buy these as they do not send the correct keycodes. Links for details so you know what to avoid.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    14 June 2016 - 08:55 AM

    So Nintendo just announced the name and a new gameplay trailer for their latest Zelda game, Breath of the Wild on their E3 treehouse live.

    You can likely watch the interviews and gameplay segments afterwards, but they're still live as of writing this post, just starting to showcase more of the game at https://www.twitch.tv/nintendo

    I, for one, am super excited for this, and will be getting it for both systems.
  3. Project Paradise (1997)

    04 May 2016 - 07:56 AM

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Since I'm scouring the depths of Archive.org for all kinds of things, I thought I'd create threads for some of the more interesting games I run across. Though in this particular case, I was reading an issue of PC Format (UK gaming magazine) and saw a preview of this game. As a big huge massive fan of Take No Prisoners (also from 1997 along with Mageslayer and Machine Hunter, great year for top-down shooters), I had to look up more info on the game. Here's a scan of the magazine article in question. Weirdly, all three games were mentioned in the article as well.

    It looks like the developer, Ikarion has done quite a few action games in German (though some have translations), which probably explains the fact that I hadn't heard of these games before, their most popular title seems to be Demonworld (1997) (I also found its trailer and uploaded it on YouTube here). The publisher of Project Paradise, Soft-Enterprises, is of only minor interest, seeing that most of their releases are shovelware quality stuff.

    The game has copyrights marked for 1994,95 and 96, which leads me to believe it's been quite a while in development, and this shows. The game handles quite a bit poorly, mainly the aiming is terrible. Even with its lite RPG elements, it really is a poor man's Take No Prisoners, but a nice relic of the mid 90s.

    Screenshots (16 @ 640x400)

    Demo download
    Now, I wasn't able to find the original pp-demo.exe, the extracted version is available on a few CD cover discs (with 3 known variations, mainly some changes in the sizxes few trivial files and the extra PIF shortcut files) and I've included the two I could find here. They are basically the same thing but anyway:

    To play, create a CONFIG.SYS file to your DOSBox's C:\ and edit it to have FILES=200 (or another similarly large amount), launch Install.exe to install the game. You can just create an emp Note that the game is all in German. Have fun?
  4. Retro game promos

    31 January 2016 - 11:08 AM

    Since I'm uploading a ton of trailers for old PC games (sometimes for consoles, but rarely), I thought you guys might also be interested in them. I'm also coming across some other kinds of promotional content, so I'll post everything here as I go.

    Now, some of this stuff may be common, but I have been uploading stuff that not too many people have seen (i.e. trailers for shovelware collections like D!Zone and others). So I'm hoping you'll get something out of this, since it's also quite a lot of work to do this. Enjoy!*

    P.S. If you have something cool to show, don't be afraid to chime in!

    Here's the channel link for the trailers, where there's already trailers for about 85 different retro games:
    Retro Game Trailers

    Also here's a bonus set of 24 early (1995) (official?) screenshots from Quake:
  5. Blood re-imagined

    10 January 2016 - 11:57 AM

    I really don't have anything to say.



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    Nice. I've been through hell and back. Lots of experiences that I wish I didn't have but were important to giving me a new understanding of things.
    How's the music coming along? Got a working band yet? Maybe we could jam out sometime when I move to Norway in the next couple years.
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    We could always do multiple stacks from the same sector. They don't even have to cover the whole sector, you can make a transparent pool of water using TROR even if there are 6 stacks above that area.
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