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October 4, 1984
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Manitoba, Canada

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  1. In Topic: Unreal Thread

    Yesterday, 07:26 PM

    I love Unreal I. Such a fantastic alien worldbuilding experience. Just started playing through it again a couple weeks ago. Still so great. I think I'm towards the end now at the mothership after the Nali Castle. The expansion I don't remember much of other than how it ends.

    I was so confused when Unreal II came out and it was all about....space marines and going on missions and a crew I cared nothing about. It was just so not the experience I was used to or expecting. I guess by then it was just all about the engine and multiplayer and they slapped some cookie-cutter plot together and called it Unreal II. It's strange because the creators of U2 also did the Unreal expansion which I don't remember being that bad. And to this day no one is allowed to remake Unreal 1 in modern Unreal engines. Ugh. Idiots. Ruined the best part of Unreal for me. I still when I hear the name "Unreal" think of an incredible single player experience, not the multiplayer, not the engine technology, and certainly not space marines.

    Unreal II is the one for me that I still have never finished. I'm just so uninterested. The intro was pretty though. But just for showing off engine effects obviously. Also, nothing matches the music of Straylight Productions.
  2. In Topic: The Serious Sam Thread

    Yesterday, 01:07 PM

    I think with the scope and scale of each game getting bigger and bigger, building up the big bad buy even more makes us all the more want to see what that would look like. Also, I really want to see Sam's attitude meet Mental face to face.
  3. In Topic: Doom corner

    Yesterday, 12:57 PM

    Hold up.

    The producers.....for the DOOM movie....in HOLLYWOOD....were....evangelicals?

    I thought the first person sequence was all kinds of cringe.
  4. In Topic: Doom corner

    Yesterday, 11:12 AM

    Hollywood kept trying to do that. Like they figured a game story wouldn't work in a movie so they have to change it but keep the "spirit" of it. And it just turns out that the "spirit" of it is not kept at all. It's a violent story that takes place on Mars that involves good and evil. That's about the end of the similarities. Was so disappointed with that. Doom 2016 would have made a fantastic movie with its plot.
  5. In Topic: Ion Maiden

    Yesterday, 07:27 AM

    Yeah. Classic big box release. Comes with a floppy disk that slides out a USB.


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