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  1. Redneck Rampage Skybox pack (version 3)

    26 October 2018 - 01:12 PM

    I've released a new version of my skybox pack, rerendering several of the skyboxes as well as adding files facilitating use with Rednukem.

    Download link: https://files.fm/f/7k2x7ste

    Screenshots showing off the new skyboxes both with and without fuzz effect: https://imgur.com/a/7nQEnKk

  2. Witchaven Graphics upscale

    09 March 2018 - 10:14 PM

    This may seem utterly pointless as there's no port of the game capable of using hightiles yet, but I've begun upscaling Witchaven in a similar vein as my Blood upscale. This contains backgrounds as well as various background objects. I guess they could be used for a Duke or Blood mod? Results are mixed


    Image gallery
  3. PLU - Palette Look Up Tables

    12 October 2017 - 06:08 AM

    This is something I found a major pain while doing texture replacements, so I thought I'd share what I got.

    The easiest one is palette 5, it's simply a greyscale version of the ordinary palette.
    Palette 6 is trickier, it's partially desaturated. An example of this would be the grass and hedges outside the crypt you start in.
    Palette 8 is a golden tint, an example of this is the sarcophagus like tiles seen in the starting crypt.
    Palette 9 is also a golden tint, this is used for much of the interior of the Hallowed Grounds.
    Palette 2 is a red tint, this is used for the wall with the corpses found outside the train station in the second level as well as the fire pods in the Plasma Pak.

    Palette 3 is used for the fanatics (grey cultists). The brown in the robes is remapped to grey and the lighter brown found on the belt is remapped to a light blue.
    Palette 4 is used by the green spiders. Brown is remapped to green and red is remapped to yellow.
    Palette 7 is used by the red spiders. Grey is remapped to red and red is remapped to yellow.
    Palette 10 is used for Tchernobog's missiles. It's a bluish grey color.

    Palette 11-14 are to my understanding intended for palette swaps for Caleb in multiplayer. By default Caleb uses palette 11 which recolors his pants blue and this is also used by the Zealots (tesla wielding cultists). Palette 12 is used by the Beast and palette 13 is used by the ackolytes (green cultists)



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