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  1. Does BloodGDX detect mouse buttons 4 & 5?

    14 January 2019 - 06:05 AM

    Hi, my old mouse is unfortunately fucking up and I need to replace it. There were three side buttons and I've gotten quite used to using them in various games (e.g. in Blood I had the top one set to aerosol can, middle to open/use, bottom to doctor's bag). This mouse however had programmable keys, so in old games I had no problem using it as the buttons were set to normal keyboard keys (, . and /).

    The new mouse I'm taking into consideration is the Zowie EC2-A as apparently it's very good. It has two buttons on the side but they aren't programmable as the mouse is plug and play, no driver/software required. Apparently the two side buttons are detected as mouse buttons 4&5. I'm wondering if BloodGDX will be able to detect these buttons. Would anybody here be kind enough to test?

    Also if anybody has any mouse recommendations I'd appreciate them, especially ones with programmable buttons. I really liked my old mouse but unfortunately it's not sold on the market anymore. Thanks!
  2. Can't upvote/downvote

    16 December 2018 - 02:47 AM

    If I press the button I receive the following message, "Action failed: You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day," even though I haven't made any previous votes. Help pls.
  3. Shadow Warrior Redux on Steam runs terribly for me

    05 March 2018 - 05:19 AM

    I get variable input lag in the mouse, strange screen distortion and framerate drops here and there. It has a really gross jittery look to it. Turning off v-sync tremendously reduces the input lag but it still has awful performance issues. I've tried different resolutions/settings to no avail. My system should also be more than capable of handling it, and I have no problems with EDuke32 or BloodGDX (as well as plenty of modern games, I have a 1060 GTX 6GB).

    Any advice would be appreciated, cheers.
  4. Youtube video uploading

    07 February 2018 - 05:47 AM

    Hi, my youtube videos unfortunately look like shit. Very lossy. I only have two videos up at 1080p 60fps -- a Blood episode playthrough and a Duke episode playthrough. They don't look too bad at the settings I use. However I uploaded a Quake playthrough recently (with the same recording/compression settings I used for the Blood and Duke playthroughs) and unfortunately it looks like shit. I've seen other youtube Quake playthroughs at 1080p 60fps and they look a lot more crisp and less lossy than mine does.

    I've tried so many experiments but the video always looks awful. I've tried uploading raw shadowplay files at 15mbps, 30mbps, 50mbps and they all looked like shit by the time youtube was finished with them. I've tried handbrake compression following various youtube guides and suggestions and the youtube videos always look bad regardless (and pretty much the same). I've tried Sony Vegas rendering as well following different youtube guides and again the video looks awful.

    Dunno what to do. Really don't understand why I can't get good video quality. If you have any suggestions I'd be grateful, cheers.
  5. Good single player modern FPS?

    18 November 2017 - 01:05 PM

    What are some modern FPS games you guys like (let's say from the last decade or so)? Any hidden gems? If you know decent fan made mods or expansions I'd be interested in those, too, thanks.


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