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  1. Newcomer Perspective

    02 January 2018 - 05:14 AM

    I played a ton of Duke II and I was still playing it by the time Duke Nukem 3D came out. In fact, I had no idea that Duke 3D existed until a few months ago. Having finished that game recently, I can say that it was an absolute masterpiece. Naturally I had to pick up Duke Nukem Forever in spite of all the terrible things that I have heard about it.

    Well I just finished Forever and in short, I think that it was a ton of fun. However, it is plagued with numerous shortcomings. I had to watch a video review in order to remember the reasons why everyone hated this game so much and it also occurred to me that the game has probably been heavily patched since it came out. As it stands today with the version that I played, it was very enjoyable and it felt like a foreshadowing of the greatness that was to come with the new Wolfenstein and Doom 4.

    One of the biggest issues that I had was a complaint that I remember from when the game was first released, that being the two weapon limit. This has been patched to allow up to four weapons now but I stuck with the two weapon limit to experience the game as it was initially intended. I also strongly disliked the regenerating health. It's such a terrible mechanic that really doesn't belong in an FPS, especially one that has been around for this long. There were loading screens every 3 feet although they weren't too long, and I put my PC together before the game was released. Nevertheless, I was getting incredibly sick of them towards the end of the game. Above all else, I hated how pornographic this game was. It was a shock to me seeing the adult content in 3D as Duke II was such an innocent game but even 3D wasn't this tasteless. Between wall boobs, statues with 5 inch long nipples, nudie mags, incestuous twins, and so forth, I thought that it was really juvenile and it added nothing of value to the game.

    There were many other problems but there were also a ton of great features. The pacing and action were extremely well done. It starts off with a recreation of a great fight from Duke 3D. That's a hell of a great way to kick off a game if you ask me. Most of the boss fights were pretty good and they were perfectly spaced out with just the right amount of content in between the fights. They also managed to make some of the regular encounters feel like boss fights, such as
    I personally liked the driving sequences and I felt that they were sometimes reminiscent of Half-Life 2. The platforming was enjoyable even though the physics felt off and were occasionally a hindrance. I especially liked the platforming
    The overall presentation was simplistic at times but it looked great at other times, especially the very end of the game. The

    I could add a lot more but I don't want to write a novel and bore everyone to death. The bottom line is that Duke Forever is pretty damn solid, at least the modern version that I played. It still has many problems but it doesn't deserve anywhere near the amount of criticism that it gets. Removing the console was a huge middle finger to the players but I guess that's Gearbox for you. Duke 3D is still the king but I will definitely be revisiting Forever pretty regularly going forward.
  2. Prey (2006)

    28 December 2017 - 10:43 PM

    I read a lot of good things about Prey many years ago and it was on my wishlist for a long time but I never got around to buying it. The game came up again yesterday when I was talking with some other people so I decided to finally play through it. Turns out that it's abandonware now and it was pulled from distribution, which is quite the shame especially in light of the fact that the reboot came out just this year.

    Anyways the game managed to keep me captivated with it's interesting gravity and perspective mechanics. Once I got into it, it was hard to put it down. That being said, the combat was kind of stale and like a lot of other games from that time, it was heavily laden with cramped corridors for the most part. There's no way to run and therefore no real way to dodge most incoming attacks. Peeking behind cover almost never accomplished anything. When enemies charged at me, I felt like all I could do most of the time was to eat the damage.

    In spite of its many shortcomings, the game was still really enjoyable overall. The Native American motif was cool although the execution was pretty cheesy a lot of the time, especially at the end. Some of the more open environments looked really cool despite being kind of empty, and the backdrop of space and the star-like patterns of the ship's exterior shell looked great. The game definitely had some very cinematic moments. I took some screenshots but I forgot to save them when I closed the game.

    I really would have loved to see Prey 2 but I've heard that the reboot is good. I have yet to play it though and I'm not sure if I ever will since I don't dedicate a lot of free time to newer games but we shall see. Here's another thread with some interesting information about early Prey concepts for anyone interested in reading more.

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  1. Photo 29 Jan 2018 - 22:34
    I have a new map come check it out:
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