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  1. Need help with EDuke32 on Mac OS X

    11 February 2016 - 01:50 AM

    I noticed some massive POLYMER + HRP speed improvements on my Mid2010 iMac when using SDL1 instead of SDL2 in a 1280x1024 32bit window and I am wondering if others have this effect too.
    With SDL1 I get a steady 60fps while the SDL2 version jumps between 20fps and 37fps and is rather unplayable (looking quite a bit better though).

    I would be glad if you could test those versions on your setup and report the results ("r_showfps 1" on the console) giving brief specs of your system too (like Mid2010 iMac, ATI HD 5670 512MB, Core i3 3.2Ghz OSX 10.11.3).
    Both binaries are compiled using the Intel C++ Compiler and linked to their latest versions of SDL.

    SDL 1.2.15 : http://dukeworld.duk..._sdl1_r5617.dmg
    SDL 2.0.4 : http://dukeworld.duk..._sdl2_r5617.dmg
  2. Little helpers for Eduke32 on OS X

    22 December 2013 - 02:13 AM

    I noticed that some people have difficulties launching Eduke32 from commandline using parameters on OS X. Its much more convenient for these people to have an icon to click on that does all the magic. So I wrote three tiny applescripts and turned them into applications and put them right here:

    EDuke32 launchers for OS X

    The applescripts expect the addon packs inside your Documents/EDuke32/ folder (you have to create that one first) named like this:

    • DukeItOutInDC/
    • DukeNukemForever2013/
    • DukePlus/

    The EDuke32.app needs to be inside your Applications/ folder. If your setup is different to that one you can easily change it as the applescipt launchers can be modified to your needs. Just right-click on the icons and "Show Package Contents" and navigate to Contents/Resources/Scripts/. In there is a file called main.scpt with stuff like this:

    set my_script to "cd ~/Documents/EDuke32/DukeItOutInDC && /Applications/EDuke32.app/Contents/MacOS/EDuke32 -usecwd -j/Users/$(whoami)/Library/Application\\ Support/EDuke32/ "
    do shell script (my_script)

    Have fun .. :-)



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