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  1. 3D Game Editor Idea Creativigine

    11 September 2018 - 12:49 PM

    I had an idea for a map editor I wanted to share:
    Inspired from Build Engine, with the difference that you create your level-sectors directly in 3D space.
    I spent 2 days making a proof of concept editor that contains the most important features. Imagine the features you have in Build like copy/paste, texture-placement or lightning.

    -You create points in 3D space.
    -Connect them to surfaces! You got a sector with several surface-parts!

    Also must imagine something like: Creating a box with wood texture (easy), copy and paste as much as you like!
    I guess you can imagine where this will go.

    You think this editor has a future for making nice old-school 3D games?


    (please move thread if not on right place, thx)
  2. Blood 3 tech idea

    18 March 2017 - 12:09 PM

    I recently had a nice idea for a possible Blood 3 game

    The idea is to mix some techniques of the old games with some newer ones. I am a hobby game developer and brought the idea to live.
    The goal is to keep the old pixeled graphic-style alive.
    The monsters are 3D models that get converted to pixeled 2D-sprites like in the original Blood or Duke3D. But the conversion is in real-time that brings smoother animations and not only 8 different angels of view for the model.
    Same idea for the weapons.

    Look at the feet, there you see the sprite-conversion :D

    Posted Image

    Combined with some animated (also pixeled) plants and other stuff this could become a nice new style-mix
    Take a look at the video:




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