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33 years old
April 13, 1985
Male Male
Gaming, level design, art, music, photography, filming.

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  1. In Topic: What are you working on for Duke right now?

    Today, 10:37 AM

    View PostSeb Luca, on 20 August 2018 - 10:31 AM, said:

    Useless, therefore necessary! :lol:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    That's what I call attention to detail :D
  2. In Topic: What are you working on for Blood?

    08 August 2018 - 08:00 AM

    Correct, you can find the correct gib object variant used in this list on BME's page


    *Edit, I believe it's number 6
  3. In Topic: What are you working on for Blood?

    06 August 2018 - 02:19 PM

    View PostSPILL, on 05 August 2018 - 07:44 PM, said:

    This was my first release. I look back at it and cringe now lol. It was 8 years ago and I was 15 years old.

    Why, this is top notch work :) at least it's better than my first released map.
  4. In Topic: What are you working on for Blood?

    05 August 2018 - 08:53 AM

    View PostdaMann, on 29 July 2018 - 08:30 PM, said:


    Bloodlines reboot....

    Somethin' is a-brewin' odd at good ol' DU_K FARMS... Think there's some children in the corn out there....???

    And, some Hitchcock movies are inspiring a map.... this will fit right in with Episode 2's surrealism, gallery, twilight zone, etc...

    LookinŽ delish! :)
  5. In Topic: Looking for people to play with BloodGDX multiplayer

    28 July 2018 - 11:09 AM

    I had extreme lag with version 0.793 but 0.794 seemed to fix it :) Played with my brother, neighbour countries (sweden/finland) but his connection sucks, but still worked fine.



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  1. Photo 14 Jul 2018 - 05:39
    Hi Tekedon, thanks so much for the birthday greeting. Yes, it was an eventful day.
  2. Photo 14 Jul 2018 - 05:36
    Thanks to the birthday wish, Tekedon!
  3. Photo 13 Apr 2018 - 10:07
    Happy birthday :D
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