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  1. StarCraft Remastered

    15 August 2017 - 01:36 PM

    Anyone here playing StarCraft Remastered? Honestly the official forums for the game are just pure craziness so I'd love to hear what the general "western" audience thinks of the game (that is if people like that are to be found here but who knows).

    As a long time SC fan who only got into the multiplayer after SC2 came out half of me is very satisfied with the game and the other half of me is disappointed. The satisfaction comes from the presentation: it's just amazing how well Blizzard managed to remaster the graphics. They stayed very true to the original art design so the game still has a vibe that very much represents classic StarCraft, the new artwork is beautiful and the realtime lighting feature adds a lot of depth to the visuals. It's also really cool to have the ability to customize hotkeys, it makes getting used to the controls again quite easy. The game also runs incredibly well which should be a given since it's an old title with a visual makeover but Blizzard was never great at optimizing for high frame rates so it's good to see.

    The disappointment comes from the game's - in my opinion - kinda misplaced focus. I consider the SC and BW campaigns the absolute height of classic RTS design so it's a bit sad to see how little Blizzard cared about them. They did not include the demo campaign (Loomings) and basically the only additions the original game received are animated interludes instead of the original green text. It would have been cool to have an extra campaign, there is a lot of unfinished content for the game that Blizzard could have easily included. A difficulty selection option would have also been nice, the standard difficulty is just way too easy for any veteran of the genre.

    It's also quite disappointing how little they cared about the needs of the general audience because let's be frank here: the pathfinding, the enemy AI and the general controls are very archaic at this point, especially when compared to SC2. Units need a lot of micromanagement because otherwise they just get lost, the computer AI is stupid and you can't select more than 12 units at a time, you can't put multiple buildings to one hotkey, you can't set worker units to automine etc. I know that keeping the gameplay 100% identical to the original is very important to the Korean pro scene but that's only the fraction of the full audience so giving quality of life options to single player and custom multiplayer games would have helped a lot of people in having a smooth experience with the game. The lack of these features will be a huge nail on the coffin honestly, launch day player numbers were underwhelming to say the least and you really get the vibe that current RTS fans did not care simply because Blizzard failed to listen to them when it comes to improving the gameplay.

    And well, the thing is quite buggy on launch and that's very weird to see from a Blizzard title.
  2. My favourite bug from World Tour

    13 August 2017 - 03:00 AM

    I just don't get it how stuff like this gets through QA at Gearbox:

    It's like the king of all gameplay bugs: you get horrible stuttering (that is a lot more significant than what you see in the video, ShadowPlay cuts through most of the shit as it seems like) AND the sound gets loud as hell too to give you the maximum amount of audiovisual treatment. How? Why?
  3. Your favourite Grabbag remix?

    04 August 2017 - 03:37 AM

    There are so many covers of Grabbag out there that I'm just curious what everyone's favourites are.

    Somewhy my pick is HyperDuck SoundWorks' and Stemage's remix found on the NUKEM remix album, I think it's just freakin' fantastic and a very original cover overall:
    I love the epic intro and how the raw, "traditional" metal cover gets mixed with a version of the tune that is closer to the original MIDI sound.
  4. Difficuty customization in BloodGDX

    30 July 2017 - 10:10 AM

    There is basically only one thing I don't like in Blood: they way difficulty settings scale. Contrary to how other classic FPS games scale in difficulty Blood not only increases enemy numbers but also enemy damage and enemy health values because higher difficulties were designed with co-op in mind. As a result Well Done and Extra Crispy not only become really freakin' hard, the game also starts to feel a bit wrong: your weapons feel weak, enemies kill you incredibly fast to the point where taking them on head on becomes kinda suicidal so the gameplay boils down to knowing what comes your way and using the dynamite's alt-fire to get rid of the opposition. That's not enjoyable at all and makes the game very frustrating to pick up on higher difficulties.

    The enemy damage and health values of Lightly Broiled are perfect: your weapons are powerful, the enemies are not bullet sponges, you have a lot of options in combat but you never feel like you can just mindlessly mow everything down. I'd love to play against a larger number of enemies with the damage and health values of Lightly Broiled so here's what I'd really, really like to see in BloodGDX: an option to customize difficulty more by having separate "enemy number" and "enemy damage and health" difficulty settings.

    Could this be done somehow?
  5. BloodGDX shows why Blood is the best Build game

    23 July 2017 - 09:25 PM

    Ever since BloodGDX came out I'm slowly but steadily getting back into the game and hell, I have to say that the new features really did wonders to Blood, honestly to a much bigger extent than what EDuke32 and Classic Redux did to Duke 3D and Shadow Warrior.

    The smooth aiming, the higher resolution and the higher framerate provide a combination of improvements that really make Blood's mechanics shine. The gameplay flow becomes magnificent once the whole thing clicks, it's wonderfully fast-paced, tactical, varied, high-octane action and you just appreciate the game more and more the deeper you get into it. It's just mind blowing how well almost everything holds up and thanks to the complex levels (6 different types of keys, lol) and the well thought out arsenal it's really something that will challenge even the most die hard FPS veterans. Doom needed Brutal Doom's mechanical adjustments to feel fresh for me but Blood? This game just needed a new port and it already provides the very same level of enjoyment and intensity I get from Brutal Doom or Doom 2016 out of the box. :D It's a fucking testament to how well 3D Realms and Monolith got FPS game design in the 90s.

    Duke 3D may have a bit more style, Shadow Warrior may be a bit smarter in its level design but when it comes to the overall gameplay Blood is the true king of classic arcade FPS action. I'm having an absolute blast, huge thanks to M210 for finally unleashing this game's true potential.


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