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  1. In Topic: when will we get an android port?

    Today, 05:38 AM

    View Postpacman, on 18 January 2018 - 05:10 AM, said:

    Excuses. You can play Brutal Doom on Doom Touch's GZDoom port which does all of that and more and it's going to get better with Delta Touch (the upgraded Doom Touch).

    We just need a good port that's all.

    The developer from Doom Touch was making an eduke32 port but apparently got a cease and desist letter by the retards in charge of the Duke IP ruining everything as always:

    Notice how it's perfectly playable and was only a beta. Now compare these controls with this mess

    what a joke.

    Eh, sure you can get it to work, but it won't play smoothly. Brutal Doom has features from Duke, but it still isn't built around them and you rarely need to use them, this is largely a matter of level- and game design.
    Even with a controller, which is infinitely better than a touch screen, Duke is still only barely functional.
  2. In Topic: when will we get an android port?

    Today, 04:41 AM

    View Postpacman, on 17 January 2018 - 03:43 PM, said:

    An android port that doesn't suck and makes the game playable, like the Doom Touch port which has awesome controls.

    I would love to get to play Duke 3D on the phone. Get your shit together Gearbox or whoever is not letting people write fucking source ports.

    Doom has much simpler controls, though. No jumping/ducking, no swimming, no aiming up/down, fewer weapons, no inventory items, no quick kick, less use of the "use" key, and so on. I can't see it ever working very well with touch controls no matter how great the control scheme is, it plays poorly enough with a controller.
  3. In Topic: Newcomer Perspective

    Today, 01:02 AM

    View PostMusicallyInspired, on 17 January 2018 - 08:41 AM, said:

    I like puzzles. It's no different to me than hunting for keycards or that one blowup wall that I missed somewhere after all the enemies in the level are already dead. In fact, it's better than that.

    I just think the complaints over the beer powerup thing are blown way out of proportion. Wieder's original description of the ability sounds neat and like it would work better, but I really don't mind it as it is. I don't even use the beer item anyway, though. But I don't care so much about detriments to powerups. I guess I just think in a more game mechanic kind of way than realism. To me it's realistic enough. Beer does do this. No, not that quickly, but in the context of an action game like Duke it is perfect to me. It doesn't bother me in the least. I really don't get the complaints. You guys have been playing too much COD.

    I don't mind the single beer-thing too much, my main issue with the beer mechanic is with regards to gameplay: even with just one can it takes just too damn long to use, and the excessive blur on the screen makes it almost useless as you can't get a whole lot done while it lasts, bosses notwithstanding.

    View PostPoorchop, on 17 January 2018 - 01:51 PM, said:

    I don't think that Duke was ever trying to rip off any other game. Games inspire other games all of the time but typically, that game that was the result of inspiration tries to be more ambitious and push the boundaries of the mechanics by which it was inspired. I'd argue that the first three games were a result of technological limitations. There were a million platformers from the era that birthed Duke 1 and 2 so it's not surprising that those games were in the same vein. To me however, Duke 2 still stood apart from other games. The music, the artwork, and the character himself made the game stand out from other action platformers.

    Duke Forever was simply uninspired in contrast. Mind you I praised the game in the first post but there's a difference between modeling mechanics from other games and straight up copy-pasting them. The two weapon limit from Halo and Call of Duty was one of the worst things that they could have done and my biggest complaint. It was so bad that they eventually had to patch in the option for four weapons. Factor in the fact that you need an explosive weapon to damage bosses and you're pretty much stuck with one weapon most of the time since you never know when you might run into a boss. [...]

    Even worse, those console-shooter mechanics are pretty much just slapped on top without being properly implemented, constantly clashing with the game's originally intended mechanics and balancing. The weapons were never planned to be as generic (gameplay- and situation-wise) as they are in Halo or CoD.


    As for Duke 3D, it seems similar to Doom on the surface but it plays so much differently. They are both 2.5D shooters with badass protagonists and some similar weapons, but the similarities end there. This ties into my point of being inspired by a game without being a carbon copy. Sure Duke 3D was going off of Doom and competing with Quake, but it was pushing the boundaries of what Doom introduced. Duke Forever was fun but it didn't break any new ground and it regressed in so many other areas compared to Duke 3D.

    Comparing Duke 3D to Quake should make it damn obvious they weren't just aping after id. Duke has more in common with Half-Life (not talking about tone here) than with Quake.
  4. In Topic: Newcomer Perspective

    Yesterday, 01:20 AM

    IIRC Wieder mentioned that originally it took 6 beers to get Duke drunk, I assume it worked something similar like in Redneck Rampage where one beer would get you only a partial boost. They would have to be quicker to drink then, though. It would have worked better with the whiskey they had in the multiplayer.

    As for the glory hole, it also would have been way better if it was more hidden, and again not shown in the fucking advertising. Way to take a "wait- what the fuck- did they just....?" moment hidden in a corner, likely to be missed the first time through, and make it the centerpiece.
  5. In Topic: Newcomer Perspective

    16 January 2018 - 01:32 PM

    I think the "shit finger painting" is a very interesting thing because it shows clearly how some aspects of the game was messed up. It should have been like - and I believe originally was like - this: you play through the game, you can pick up and interact with tons of stuff during the campaign, half-way through the game you find a toilet with excrement in it (probably recently after Doom 3 had this "feature"). You hover your crosshair over it. You try pressing the key, thinking they can't possibly have coded that - but they did. Ewww. Pressing every button, Duke throws it away, leaving a nasty mark on the wall. Messing with the player's expectations. It would have been sick, but fun; a throwaway easter egg thing.

    In the final game however, you find this the very first thing you find in the game. Before ANY enemies or guns! And it has a "press E to pick up" prompt on screen. And it has an achievement. And a loading screen "tip". And is featured in the goddamn marketing videos. It doesn't work. It isn't fun. They ruined it.

    Overall, the now-mandatory on-screen button prompt ruins any fun easter egg-ish interactivity by telling you about it before you get to try it out, ruining any surprise. Button prompts suck. They don't work in Duke.

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