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  1. In Topic: when will we get an android port?

    20 January 2018 - 06:28 PM

    I think that I played a fork of Doom Touch and I found it to be pretty unplayable, even on the easiest difficulty. It's more of a novelty to me but it feels good to have a copy of Doom in my pocket that I can play anywhere, any time. Even if I could barely complete the first map of Duke 3D on the easiest difficulty, it would still be cool to have a portable version.
  2. In Topic: Metal Gear Survive Beta

    20 January 2018 - 06:24 PM

    Haven't played it but I'm a huge Metal Gear fan and I watched a friend play it. It didn't seem interesting at all and he said that the controls were weird since they were very different from Phantom Pain. I'm a bit flabbergasted that Konami thought this would be a good idea because Metal Gear has never had anything to do with zombies, the the zombie fad has long passed already. The Metal Gear fan in me still kind of wants to check it out but I'd rather just see the franchise dead and buried alongside Kojima's departure from them.
  3. In Topic: Newcomer Perspective

    20 January 2018 - 12:27 PM

    I would agree that a lot of those things are good too. I think I mentioned in my first post that this game was kind of foreshadowing the good things there were to come with Doom 4. Most of the original enemies made a return and they were modernized to keep them interesting without drastically changing their old behavior. The platforming was fun to me, especially during the parts where Duke was shrunk down. The pacing was good and they made certain fights seem like boss battles even when they weren't which I really enjoyed.

    These are all things that make it a good game, but it was still a poor Duke game because combat was kind of shallow. Yes, the pig cops had a nice berserk mechanic and Octobrains could actually deflect missiles back at Duke, but the two weapon limit hindered my enjoyment. Duke 3D let you do things your way. If you wanted to freeze and enemy and finish them off with the mighty foot, that was an option. In Forever, you rarely get the freeze gun and when you do, there's no reason to use it because your first slot will likely be something more useful such as the shotgun or ripper, while your second slot will probably be something that shoots explosives just in case you run into a boss. And while the freeze gun slowly recharges, you're given almost no ammo for the other guns should you choose to carry around something else such the shrink ray.

    There wasn't much in the way of good level design as with Duke 3D. The environments were often pretty bland prior to The Doctor Who Cloned Me. It also failed to be a good Duke game in how out of character Duke was. As it was already mentioned several times before, grabbing turds out of the toilet was beyond stupid. The interactivity was fresh and new back in 96. They didn't go anywhere with it this time. Handing you a dry erase marker so that you could draw dicks didn't serve much purpose apart from breaking up the action. Even if I played this back when it was released, I would not have been impressed about needing to sign a kid's copy of my book so that I could progress with the campaign.

    The bottom line is that it was a pretty good game but many of the complaints about it are totally valid. I've been hooked on Duke 3D and I've found it hard to put it down over the past few months but I can't really say the same about Forever. I'll still continue to play it once in a while but Duke 3D is still more enjoyable and frankly, it's the better game to me.
  4. In Topic: Prey (2006)

    20 January 2018 - 11:50 AM

    I started playing again on Cherokee difficulty and I'm kind of curious about a few things.

    • Spoiler
    • Spoiler
    • Spoiler
    I'm having more fun playing through again but I'm even more annoyed now that I'm noticing all of the nuances that I had missed the first time. Tommy's writing is just terrible - he is transported to the Land of the Ancients and he is witnessing all of this incredible magic, yet the only thing that he can think to say is that he doesn't believe in this "Cherokee bullshit" and demands that his grandfather send him back.

    Also as per the discussion of whether or not the Land of the Ancients is the afterlife - I noticed that the grandfather tells Tommy that it's time to let go of the mortal world and become part of the sacred fire when he falls off the bridge. This seems to support my original idea that this area really does represent the afterlife in spite of the fact that
    It's still a little ambiguous because of this. Now that I've seen the developers talk about the game thanks to the videos that Altered Reality posted, it's clear that the developers really did put a lot of thought into this game but I feel like some aspects remained oversights because conflicting information is presented in the game.

    Posted Image

    As an aside, if anyone is interested in testing out multiplayer with me, let me know. Probably won't be fun unless a bunch of people join but it would still be cool to check out for the sake of experiencing all that the game has to offer.
  5. In Topic: Prey Museum

    20 January 2018 - 06:43 AM

    Thanks for the upload. Youtube's copyright system is so bogus. Would unlisting the videos allow you to upload them?

    The Human Head talks about Prey in 2005 video is the perfect showcase of the game's features from the gravity mechanics to the outdoor areas with the backdrop of Earth in the distance. It's pretty cool for me as someone who played this only recently to hear what the developers had to say about it because it otherwise seemed like it was largely forgotten to time.



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