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  1. In Topic: DNF Modding Discoveries

    Yesterday, 10:51 AM

    No, no twins whatsoever.
    let the player see the podgirl give birth to octababies and die naturally via gameplay rather than shove a cutscene (even with no dialogue) down your throat.
  2. In Topic: DNF Modding Discoveries

    10 November 2018 - 05:20 PM

    Oh I wasn't planning to remove the podgirls. I think they add to the horror of the hive level (sans the dumb lines they occasionally say that will be removed, rest assured)
    I was actually considering adding a few more to the dam section given the infestation theme going on there. Again, this is just part of trying to make the game more serious and dark, and less of that dumb meme reference tone the game had.
  3. In Topic: DNF Modding Discoveries

    09 November 2018 - 06:33 PM


    Speaking of Overhaul changes, it's very likely the few levels that originally had no enemies will now have.
    So far, Duke Burger part 1, Underground part 1, Casino part 1 all have enemies where they did not before.

    I'm trying to reduce the situations where originally you didn't face any enemies and cut the padding/speed up the game.

    I've been considering as a sidenote, IF the TPEgo system gets implemented as I've been giving the system a bit more thought, to remove the strip club levels (BB/Titty city) since the main reason to play them (interact with the environment to gain ego upgrades) is gone.
    Maybe they'll be kept as bonus levels you can access from the chapter select menu.
  4. In Topic: DNF Modding Discoveries

    08 November 2018 - 12:22 AM

    Well, I don't think it would hurt the mod at all to improve the MP with simple fixes like rebalancing stupid op guns or other possible fixes (notably the devastator in this case from what I've heard)
    It's not the main priority of the mod obviously, it's just a little bonus because why not? MP's not being addressed right now either way, it's just taking notes of what needed fixing there.
  5. In Topic: DNF Modding Discoveries

    07 November 2018 - 06:22 PM

    I don't think an ini file would fix it, it would be a dngame.u file mod imo.
    It's not a priority atm but I do plan on fixing the multiplayer later, so I'll keep this in mind once the time comes for fixing that.
    Let me know what other issues plague the multiplayer so I can address them at some point in the future.



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