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  1. In Topic: Hollywood Reporter: John Cena in Talks to Star in Duke Nukem

    03 February 2018 - 07:00 PM

    I wrote that synopsis on IMDB. I can't recall exactly, but I think I highjacked IMDB fairly easily and was even able to create an artist profile without having much experience at all in Hollywood. I worked on the Dark Knight as an extra when it was filming in Chicago and that's all the big budget studio experience I have. All my work has been independent short films I've done with some friends from 20 years ago and then a bunch of stuff on my own.

    Regarding the IMDB Duke Nukem page:
    I saw the potential for a film back in 2007/08 when I began to write the screenplay. I noticed that despite have a producer attached at the time, the same producer of Max Payne, the project seemed dead with no activity to be found. So, I was confident enough in my abilities to help produce a great film, despite the fact that I am by no means a privileged man, nor do I come from old money or anything like that. I've worked regular jobs since I was in junior high just like most kids who grow up outside of Hollywood, under privileged and underpaid. That's ok though, because I admire those who are honest, who work for a living and raise families. I myself am honest and work hard on my craft. I don't "cut corners" or do things half assed. I respect intellectual property and don't desire to steal and claim anything as my own. That's why from the get go, I vowed to include the original developers of Duke Nukem on the production of a feature film, If I had anything to do with it, because without them there would be no Duke Nukem and they deserve to be part of the production of a Duke Nukem motion picture.

    Don't let the explosions and T&A fool you. Duke Nukem is closer to being "high-art" than most people currently give it credit for.

    As far as movies with T&A... Dog gonnit! Boys can't go through puberty without witnessing some T&A in movies! Mom please, don't cover my eyes!



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