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  1. TerminalFury (Teminal Velocity/Fury3/Hellbender Port) Progress

    23 January 2019 - 11:39 AM

    I've been wanting to start an independent thread for this for a long time, but never got around to it. I wanted to share some of the progress I've made with my TV/Fury3/Hellbender port.

    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Posted ImagePosted Image

    As you can see, rendering is pretty much spot-on, and is good enough for a start. It'll need a lot of optimization, and a few additional features to make it on-par with software rendering (such as brightmaps to replace the "fullbright" colors).

    However, I still have a long way to go with sound, input, UI, text drawing (namely timed and wrapped messages), and supporting TV and Fury3 again. I'll get around to it eventually.

    How much longer will it take for me to get a release out? Hard to say... I'm still trying to build up my skillset, and am still dealing with the day-to-day struggles of life and health issues, but I'll try the best I can.
  2. StrikerDM - The Ultimate EDuke32-OldMP DM Mod! (WIP)

    17 March 2018 - 06:28 PM

    StrikerDM - An EDuke32-OldMP Dukematch Mod and Community Map Pack!
    Posted Image
    Click the image for an imgur gallery of map screenshots! (Warning: Some shots may be NSFW)
    More screenshots will be uploaded over time.

    Just what is StrikerDM?
    - StrikerDM started as a very simple personal project, born out of being sick of Megaton and World Tour's workshop limitations. At the beginning, it only had a few CON tweaks and touched-up/overhauled versions of some old maps of mine from 2002, one of which was on the workshop for some time before this project. It was quite simple, and was my way of re-familiarizing myself with Duke3D Modding after an insanely long hiatus. Over time, the project increased in scope, and I ended up adding new weapons, sprites/textures, sounds, and features to coincide with my fixes and improvements to EDuke32-OldMP. My goal was to make the ultimate Dukematch mod, while still keeping the gameplay faithful to what makes Duke3D Multiplayer so great. I managed to catch the attention of the community, and people started giving me their maps to include in the mod, thus it became a community-driven effort in the end.

    What are StrikerDM's features?
    • New maps from myself, and many members of the community! (Over 100 maps!)
    • New weapons! (Super Shotgun, Incinerator, Railgun, Plasma Rifle.)
    • New mapping features! (Jump pads, Doom-style timed platforms, insta-kill floors, no pistol start mode, etc.)
    • New game modes! (Instagib, Roidmatch, Dukematch with Weapon Stay.)
    • Updated and fixed maps from "Duke Tournament"! (With mikko_sandt's permission.)
    • Mild balance improvements! (Stronger Mighty Foot, faster Devastator missiles, hitscan-shootable Tripmines, and nerfed Pistol accuracy only at extremely long ranges.)
    • Fair Dukebots! (No longer have godly aimbot aim with weapons.)
    • More gore! (Gibs have blood trails, impact noises, and will stay on the ground for a bit before fading away.)
    • HD Sounds! (Some are HD versions of Duke3D's original sounds, many are new!)
    • HD Duke Talk! (From Manhattan Project, Duke Nukem: Time To Kill, Duke Nukem Forever, and 20th Anniversary World Tour. Over 70 new lines! When dialogue is shared between games, the one with the best performance is chosen.)
    • Duke Talk in Dukematch! (Dukes getting kills will speak, with proper stereo positioning.)
    • Context-specific Duke Talk! (Different weapons like the Shrinker and Freezethrower will trigger different lines, or using certain items like Steroids.)
    • Respawning props in Dukematch! (Long Dukematches will no longer leave a map devoid of shit to break!)
    • Widescreen-friendly weapon sprites! (No cutoff in widescreen resolutions)

    Who are the people involved in StrikerDM? Got credits? Special thanks?
    Yes! They are here: CLICK

    If I'm missing anybody, please let me know! I don't want to be an asshole and leave anyone un-credited for their stuff.

    What do I need to run StrikerDM?
    Without this, it'll either refuse to run, or get CON errors.
    Also, you'll need to run it in the Polymost (OpenGL 32-bit) renderer! This mod isn't software friendly at all.
    Lastly, if you downloaded EDuke32-OldMP Release 13 before March 18th at 3:50PM Atlantic, please re-download it!

    Got a download link?

    How do I install it?
    • If you're using the discord matchmaker for OldMP, stick the StrikerDM-r###.pk3 file in the /mods/ subfolder.
    • If you're using Meltdown, stick it in "Meltdown/Duke Nukem 3D/Mods"
    • If you're using YANG, stick it in the same folder as EDuke32-OldMP, and add "-gStrikerDM-r###.pk3" to the room's launch args.
    • If you wish to use the command line, see the list of commands and their descriptions when you type "eduke32-oldmp -?".

    Anything else I should know?
    Yes, there's fair bit of adult/NSFW content in some maps. The adult mode toggle has been changed to toggle this content, rather than toggling gore/swearing. Make use of this when streaming or near sensitive folk.
    Also, while not necessarily important, I do reccommend using VirtualMidiSynth with the Arachno Soundfont, as that's what I used when deciding which midis to use in this mod! You can find them here and here.

    Any upcoming features?
    Absolutely! I plan on adding COOP support, and the ability to rescue babes in SP/COOP like in Duke Nukem 64, among other things.

    Do you take map submissions?
    Absolutely! That's one of the points of the mod. PM me your maps with a matching song (MIDI only for now, please!), and I'll stick it in the Community Maps episode with your name credit in the in-game level title.
  3. duke-zone.tripod.com Maps

    27 November 2016 - 02:14 AM


    It seems the links to these maps are down, and some maps I cannot find anywhere else for some reason (such as ChrisDM). If anyone can upload their copies, if they have them, I'd much appreciate it, thanks!
  4. Best and worst Dukematch Levels in Duke3D?

    22 November 2016 - 11:20 AM

    I'm working on a Dukematch mod for the OldMP branch of Duke Nukem 3D, however, I have hit the episode limit. So, I'm going to condense all of Duke3D's maps down into a singular episode, removing any maps not suitable for Dukematch.

    This is where you guys come in, I want everyone to tell me which maps are the best for Dukematch, and which ones are the absolute worst, so I know which maps I should include, and which I should scrap.

    This is about official maps, not user maps, by the way.


    So far the maps I'm keeping are:
    Hollywood Holocaust
    Faces of Death
    Spin Cycle
    Lunatic Fringe
    Raw Meat
    Hotel Hell
    LA Rumble
    Rabid Transit
    Tier Drops
    It's Impossible
    Duke Burger
    The Queen

    Candidates for removal are:
    The Abyss
    Warp Factor
    Dark Side
    Fusion Station
    Flood Zone
    Bank Roll
    Babe Land

    Up in the air still:
    Occupied Territory
    Tiberius Station
    Lunar Reactor
    Movie Set
    Going Postal
    Critical Mass
  5. Mapster32 polymost crash

    03 November 2016 - 04:59 PM

    Seems on my laptop, which is running an Intel GMA 4500M, Mapster32 crashes when going into 3D Mode. This is in polymost mode.

    I found out which build started the crash, it is revision 4897. (eduke32_win32_20150110-4897.7z)

    Build 4887, just before it... works perfectly fine.


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