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  1. Weapons Mod 3.0

    06 September 2017 - 01:51 PM

    Hey everyone!

    Weapons Mod 3.0 Blood has been released!

    (HD trailer on moddb, link below)

    Just like the name states, it's a modification for Blood which allows using custom weapons. From revolvers to new bloody shotguns! Of course since Blood's modding is limited, the mod only allows replacing current weapons, but aren't you bored playing the same weapons for years? Maybe you want to play fun mode by installing Triple DZ or maybe Hardcore mode by choosing PowerSlaver revolver? The choice is yours!

    DosBox is recommened to play this mod, but BloodGDX supports this mod too, since GDX uses BLOOD.RFF and SOUND.RFF. Sadly, some hacks will not work since GDX does not use Blood.exe. Nevertheless it's possible to use custom weapons too.

    The installation is very simple!

    1. Download the mod.
    2. Put package's files in Blood's folder.
    3. Drag WPNMOD30.BAT over your DosBox icon.
    4. Choose weapons in the menu by clicking certain keys.
    5. Click [1] to install select weapons.
    6. And at the end choose what you want to play (Blood, Cryptic addon or any other addon).

    Posted Image

    The current version of the mod not only adds new and cool weapons, but also adds new great features such as:

    • renaming vanilla weapons and items for weapons you installed,
    • DSCA system which allows you to know which characteristics of certain weapon were changed (See more information in GetInfo option),
    • all-new, much faster, way to install selected weapons,
    • presets manager that allows to load and save selected weapons,
    • compatibility with every addon even with custom content,
    • most of old weapons significantly reworked,
    • BMOUSE support,
    • extended configuration of main BAT file.

    Download link can be found here:
    or here:

    Of course everyone is credited. I tried to remember about everyone whos art I used.
  2. Custom Weapons

    03 July 2017 - 04:46 AM

    Since we have finally the first working port for Blood, I was thinking if it were possible to make weapons moddable in the future. Well, there's a tool named Qaveditor which allows making animations for Blood. The tool came from leaked Blood alpha, as many as other tools. But the biggest pain a butt is that the ability of modding Blood weapons is very limited. Let's say if slot 3 is sawed-off, then it has to be shotgun type weapon. The point is you cannot change a projectile or a number of hitpoints, although you can change a trigger number, for example instead of using 1 shell, you'll use 3, but no more than 4 cause it will crash the game (for other weapons it's different, yet similar). Another issue is that Tommy gun normal fire can be canceled, so if you make custom animation for that, you migth have always glitchy animation.

    I've made some own weapon animations cause I was inspired by NoOne's weapons mod which he released along with Final Alone in the Dark. http://cruo.bloodgam...apons&rid=62457 . And it just hurts my heart seeing there's no way to have more fun with custom weapons like it's possible in Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior or even Doom. Damn Blood's source code...

    Here are my creations, note that in the 2nd video I added squishing sounds for Heart weapon.





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  1. Photo 23 Jun 2017 - 02:39
    You are welcome :))
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