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  1. In Topic: I'm back, with a new map EDFScienceBaseMap

    29 May 2019 - 08:07 PM

    View PostPaul B, on 28 May 2019 - 08:23 PM, said:

    I'm not sure why you prevent the player from back tracking once they reach the Dark EDF base section where the RPG secret is. I forgot to pick up the chain gun in the top tiered sprite building and I couldn't go back to get it.

    I wanted this map to be linear, there's no turning back, Duke must enter into the darkness where he will fight hordes of alien monsters.
    Duke fought a hard battle and then he had to face against his worst nightmare.

    The elevator problem fixed.
    And in the dark room with boxes, I put a freezer gun in the back.
    The new download includes a readme file and pictures.

    Here's the latest version 0.4.
  2. In Topic: I'm back, with a new map EDFScienceBaseMap

    28 May 2019 - 05:09 PM

    View PostPaul B, on 28 May 2019 - 09:49 AM, said:

    I had some time to play this map and was using EDuke version r7627. In the shrinker section of the map there was no way I could complete that section without cheating. I couldn't make the jump up to the vent from the computer system. I also was unable to make the jump to obtain the red key card.

    The map can be downloaded from here: https://www.dukemaps.net/?p=13107

    Some thoughts: The map contained some really impressive large sections of sprite work, which was very awesome. There were a lot of creative ideas poured into this map, however I felt that the grandness of the map was over shadowed by the lack of attention to details and texture problems and the design felt a bit rushed in some areas. I also experienced a weird texture problem with a paralaxed sky. I started off playing the map in 8Bit-Classic then mid stream got tired of seeing visual problems with sprite objects and switched to Polymost which performed much better for displaying sprites but it may have been what introduced the Paralaxed sky problem (which I saw from an exploding ceiling section of the map). I also found the ammo & health supply to be a bit stingy when faced with hordes of AI respawns. But it was an interesting and fun map to play. By the way I really thought that Shrinker section of the map was very cool! I like how you implemented that section I can't remember seeing that style of gameplay incorporated in another Duke map.

    I made the fixes better late than never.
    Now it's possible to jump up onto the computer, and now you can jump up and get the red key card.
    Here's the latest version 0.3

    On your site where you publish my map you can switch out the version 0.2 with version 0.3.

    In the starting room and go into the hall you see a picture behind it there some armor, and in the vent shaft connecting the large room with pillars to the dark room with boxes, there's a secret area with a Chaingun Cannon.
  3. In Topic: I'm back, with a new map EDFScienceBaseMap

    27 May 2019 - 06:16 PM

    View PostPaul B, on 27 May 2019 - 07:51 AM, said:

    So is this map still a work in progress or can I take the latest published release on this forum and upload it to my site?

    I just uploaded the map version 0.2 to dukemaps.net, it will take a couple of days before they get around to publishing it.
    So it's ok for you to upload this map here on the forums to your site.
  4. In Topic: I'm back, with a new map EDFScienceBaseMap

    23 May 2019 - 09:06 PM

    View PostTrooper Dan, on 22 May 2019 - 09:14 PM, said:

    I was just going to suggest, on those parts where the street is broken making the little pits with exposed pipes, put water at the bottom.

    Those holes where the ground caves in and explodes, is the same special effect seem in Episode 1, Level 2...
    The ceiling blew up and enemies fell from the sky, but in my level I reversed the effect.

    If you creep out the door you can see the the holes are covered by the street, until you hit the touch plate triggering the ground the cave in and explode.

    If the texture is changed on the bottom of those holes, then you can tell there's water on top of the street before they explode, it won't look right.
  5. In Topic: I'm back, with a new map EDFScienceBaseMap

    22 May 2019 - 08:59 PM

    View PostTrooper Dan, on 20 May 2019 - 04:11 PM, said:

    Am I correct in assuming that this problem only exists in snapshots after the clipping overhaul? If so, then it was actually an eduke bug.

    I was using an old version of mapster32, I downloaded the new version and have the same clipping problems as you did.
    I had to make several adjustments to the height of the sprites and ceilings to allow Duke to pass around them.

    If anyone has nothing else to add, then I'm going to be publishing my map soon.



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  1. Photo 20 Dec 2017 - 08:01
    I've created a topic thread for you here: https://forums.duke4.net/topic/9748-release-conference-center/
  2. Photo 20 Dec 2017 - 07:27
    The map features somewhat open-ended gameplay, you can explore and find alternate routes to your ultimate objective finding those key cards, and there's enemies around every corner be on your guard especially when you flip switches, enemies reinforcements will spawn nearby. And don't forget the take in the sights the texture alignments pretty good, and there's ample amount of shading.
  3. Photo 20 Dec 2017 - 07:26
    Story the aliens have taken over conference center and it's up to Duke to take it back.
  4. Photo 20 Dec 2017 - 07:24
    This is my first map, I've worked on it for 2 weeks.
    Check it out and give me your thoughts.
    Download link:
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