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  1. In Topic: Ion Fury

    01 June 2019 - 01:57 AM

    It may well be utter tosspottery and even though we all know that Ion isn't Iron as in: Ion Cannon (star wars), Ion Storm (developer), an atom with an electrical charge, etc

    I can't say I'd trust some senile old fart to make the right decision should it escalate.
    I'd like to say fight to the death but it's likely already cost a few thousand just to establish whether the claim has any merit and they've got more firepower.

    They've already won a previous fight against a comic called Iron and the Maiden The Iron Saint
    On the name alone - Ion Maiden is probably even more similar thanks to the silent "r".
    Once the legal profession get fired up it can drag on for years.

    At the same time I don't know if a change of name is equivalent to admitting guilt.
    If they can change it without penalty that might be the smartest option.
  2. In Topic: Blood corner

    31 May 2019 - 02:42 PM

    Those gifs of the cultists firing the actual weaponry look fantastic.
    I typically play games of this era without changing much; I don't mind the odd technical improvement i.e. GZdoom over chocolate doom or Quakespasm over Darkplaces.
    I'd happily use that though - fits right in.
  3. In Topic: [RELEASE] Blood Upscale Pack 2.0

    20 May 2019 - 02:31 PM

    Really like both upscale packs you've released.
    The changes in Duke3D seemed quite subtle but the Blood models are noticeably improved. (it's just me - running & shooting stuff frantically - both look better!)
    NBlood looks great with this @ 1080p - it's all done quite tastefully.
    I see little reason to bother with Fresh Supply.

    I've just replaced the new cultist textures over the old ones (re-zipped it) + added a linux bash script.
    I've altered the file layout of the Duke3D pack to be consistent with this pack + added linux bash script

    Nothing remarkable - you can look here if you wish:
    Blood: http://s000.tinyuplo...438089384151095
    Duke3D: http://s000.tinyuplo...624936859253814

    Do you plan on eventually giving the same treatment to addons like Life's a Beach? Redneck, etc?
  4. In Topic: Rednukem - Redneck Rampage port

    13 May 2019 - 02:05 PM

    I wrote a quick bash script for Linux that uses the latest GOG Windows installer to setup the game(s)

    It sets up all the directories, copies all the game files (apart from the exe), rips the audio from the CD image (REDNECK.gog) and encodes with FLAC.
    The two fixes for Route66 are handled as well (artwork + pathname fix)

    It requires the user to have flac, bchunk and innosetup installed.
    The user still has to install all the usual eduke32 build dependencies and run make to compile the code.

    Suggestions are welcome:

    A bash script for Blood would be a bit trickier as GOG have stupidly stripped the Redbook CD Audio off the included image.
    Only providing lossy vorbis files.
    I had to grab a CD image from archive.org to get a lossless copy of the music:
    They've done a few alterations to the track lengths as well.
  5. In Topic: Blood: Fresh Supply

    13 May 2019 - 01:24 AM

    View Postfunduke, on 12 May 2019 - 01:41 PM, said:

    Does anybody know, how to make the GOG KEX version of Blood playable on Ubuntu-Linux? Wine seems not to do the job.
    Wine 4.x does work for me at least on Debian Testing. I've got an old Phenom II 955 + AMD R9 285 (Mesa 19.1.0-devel)

    I use the following command to install the game in it's own prefix. Wine creates a desktop shortcut automatically:

    WINEPREFIX=~/.wineprefix-blood wine setup_blood_fresh_supply_1.8.4-final_(64bit)_(29375).exe

    The game only seems to work in DirectX11 mode. The Vulkan and openGL option crash the game.

    The Wine packages provided by Ubuntu are well out-of-date:
    The 18.04 LTS release has Wine 3.6 although 19.04 does have 4.2.
    While the latest is 4.8.

    Either update Ubuntu (to get newer wine packages)
    Purge the Ubuntu Wine packages from your system and install the repo + packages provided by Wine:

    Personally I'd rather just play NBlood.


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