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  1. In Topic: Restoration of a few games' EXEs versions

    Yesterday, 07:56 AM

    View PostJumpJuneJump, on 02 June 2018 - 07:20 PM, said:

    The vast majority are split into three categories:
    • Moving initializations around due to mismatches between SW and Duke 3D assumptions.
    • Removing TEN dependencies/references.
    • Updating to current (at the time) compiler expectations in terms of variable definitions.

    And if I recall correctly one item... just because.

    Thanks for the interesting information!

    Now that the code has been recreated code from 1.2, we can know for use what the changes where. :)

    With the release of NBlood and BloodGDX I started to check my original version of Blood 1.00 and reading the patch details with the patches that came after it.
    I think it would be very interesting to restore (or reverse-engineer) the code of those version as well. Especially considering the changes (nerfing) to the weapons with the 1.10 patch.

    From 1.00 till 1.02 the life leech replenish your health with use and the voodoo-doll alt fire was way more powerful. Also in the patch notes there is a reference that Tchernobog is not so weak anymore and Cerberus could be killed a bit too easy with the Tesla cannon. The bobbing of the screen is much more visible on 1.00 and 1.01. From 1.02 it is heavily reduced especially when crouching.

    Maybe it is a nice challenge to try to recreate (or reverse-engineer) the code for these version as well. It would be very interesting to see what has been been changed exactly.

    Also, it would be nice to have the original working of the Life leech and the voodoo-doll as a option in the Blood ports. :) Playing the game without the nerfed weapons is quite a bit of fun. Although I can understand the nerfing. The life leech is a bit unbalanced, not to speak of the voodoo-doll.
  2. In Topic: Ion Maiden

    28 January 2019 - 10:30 PM

     John Brown, on 28 January 2019 - 06:18 PM, said:

    For the fellow GOG owners, Ion Maiden is now its own game in your library, separate from the preview build (now renamed Ion Maiden - DEMO). The one that does not say "DEMO", that is the one with the 4.1 patch. I saw someone else post on the GOG forum (deserted wasteland it is) that the "DEMO" version has to be uninstalled, for the main version to install properly. I have done that, and 4.1 works fine for me on GOG, I just replayed the existing episode on Maximum Violence difficulty and it was glorious.

    Now, to do the new level.

    That was me! :) Read posts that the new update is available on GOG, so checked it out. Was a bit stumped that I couldn't install it via GOG Galaxy. It always failed at first. The problem is that both the DEMO version and the new Update 4.1 version try to install in the same directory. That's the reason you need to remove the (now called) DEMO version first or install it in another directory altogether. After doing that it installed without any problem. A bit weird, but it works.
  3. In Topic: Finally Got Sound Effects!

    13 September 2018 - 04:49 AM

    Here is another link to the WDM drivers for this sound card, it the other link doesn't work:


    Checked the download and seems legit and complete.
  4. In Topic: Finally Got Sound Effects!

    13 September 2018 - 03:19 AM

    You could also select SoundBlaster as the device for music in SETUP.EXE. Maybe that the VXD driver supports that better. You might also try to change the default MIDI device from the Sound properties in Configuration Panel.

    Or using the WDM driver instead. It will be a bit more stable and as added bonus, it is possible to use multiple programs with sound at the same time (like a game and a music player of chose). With VXD drivers, this is not possible (or not that I have seen before). Only a single program has access to the sound card.
  5. In Topic: Finally Got Sound Effects!

    12 September 2018 - 12:45 PM

    This reminds me of problems with sound in DOS games with my Windows Me computer (yes, I know).

    First things first, what driver type are you using for the sound card? In Windows 98 and Me there are two types of drivers for sound: VXD based and WDM based. VXD is the driver model used from Windows 386 and later. WDM is introduced in Windows 98.
    To check with type the current driver is:
    - Open the Run dialog by clicking on the Start button and selecting the Run option
    - Type DXDIAG and click on OK
    - In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click on the Sound tab
    - Under type it shows the type of driver in use (VXD of WDM)

    When using a WDM driver, all sound from DOS based application will be performed by a included Sound Blaster emulator of Windows. This emulator emulates the following devices:
    - A SoundBlaster compatible sound card listening on Addres 220, IRQ 5, DMA 1 and High DMA 5.
    - A General MIDI compatible device on address 330. This General MIDI device uses the default MIDI mapper of Windows

    Notice that the emulator does NOT support any FM chip, like Adlib or a OPL. Therefore when using a WDM based driver, you can only use General MIDI for music in DOS games.

    If you use a WDM driver, it should work with Duke Nukem 3D... Although I had a sound card (a VIA onboard sound chip) that only worked for around half a hour before stopping. Only a reboot fixed it.

    When using a VXD driver, it's a bit more complicated. It might work but it depends on the driver and sometimes the drivers loaded for it from CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT. Because your sound card is a PCI based device, the SoundBlaster compatibility must be emulated. Only ISA based card can be used in DOS as SoundBlaster based cards without any software based emulator. In real DOS, a special driver for this is required. As far as I know the CMI 8738 does have a special driver for DOS to emulate a Sound Blaster.

    And now comes the tricky part with VXD. Sometimes the VXD driver included everything needed to also support DOS sound in Windows. Sometimes it doesn't and a DOS driver for the sound card needs to be loaded from AUTOEXEC.BAT and/or CONFIG.SYS to work within Windows.

    I will check what I can find about this CMI 8738. BTW, its chip is made by a company known as C-Media.

    EDIT: There is a link to a VXD based version for the sound card. The site is a bit shady, so click carefully. You should get a ZIP file download when done correctly:


    EDITS: fixing typo's ;)


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