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  1. Finally Got Sound Effects!

    12 September 2018 - 01:14 AM

    I didn't want to be "that guy" on a Duke Nukem forum.. but...

    As my introduction post said, I just got back into Duke Nukem 3D after buying an old WIndows 98 machine :D I've spent the better part of three weeks figuring out, or sorting out, the Sound dilemma i've been experiencing. I'm sure you guys have heard it all before.. the Soundblaster issues lol

    First I guess, I was sold a PC that was listed as having an onboard Soundblaster compatible emulator.. well it wasn't so much really. Most of the first two weeks was trawling through a LOT of websites/forums and driver sites trying to get just any type of sound at all with Duke Nukem (including Blood and Shadow Warrior). After a lot of editing, deleting, uninstalling, reinstalling of drivers (one of which almost killed my machine.. thank god for Safe Mode), I ended up just getting a completely different Sound Card.. the PCI CMI8738.

    I disabled the onboard sound in the BIOS and tonight, I installed the card and went back into the DN3D setup for the hundredth time. I selected Soundblaster as the music card and just kept the default options.. I tested it, and success, I got Sound! The classic bowling pin sounds from both speakers! :D :D

    Now to the Music.. I knew I had to select 'General Midi' based on what the seller told me, which I was fine with as long as it worked.. sure enough, when I tested in in Setup, it sounded perfect.. classic DN3D music that I remembered.

    Now came the real test, actually playing the game. My heart sunk.. so much time spent trying to get audio, and the Music just starts instantly jerking and almost struggling :( Now before I threw a tantrum and shoved this computer out the window, I went through all the settings again, adjusting stuff that might help it.. but no luck.

    I was hoping, fingers crossed, someone might know what could be causing this and might be able to fix it? I'm happy to give any technical details as much as possible..

    My AUTOEXEC file is empty (aside from one line for ATI).
    I'm running Windows98SE.
    I've booted the game from both DOS and just from Windows.

    Error sample: https://youtu.be/zbBt8Www5EQ (this was actually the first time starting the game after setup... I stopped recording before I swore lol)

    Just to note, my 98 computer is not connected online, so any screenshots will be photos if requested ;)


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