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32 years old
April 13, 1985
Male Male
Gaming, level design, art, music, photography, filming.

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  1. Great tip for anyone gaming on a laptop with "turbo boost" mode.

    04 December 2017 - 09:53 AM


    Video showing this

    So, I can't guarantee this works for everyone, but worked wonders for me.

    I was using the "turbo boost" mode before which is activated by default on my Asus R555jk. (meaning that when gaming my i7 4710hq goes up to 3,5 GHz from 2,5 GHz)

    You would think that this would HELP the performance, BUT actually it had me fooled.

    This is the reason why.. Under heavy load my CPU would heat up to over 90 degrees celsius, and 87 - 89 celsius regarding the GPU.
    This would throttle THE HELL out of both the CPU and GPU (i don't even want to know what values the gpu was actually running on)

    I then downloaded a free program called "throttlestop", and then inactivated the so called "turbo mode" on my cpu meaning it stays on 2,5 GHz no matter what.
    Well look what it did, my temps lowered significally and my FPS was boosted a lot, you can really see that if you watch this video in 60 fps and look at the numbers.

    The thing is, even with my GPU overclocked with +133 and +200 Mhz. The CPU and GPU usually now stay under 80 degrees. So not only will this prolong the lifespan of my PC, I can also play games in much higher settings than before.

    So this is a recommended to atleast try out, I'm happy as hell! Don't be fooled by the "turbo boost".
    Proof of this in the video.

    Game is Shadow Warrior 2.

    My full laptop specs:

    I7 4710hq @ 2,5 GHz
    Geforce GTX 850M 2gb DDR3 (+133, +200 MHz overclock)
    8 GB RAM
  2. What are you working on for Blood?

    23 August 2017 - 09:48 AM

    What are you working on for Blood right now? Post screenshots or videos or just describe your work. I have a map under construction right now, here is a small teaser.


    This is work in progress so things will change.
  3. Support for alpha weapons?

    20 August 2017 - 10:45 AM

    Can you add support so that we have the possibility to choose to use some of the alpha weapons if we want, the shotgun for example? Kind of like the weapons mod. You could use the KVX files directly from the alpha.
  4. Blindfolded Blood

    18 August 2017 - 11:17 AM

    This is just for fun. Post videos of yourself trying to complete e1m1 BLINDFOLDED. This is my attempt here, failed misebarly. I don't think anyone has done anything like this before. Got the idea when watching some guy completing Super Mario World blindfolded.

  5. Very old maps?

    09 July 2017 - 07:27 AM

    Is there anywhere you can download older maps, like from 1996 - 1997. I remember a lot of fun maps I played back then but are most of them lost in time, or are they salvaged somewhere? Could be fun replaying these in eduke32. One memory I have is of a map covering the whole Indiana Jones trilogy, or maybe it was just the third movie. Not sure.



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