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  1. Bloodlines 2 announced

    22 March 2019 - 03:04 AM

    Chris Avellone and Brian Mitsoda are involved, which is good news, but then there's this: https://www.oneangry...bversion/80691/

    I still have some hopes for the project, but some of the statements made by the devs has me scratching my head. What politics were in the original? Why do they think the original game was "of its time"? It honestly sounds like they're trying to make the most SJW-pandering game ever.
  2. Malice

    01 November 2018 - 03:51 AM

    Did anyone here ever play this?

    I'd been trying different TC's for Doom and wondered if there were any for games like Quake or Quake 2. Malice is basically a whole new game inside the Quake engine. New guns, maps, enemies, textures, storyline (with cutscenes!), even a primitive inventory system. Oh, and you get a hoverboard. Bit annoying to get to work, but well worth the time. Came out in 1997. I'd literally never heard of it and neither have most people it seems.


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