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  1. NAM M16 auto-aim isn't correct

    23 April 2018 - 10:55 AM

    Hello there!
    I found a problem with the NAM support of Eduke32 that makes this broken record of a game even more impossible.

    What I found it that the auto-aim of the M16 is the same as the Thompson for WW2GI while it should work just like the pistol in regular Duke.

    The error is in the following line of the file:

    P_PreFireHitscan(spriteNum, playerNum, projecTile, &startPos, &Zvel, &shootAng,
                        projecTile == SHOTSPARK1__STATIC && !NAM_WW2GI, 1);

    The line should only check that the game is not WW2GI, instead of NAM and WW2GI, like:

    P_PreFireHitscan(spriteNum, playerNum, projecTile, &startPos, &Zvel, &shootAng,
                        projecTile == SHOTSPARK1__STATIC && !WW2GI, 1);

    I found this, because I couldn't beat the first level in Eduke32. I noticed that the aiming was different from the original MS-DOS version. After some testing and changing Eduke32 to behave like Duke Nukem 3D, I think that this is the reason.

    A easy way to check this out, is to shoot an enemy from a long distance. As you might notice, you can't hit them from a distance easily in Eduke32, while in the original you can just hit them right, even from large distances, just like in Duke with the pistol.

    For reference, I used the re-release on Steam and a old copy from CD-ROM.

    Also, if someone want to work-around it, I made a CON modification so that Eduke32 will work just like the original NAM release (at least, as far as I know).
    To use it, download the CON file in the attachment and run Eduke32 like this for the Steam re-release on Windows:

    eduke32.exe /mx nam_fixes.con /g "Y:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Nam\NAM\nam.grp"
     /x "Y:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Nam\NAM\game.con"

    Where Y:\Steam points to your Steam installation/library.

    EDIT: Forgot the attachment, and some typo's...


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