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33 years old
October 4, 1984
Male Male
Manitoba, Canada

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  1. Humble IGN Merger

    14 October 2017 - 06:08 AM

    Oh goody.



    Humble Bundle is Joining Forces with IGN!

    Announcing our biggest bundle ever: Humble Bundle is proudly joining the IGN family! We will continue to bring you all of our humble products, but with more resources and help from IGN.

    We chose IGN because they really understand our vision, share our passion for games, and believe in our mission to promote awesome digital content while helping charity. I can’t think of a better partner than IGN to help Humble Bundle continue our quest.

    We will be working harder than ever to bring you the best gaming bundles, book bundles, and store sales, while nurturing the Humble Monthly and our new publishing initiative. We will keep our own office, culture, and amazing team with IGN helping us further our plans. We will raise even more money for charity.

    John and I started Humble Bundle from our childhood homes. When our parents found out that our “big idea” was basically the honor system of pay-what-you-want plus charity, they braced themselves for the possibility that we might never move out. Seven years later, thanks to the generosity of over 10 million customers, we’ve now raised $106 million for charity. We are incredibly proud of this figure, of our team, and the Humble community which got us here.

    But as far as we’ve come, we know we are just getting started. Even bigger things lie ahead, and we think IGN is the perfect partner to help us get there.

    If you like Humble Bundle now, stay tuned, because we’ll have more exciting things to share in the near future.

    -Jeffrey Rosen
    Co-Founder, CEO
    Humble Bundle
  2. Battlefront 2 Open Beta

    07 October 2017 - 10:33 AM

    Anyone else testing this? My sister and I recorded some footage of us playing it last night. So far I'm impressed. It's certainly more fun and easier to get into than the first one.

    Strike & Starfighter Assault highlights:

    Galactic Assault highlights:
  3. How do you buy movies?

    21 September 2017 - 05:29 AM

    So I know where I am and where a lot of us stand on buying games, but how about movies? More and more I encounter people online who have given up buying physical movies a long time ago and this...is totally alien to me. I simply cannot trust some cloud server somewhere out of my control to handle content that belongs to me that also depends on my internet connection (and data/bandwidth) to access. I don't like movies taking up all my hard drive space either. I buy movies exclusively on Bluray. I'll redeem the codes for digital copies, though. Usually through the Play Store/YouTube. Otherwise I don't bother. Also, the cases and slip cover art are just nice. Are any more of you still out there like that?
  4. GDC: Flash Games Post-Mordem

    25 August 2017 - 03:09 PM


  5. Who actually created Duke Nukem?

    17 August 2017 - 06:53 AM

    Was it George, Allen, or Todd? Randy says it's Allen. Asking for a friend.


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