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  1. In Topic: What Are You Listening To Now?

    09 November 2017 - 09:21 PM

    Just got back from seeing John Carpenter and his band perform.
  2. In Topic: Duke Nukem

    08 November 2017 - 04:19 PM

    This scene beforehand explains the origin of the creature that Duke faces on the freeway:

    Cut to: 101 Freeway

    Traffic has cleared and Ashley begins to pick up the pace on the 101

    An assault commander sails through the air high above the 101, out of sight.

    Before it gets above the freeway, the fat grotesque alien flicks a switch and activates a cloaking device rendering the vehicle invisible.

    Ashley is unaware that she is being haunted by a very large obese assault commander

    The monster closes in behind Ashley’s car as she travels down the freeway

    It hovers above the freeway behind her

    Ashley continues singing along to the radio.

    Then, the grotesque alien spits out some sort of SLUG that attaches to the tail pipe of Ashleys car.

    The assault commander then trails off, disengaging his cloaking device when he gets higher into the sky.

    The slug squirms into Ashley’s exhaust system and sucks down the fumes

    The slug makes its way through the exhaust and up into the engine where it begins to feed on oil and gas

    After it gets its fill, it slides into the radiator and starts to feed on anti-freeze.

    Ashley’s car starts to overheat.
  3. In Topic: Duke Nukem

    08 November 2017 - 04:13 PM

    I didn't mind the Monster truck level so much, was a little lengthy. The RC car was clever, yet it's probably the thing I dread the most whenever I think of replaying DNF.

    I have posted this scene I wrote somewhere else before but not sure who read it. Give it a read and imagine PLAYING this scene:

    Cut to Duke: Freeway

    Cruising on the 101 through heavy traffic, Duke races after Ashley!

    Cut to Ashley: Freeway

    Ashley closes her hood and gets back into her car to see if her car will start

    It will not.

    Cut to Duke: Freeway

    Duke kicks his bike into high gear...

    Cut to Ashley: Freeway

    The creature is now expanding itself inside her engine!

    CRACK, CRACK- goes the plastic and metal.

    Cut to Duke: Freeway

    Duke races through traffic trying desperately to get to her.

    Duke is not too far from Ashley now

    He guns it again!

    Cut to: Ashley Freeway

    Ashley try's once again to start her engine

    Ree Ree Ree... Ree Ree Ree...


    She then looks up ahead through her windshield and sees Duke approaching on his bike off ahead in the distance.

    The creature expands and grows bigger!

    Crack, Rattle!

    The car begins to shake

    Ashley notices and looks puzzled.

    Just then, the front of her car rips open as the alien gestates from the radiator and is "born"!

    At the same time, Duke does a quick 180 turn passed Ashley.

    The Alien mutant tears through the front of her car, in front of her own eyes.

    It quickly grows to over 15 feet tall and over 1000 pounds


    Duke grabs his grenade launcher from the side of his bike

    The beast looks at Ashley and roars at her

    It then looks up and sees Duke

    Ashley then looks into her rear view and sees Duke loading his grenade launcher.

    KaCLICK, KaClick- go the two grenades

    Duke shuts closed the launcher


    He then aims at the giant mutant beast

    Duke yells at Ashley

    Duke: Get Down!

    KerPLOOMP-goes the grenade as it’s launched at the Beast

    The grenade flies directly past over Ashley’s driver’s side window

    The beast then quickly shields itself by grabbing a hold of Ashley’s hood and ripping it away from the vehicle


    The grenade hits directly into the hood “shield” that the beast is holding

    The beast is knocked off balance, but is unscathed

    The same can be said for the shield however, and the beast drops it to the ground

    Ashley looks up in horror and amazement

    Duke then burns rubber and drives past the beast in attempts to lead it away from Ashley.

    The creature then turns while wiping the debris from its eyes and then scans the area for Duke.

    Duke is now about 40 yards from the beast when he skids into another 180

    Facing the beast once again, Duke peels out and heads straight for it!

    He is now about 40-50 yards from the beast

    Duke peels out and heads straight for the creature.

    He takes aim

    The monster widens its stance and lets out a huge roar as Duke approaches.


    KerPLOOMP-goes the second grenade


    The grenade takes out the beasts left arm as it get a mean dose of grenade action.

    The beast howls in agony as its arm falls to the ground in front of it

    Duke then races ahead and into another 180 as he skids parallel to Ashley

    Once again, He faces the monster.

    Ashley rises up to get a peek at what is going on

    She looks up and sees the beast roar at Duke as he is busy placing two more grenades into the launcher

    KaClick, KaClick.


    Ashley watches Duke take off and ride past the beast!

    The beast lunges at Duke with its only remaining arm attempting to grab Duke from his bike but is unsuccessful

    This time the beast starts to follow Duke down the freeway

    Ashley looks on Wide-eyed at the unbelievable event taking place before her

    Duke gets a good distance away before turning around

    When he comes out of another 180, he stops

    Facing the Beast, which now is heading in Dukes direction, Duke revs the engine

    Vroom, Vroom!

    The beast gets closer and closer

    Duke snarls...

    The Beast snarls back!

    Duke then pops the clutch


    Duke burns rubber and races towards the Beast


    Just then, off in the distance close behind Ashley, one of the mutant/alien dropship descends onto the freeway

    Mutants get out and start to rip woman from their vehicles and kill any men in their way.

    Ashley hears the ship but doesn’t see it

    She looks into her rear view

    Just as she does an assault trooper reaches inside and grabs her.

    Duke gets up to speed and plays chicken with the beast, but at the last second aims the grenade launcher straight ahead...

    Kerploomp- goes the grenade out of the barrel.


    Duke Blows off the Beasts nether regions and drives right between the beasts legs as fast as he can to get back to Ashley

    The creature grabs its crotch then falls to the pavement.

    Duke tries his best to get to Ashley on time...

    However, the dropship hovers into the air, escaping with Dukes girl before he can get to her...

    Duke skids to a halt and gets off his bike

    He reaches for a weapon and takes aim at the dropship

    He then fires away a projectile that sticks to the hull of the ship.

    Duke then grabs his phone and syncs up the tracking device he just shot at the hull to the tracking device app on his phone.

    He then watches helplessly as Ashley and the dropship disappear off into the distance.

    He then calms down and gains his composure after realizing she will be fine because she can handle her own

    As the ship trails off, he looks down at his phone, showing him precisely where Ashley and the ship are heading.

    The beacon lights up

    Its headed east, towards Vegas...
  4. In Topic: Duke Nukem

    07 November 2017 - 11:50 PM

    View PostNever Forgotten, on 07 November 2017 - 09:23 PM, said:

    Oh hey, haven't seen you on the forums in a while. While I wouldn't mind Duke in 3rd person, I think they should stick to what made Duke... well, Duke. But, I wouldn't be apposed to another spin off after they make the next game, it might be quite fun.

    I enjoy the 3rd person gameplay in The Evil Within 2 and Resident Evil 6. Not enough good 3rd person games out today, IMO. To be honest, there really aren't that many good FPS out either. Where are all the original 3rd and 1st person action games? For most, it seems Call of Duty alone suffices.
    It's rather strange that there have actually been more 2d platform and 3rd person Duke games made than 1st person Duke games. I agree though, it's hard to top Duke 3D. I enjoyed Time to Kill and Zero Hour (LOTB was forgettable) but the controls were AWFUL and of course the graphics suck compared to today. Truth is, a proper Duke Nukem game in 3rd person has never been properly done. (The PS2 and Xbox would have been great systems for Duke, but it's too late for that of course).
    Regarding having the option to switch perspectives during gameplay, well, I'm not sold on it. Frankly, it's distracting. If that option was available in Resident Evil 7 say, it would have driven me crazy. I'm not opposed however to having some sections of a game be fixed in 3rd and some fixed in 1st.

    Yes, the franchise has been quite "Milked".
  5. In Topic: Duke Nukem

    07 November 2017 - 07:26 PM

    More focus on how the players decisions and actions throughout the campaign will alter the story and outcome. Making replay value much greater. Non linear gameplay with Huge maps and lots of areas to explore in search for "keys". Many secret areas. Heavy interaction with the environment necessary for player progression within a level (scene), including more destructible elements within the environments.

    No need to reinvent it. Simply elaborate on what made Duke work so well in the first place.

    Would it also be so bad if Duke was again in 3rd person?
    Had the ability to roll and dodge?
    Grab onto ledges, etc?

    How about more Duke on his motorcycle, battling it out on the street or highway against baddies?

    Why not mix it up by having some scenes (levels) actually be linear and some not?



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