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  1. In Topic: Randy's Bonus and...Child Porn?!

    13 minutes ago

    View PostForge, on 15 January 2019 - 04:14 PM, said:

    Kotaku is the champion of social justice in video games and making sure your toxic masculinity gets shelved in the root-cellar where it belongs.

    Do you bring up politics in every argument that's about an outlet's trustworthiness? I mean I agree that it's a shit agenda but really it's not relevant, their "inside scoop" type articles were never wrong so far. That's something because videogame journalism is so shit that most sites don't even dare to leak stuff that publishers don't want to see out there. Kotaku doesn't give a shit about that and that's respectable in an industry like this.

    But sure, if I see something like "Soldier 76 is gay and games need more LMGBTQFurryPansexualBeastiality!" I won't read that.
  2. In Topic: Randy's Bonus and...Child Porn?!

    Today, 02:45 PM

    Kotaku is good when it comes to these articles, that's why they are blacklisted by several publishers: the stuff they leak always ends up being true.

    And here they did no legwork, the article is just a bunch of statements made in the lawsuits or by Pitchford himself.
  3. In Topic: Quake corner.

    Today, 02:38 PM

    It's good to know that QC's community managers are out to get the feedback that's important:
    Posted Image
  4. In Topic: Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

    Today, 02:06 PM

    View PostMusicallyInspired, on 15 January 2019 - 09:51 AM, said:

    Speaking of which, has anyone played the new Unreal Tournament? How does that fare? I haven't heard a thing about it since it was announced years ago and that they might be working something out with Alexander Brandon to work on some music for it. It's still available and free, but haven't heard a thing.

    I played the UT4 pre-alpha. It was well on track to being the best UT game but then Fortnite blew up and the development team got transferred to that game. It's essentially dead now though it has bots and you can find matches during busier hours.

    But hey, at least we can still listen to this:
  5. In Topic: Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

    Today, 01:57 PM

    View PostNightFright, on 15 January 2019 - 07:47 AM, said:

    It's more about having fun, and I dunno if I can have that right now when so many things change fundamentally during a rather short period of time.

    The thing about fundamental changes is that most of those only affect ranked duels in a very substantial way, in more casual modes like deathmatch or team deathmatch you feel them too but it's not something you should really worry about. Here are the more important changes they made since I'm playing:

    - They moved hit detection from server side to client side: what an avarage player notices from this is that they hit a bit more shots than what they used to and that sometimes lag compensation works in the favor of those who have a higher ping. The latter could get pretty bad and it can still be felt. For example people can shoot you through a wall half a second after you've already moved to cover because of lag compensation: your client was already behind the wall but the guy with the high ping still shot you because on his client your hitbox was still visible. It can also occur that you're in a one-on-one situation with a guy, he frags you but you can still land a shot before the hit registers: the shot you landed won't register because you were already dead before his hit registered, the netcode just had a bit of a desync. Stuff like this can be frustrating, it's something that needs polish but it happens less now and if you're not playing ranked duels it likely won't bother you much.

    - They moved away from model accurate hitboxes to skeleton-based capsule shapes: this made small champions weaker since they get hit more now but overall what an avarage player notices is that he lands more shots instead of shooting rails between a character's legs and cursing at the moon.

    - Timer, ammo and item placement unification between game modes: very good change again, improved the pacing of matches and removed a lot of confusion. It was very easy to get used to it.

    - A drastic change to the most hated map of the game: it's good now.

    - Unified ability timers and nerfed damage dealing abilities: this changed duel drastically and overall it brought the gameplay a lot closer Quake 3 / Quake Live. Stupid shit doesn't happen anymore, there are no more "press F to win" situations where a guy just deletes you with his ability.

    - Better scalability in graphics settings: low looks like shit and medium looks like tolerable shit now which helps a lot in getting to those higher framerates. They still managed to fuck up memory managemenet with this somehow but they started patching that out and even with that issue the game generally runs better now.

    - The removal of the loot box based business model, introducing linear champion progression and battle passes: if you care about cosmetics and like loot boxes (shame on you) you may be on the fence about this and the new progression is not exactly rewarding now so a lot of people are pissed about this change. The devs will balance it out and it will be good, personally I don't care that much and think the new system is not predatory even with the admittedly shit state of battle pass progression.

    The bottom line: QC is not a fighting game where a balance change demands changes in gameplay style or character, even the substantial changes don't affect the general experience that much. You'll just feel that the game got better, things that annoyed you are no longer there or happen in a more fair way etc.


    Didn't they add bots a while ago?

    Yep, there are bots now for custom matches and one regular quick play mode (TDM vs. bots where your team is made out of human players and you're fighting against bots). They are fine in the sense that all of them have their own playstyles but on higher difficulities they quickly become aimbots and their AI can't use abilities yet. There is also a great new "feature" in bot matches now where you'll find a lot of players who are just idling matches because battle pass progression is too slow, people are garbage and the devs are idiots sometimes.



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