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28 years old
October 6, 1990
Male Male
Hull, England, UK
Vintage computers, vintage synths (mostly digital) and what else? Duke Nukem. There are more, but they're equally as predictable.

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AIM  PAU174u
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Website URL  http://youtube.com/user/hightreason610
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  1. In Topic: Why did Duke Nukem 3D get all of the attention?

    16 February 2019 - 12:27 AM

    I suppose this raises another question, which is; Why wasn't Dark Forces a huge hit? It was far ahead of everything else, including people's beloved Doom II and it influenced the Build games.
    Actually this ties in because it suffered from similar presumptions to Shadow Warrior and Blood, people thought it was just a Doom clone, they called it Star Wars Doom and never actually played it to find out that it was so much more

    Also shitty fun fact: My Dad's 'job' when I was really young involved recording and distributing pornography, I can still remember the setup he used to duplicate the tapes and him laughing at some German stuff he had gotten hold of. Also my Mom was a pole dancer for a while. Looking back it's probably small wonder they never really had a problem with my playing Duke Nukem 3D.
  2. In Topic: Why did Duke Nukem 3D get all of the attention?

    15 February 2019 - 01:14 PM

    I thought Duke 3D out-sold Quake? The internet at large returns mixed results which contradict each other, so who knows.

    That aside, Duke also had the backing of an already well known shareware publisher, so magazines and such were probably much faster to stuff the shareware on their cover discs or talk about it in general than they were with games like Blood. Shadow Warrior was most likely too late to the party and would have been overshadowed by the Duke hype of the time. Duke also had the console ports to keep it going by then, it surprises me how many people first discovered him on the Nintendo 64 or PlayStation, their release would have kept the talk about Duke ticking over coupled with the promises of DNF being soon to follow.

    Might also be worth considering that action movies were still quite big in Duke's time. They were pumping them out one after another whilst re-running older ones on the TV practically every night. Evidently this must have been what people wanted and Duke essentially personified them in video game form.
  3. In Topic: [RELEASE] Alien Abductee

    13 February 2019 - 04:16 PM

    @Forge; Indeed, EDuke is busted, surprised you never noticed the draw fog being missing, though I suppose short of looking at the map itself there was no way to know I hadn't set the visibility that way.
    The alien textures definitely suck for anything but small areas or set pieces.

    @Paul B; Maybe, though this level was always meant to be more combat centric than its predecessors and some areas start to look clunky and feel empty without it in this one. There is a reason for this, obviously in that there's room for a sequel that may or may not happen, that I may or may not already have ideas for and that may or may not be extremely puzzle heavy, assuming EDuke would even allow such a thing to exist. So many problems making this one, moving house and losing hard drives being almost the least of them.
    Incidentally such a map did exist, before this map did, but was thrown away and would have to be started again. Big ideas but so little time to work on them. Secrets I'm not yet willing to give away.

    @Mark; Not yet, that's waiting for Ion Maiden to come out and is on my list of ways in which I plan to completely bastardize the game. Shelly's gonna have to get back in the kitchen for a while.


    Ah well, it's been a while and nobody has complained of the map going into an undefined state of any kind, so I'll assume it works. There's a small update I made to do literally nothing more than fix eight texture alignments. There are places I could probably add more detail but it doesn't seem to be worth it, largely as those areas are combat heavy and the details would just be in the way (I like things to be a little more sparse looking in those areas) so I won't bother. I'm never quite happy with my stuff anyway and have to draw a line somewhere or else it will never come out. If you've already played the map, there's no point in downloading this update and playing it again because nothing has really changed, anyone hosting maps though should probably use this version;
    Attached File  alnab236.zip (7.9MB)
    Number of downloads: 15

    Outside of that, thanks for playing, all, maybe I'll be back with something else in the next decade or so if I ever find the time.
  4. In Topic: Mapster32 Tags

    13 February 2019 - 06:02 AM

    It used to be tag 6666 in prototypes of the game, but I don't believe it works in the final, especially if E3L6 is anything to go by. See the door to the pool at the end of that map.

    It would probably be fairly trivial to do this in CON if you really wanted to, but people really don't seem to like having to load custom resources like that for just one map despite how easy it is to do. Basically there'll be an 'ifdead' somewhere in the boss actor, so you'd just need an ACTIVATE or OPERATEACTIVATORS within that if, I'm happy to help if you decide to go that route.
  5. In Topic: Duke Being Put To Pasture?

    07 February 2019 - 04:24 PM

    It's funny how I'm almost certain the same parties now arguing for QTEs are the same ones who constantly pushed against them being in DNF back on the 3DR boards. It's funny how times change, now that a generic FPS cashing on on a perceived cool name has them the perspective appears to be reversed.



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  1. Photo 06 Oct 2015 - 07:07
    HB!!! :)
  2. Photo 24 Aug 2014 - 06:22
    I'll try here since PM is disabled for you. Is there any chance you could put together just the flickering light code from your Confetti mod? If I run the entire code it drags down my already low framereate.
  3. Photo 22 Jun 2014 - 10:10
    Ouch, can't send you a message for some reason.
  4. Photo 09 Jun 2014 - 16:20
    hey man I sented you a message on youtube and a video
  5. Photo 06 Jun 2014 - 15:38
    In your LPs of Build games you used WASD + mouse, right? What keys did you assign for inventory items? In some games they conflict with WASD.
  6. Photo 26 May 2014 - 04:30
    How come I can't start a private conversation with you?
  7. Photo 14 May 2014 - 20:15
    I wanted to send you a PM, but apparently you don't accept them so i'll just say it here.
    I don't wanna fight with you. I respect ya and hot heads need not prevail in these discussions. So, no hard feelings?
  8. Photo 21 Feb 2014 - 16:03
    I just added in your CONfetti code to the DECAY project I have been working on for quite some time. Thanks.
  9. Photo 30 Apr 2013 - 04:10
    Have you ever played online on YANG?
  10. Photo 29 Apr 2013 - 10:34
    glad that we are now in the contact in Skype.
    What's with "I am not complete" may i ask?
  11. Photo 27 Apr 2013 - 10:37
    Hello. Mikko here
    You have nice website and nice videos in YouTube.
    I have Skype installed in my computer, so can i add you to Skype?
  12. Photo 29 Dec 2012 - 17:17
    Can you please re-upload this music pack?
  13. Photo 30 Aug 2011 - 07:56
    I don't know if you'll ever visit your account on here again, but I just saw you online on Yang in a locked room. Next time, KEEP IT UNLOCKED. I want to play you. ;)
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