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  1. In Topic: Duke Being Put To Pasture?

    25 April 2019 - 08:37 AM

    View Postjohnnythewolf, on 24 April 2019 - 07:25 AM, said:

    Well, I would not be so sure about them just being "a few", but yeah, you summarise their tendency to miss the forest for the trees pretty well...

    Anyway, I have been thinking about what the next Duke Nukem game could be , and if Gearbox does not feel like doing anything really extravagant, they could always build on The Doctor Who Cloned Me. Of course, it definitely was not great in terms of gameplay due to being just extra content for Duke Nukem Forever, and it felt like the developers had taken two entirely different games worth of plot - the Dr. Proton's plan to create a Dukeinator army and the Aliens on the Moon - and crammed it into one short DLC. However, in terms of set pieces, humour and Duke Nukem's characterisation, I thought it was mostly alright: the Serious Sam-esque gags (e.g. Duke infiltrating the Dukeinator Training Center by posing as himself, him carrying a shrunken Captain Dylan around and using him to unlock doors, the gang escaping the base in a school bus, etc.) were all pretty amusing and I still find the idea of a shrunken Duke Nukem having to visit a day care center to get a vehicle to be a hilarious stroke of genius as well as a fun, little detail in terms of worldbuilding.

    And to be fair to Duke Nukem Forever in general, the Shrunken Duke sequences were in general among the best parts of the game in terms of creativity, so much that I would also be okay if the next game could ditch the classic FPS gameplay in favour of one focused all around exotic weaponry. Heck, it could take some cues from The Spy Who Shrunk Me in the ways the Shrink Ray can be used:

    Nice to see another game with miniaturization ngl, being shrunk feels comfy

    though "Early Access" as a concept in general can get fucked tbhbhtbh, there's like a million Early Access games on Steam that never got finished because dipshits were like TAKE MY MONEY

    As for the next Duke game, IMO it should be a parody of Independence Day 1997. It doesn't matter if "aliens landing on Earth" is overrused in the Duke canon, nobody plays Duke games for storyline. So you have the big Alien ships hovering over every Earth city, world leaders telling not to attack the aliens and just hope they go away, everything goes to shit, Duke fights aliens in cool locations with plenty of gameplay variety and kickass weapons, the game ends with Duke piloting a downed alien craft into the mothership, blowing it up and flying back to earth smoking a cigar with two alien babes in the ship with him, job done it's a wrap ngl
  2. In Topic: Anyone still play this?

    19 April 2019 - 05:51 AM

    View PostHulkNukem, on 09 April 2019 - 08:21 PM, said:

    When was the date of this tweet? I remember the one I read was right before the DLC released.

    It is also entirely possible I am getting George mixed up with Randy Pitchford or Scott Miller; it was one of the three that mentioned the DLC was all entirely brand new content. It was afterall almost 8 years ago and I ain't getting younger (holy fuck its been 8 years)

    Probably Runny Shitfart, he has a reputation in the industry for being a bullshitter tbhngl

    He said the game was "the length of four or five Call of Duties" too :rolleyes:
  3. In Topic: My god, George was an even bigger dickhead than I thought!

    19 April 2019 - 05:37 AM

    View PostShaq Fu, on 01 August 2017 - 01:38 PM, said:

    I explorered the game with noclip to absolutely insane levels. DNF has a ridiculous amount of details nobody will ever notice or see

    Such as? Besides the stuff the OP posted

    Any cool stuff in the multiplayer maps?
  4. In Topic: Anyone still play this?

    11 April 2019 - 03:30 AM

    View PostAltered Reality, on 10 April 2019 - 06:09 AM, said:


    I just made a little test: if you use cheats to spawn a MILF or a kid (they won't have any cutscene attached to them, but they will react to events in the game world), and then you spawn a rat, they will run away from the rat. If, on the other hand, you spawn a rat while those characters "recite their lines" in the casino, they won't react at all, as if they were mere clockwork mechanisms which can only do what they were preprogrammed to do.


    Out of interest, can you spawn the mothership? Does it just sit there in midair or does Duke get crushed? O_O
  5. In Topic: Who here got shafted by the $100 Balls of Steel edition?

    09 April 2019 - 10:34 AM

    View PostKaijuTurtle, on 09 April 2019 - 09:35 AM, said:

    I will say I was disappointed by the poker chips and especially the deck of cards with how cheap and flimsy they are but moreso the fact that itís not even a full size deck insuring that they will never once be used to actually play with.

    Just LMAO @ the deck of cards not even being a full deck.

    Posted Image

    Should've been named the "Shit Sandwich" edition.

    The review embargo to prevent word getting around that the 360 port was garbage was super unethical too. The IP is in the hands of some real assholes.


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