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  1. In Topic: Mapster32 Tutorials Espaņol (Spanish)

    21 July 2018 - 11:01 PM

    Between these tutorials and the ones by DavoX, it seems we have two great sets of tutorials in Spanish but nothing in English. DavoX has subtitled his videos fortunately but hopefully somebody will step up to make some good videos in English. I should've practiced Spanish more after my school days ended.
  2. In Topic: Duke Nukem Total Meltdown original painting.

    07 July 2018 - 11:36 AM

    That's really awesome. I like the post-apocalyptic feel with the spent casings for miles.
  3. In Topic: What have you watched lately ?

    07 July 2018 - 11:15 AM

    I've been watching Arrested Development. A friend mentioned it to me a decade ago but I've never had any interest in watching any shows in particular. Then one day I was stuck in front of a TV for various reasons and I decided to check it out. The first 3 seasons were hilarious. It got revived by Netflix for a 4th season, which was pretty bad but it did have a few funny moments. I'm watching the 5th season now and it's okay so far.

    The series was canceled by Fox after season 3 due to declining viewership but I think that it was wrapped up nicely back then anyway. They should've just ended it there. Maybe it would've still been good if they had continued back then though. Part of the reason that season 4 was so bad was because the actors have moved on. Some of them had to be greenscreened into certain scenes. The entire cast was barely ever in the same episode all together and part of what made the show funny was the chemistry between them. Season 5 has fixed this to a small extent.
  4. In Topic: Quake corner.

    28 April 2018 - 10:20 AM

    Wow I thought that I requested a key kind of late but I ended up getting one. Played a little bit of the game and I was surprised that I unlocked two additional champions after a few matches, including the champion that I wanted the most. The game play is all right. I played a little Quake Live and this isn't drastically different.

    My biggest issue is that the game is clearly designed to be as addictive as possible in terms of loot boxes. I guess it's not the worst model for a free to play game since you don't have to pay to unlock weapons as far as I can tell, although you might have to pay to access all of the champions unless you want to spend a lifetime grinding for them. I was lucky to unlock two of them right off the bat but I expect that unlocking the others won't be as easy.

    If any of you played Doom 4 multiplayer, it looks and feels somewhat similar but there is a little less bullshit in that getting 5 direct hits with a rocket launcher on your opponent actually kills them. In Doom, I can't even count the number of times that I did an obscene amount of damage to someone and they still came out on top with some low damage pot shots.
  5. In Topic: GNU/Linux

    18 April 2018 - 02:29 PM

    I'm really not a fan of Ubuntu but it is a popular distro for a reason - Canonical tries really hard to shoot for mass appeal and for the most part, I think that they manage to pull it off. My biggest problem is that they try to do their own thing and whether by direct means or inadvertently, they end up imposing their ideology on other distros/developers. It's also a respin of Debian and I'd rather just stick to the source.

    Debian however always confused me with its own package management and I also don't like apt. The packages in stable are older than ancient and I'd say it's more suited for servers and not desktops. I never understood their relationship with upstream and even if someone carefully explained it to me, I probably wouldn't agree with the decisions anyway. Mint is nice since it kind of seemed to be aiming for the same thing as Ubuntu but it's a respin of a respin and since I don't much care for Debian, I'm not too interested in its offshoots. Cinnamon is a damn fine desktop environment though. You can also easily use it in other distros.

    When it comes to desktops, I've felt for years that the major players are:
    • Fedora
    • suse
    • Arch
    • Gentoo
    Suse has pretty much been my number one choice since it was first released with Fedora coming in a close second. I also liked Fedora a lot for its old package manager (yum) but I can't stand the new one (dnf). Arch is great if you really want to tinker around with your PC a lot and treat managing your distro almost like a small hobby. It's nice for building up from the bottom exactly how you want your distro to be. I've never been crazy enough to try Gentoo because I'm not interested in building every little thing from source, but it's also good for fine-tuning with respect to your hardware.

    In short, Arch and Gentoo are nice for techies. Fedora and suse are good mainstream distros for just jumping in and getting stuff done without much tinkering. Ubuntu is good if you're new to Linux or you just want to play it as safe as possible. Pretty much the same thing can be said about Mint. Stick with Debian if you're reading this from a cave while taking shelter from the dinosaurs roaming around outside.



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  1. Photo 29 Jan 2018 - 22:34
    I have a new map come check it out:
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