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March 9, 1971
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  1. Mobygames redesign

    19 September 2013 - 05:19 AM

    The Mobygames website must be familiar to most of you, as far as I'm concerned it is/was a valuable resource of information with an attractive and usable interface.
    It seems that management has decided that it should go with the times and it has now been redesigned to look like every other lifeless, soulless Apple website clone out there, but uglier (that new logo...).
    So you know where I stand, what are your thoughts?

    A reminder:

    Main Page: old vs new
    Game page: old vs new
  2. Refresh rate locked at 60Hz?

    08 June 2011 - 06:38 AM

    I installed the latest development snapshot of eduke32 today and the refresh rate defaults to 60Hz with no option available to change this to 85Hz (CRT user here).
    I've searched around a bit and pasted "MaxRefreshFreq = 85" into my eduke32.cfg file under the "screen setup" header, but that doesn't solve the issue.
    I've also turned off Vsync, but that only remedies the sluggish mouse response.
    Am I overlooking something?
    I'm using an AMD HD6950 with Catalyst 11.4 on Win7 64 SP1, BTW.


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