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  1. Time Travel

    21 June 2017 - 05:41 AM

    I've got an idea I'd like to present, but I have to start a few months ago -
    I had started to show my little son a few games of the old days, and he had great fun with them.
    He absolutely loved DN3D (he didn't really understand the gore and erotic aspects, but just "killing this very very very dangeouos monster" is cool).
    I was reminded of an old Idea of mine ("Nazi Dinosaurs from outer Space") and I wanted to start mapping again after over a decade's gap.
    But I had no hurry with this project, I rather wanted to do some smaller maps before to gather some experience.
    So I thought of settings that would be fitting for a little child but could still provide some action. My firt choice was a pirate ship, and my son wanted (in this order) a sioux camp and a halloween themed city.
    So I'm working on the pirate ship when I have time for myself, but when my son is with me, he demands to work on the native village, so I actually have two maps in work. Don'tget me wrong, I can only dedicate half a hour every few days, so these are still pretty much in the beginning stages.

    But I couldn't help to think of a way to use these maps for something more mainstream, with cycloids for real combat action, and a backstory that not only connects the maps, but also explains why the aliens are present in these settings.

    So I came up with a an idea. A very rough idea so far.
    Somthing of a mixture of Terminator, the Time Machine book series and the Classic game Time Tunnel.
    The aliens have set up a plot to manipulate events in history (and perhaps also future) to sowhow (still not sure how) take out or sidepass the Duke and finally succeed in conquering the world and all its chicks.
    Somebody (the EDF?) has aquired informations about this plan plus a time travel device stolen from the aliens. Due to the not fully understood technology, the time travel options using this device are limited, you can only jump from certain points in space and time to certain other points (so it is possible to make this as a series of maps). Of course, the Duke is choosen to go to stranger times and stop the aliens.

    What do you think?
  2. Two problems with Mapster32 in Ubuntu

    18 May 2017 - 01:13 AM


    After having done some mapping back in the early 2000's with the original Build.exe, I recently came back to the Duke. You can read more of it here.

    I have not much time for this, so progress is steady, but slow.
    (I'm at work until 6 pm most days, and have only a thin client computer with very restricted rights here. I can devote a few minutes every now and then to the project, but the only things I can do are artwork (The Gimp is installed here), and internet research, including posting in this forum. All actual mapping has to be done at home, and I share the computer there with my wife (who runs a small business at Ebay) and my little son, who wnats to do games or watch Youtube with me, whenever I sit on the computer, and having had nothing of him during the day, I just cannot deny this).

    I'm still in the beginning steps of two small maps I started rather for learning purposes, but now I'm beginning to encounter problems, which I will post here.
    I have compiled Mapster32 from the source code under Ubuntu Linux, following the description on the Eduke Website, and it works fine, with some really bad exceptions.

    I cannot place the Level starting point. Manual says I can do so by pressing CapsLock, but this just doesn't work. The brown arrow just stays at the default place in the center of the map.

    The Mapster window forcefully keeps the focus.
    I can't move the mousepointer outside the window, and cannot use another window / application other than by exiting Mapster. The only way to circumvent this is pressing the System / Windows-key to open the system manager, and then clicking at some other window (ignoring the system manager). Mostly, I can resume Mapster after this by clicking in the Window again, but often enough, it acts errately after such treatment. Even when it doesn't, this is a "dirty" and inconvenient workaround, and certainly not the way it was ment to work.
    Also, I can't move the window out of the canter of the screen. It also can'T be minimized.

    I have asked the second question in another thread, and already got the answers:

    View PostMike Norvak, on 16 May 2017 - 05:56 AM, said:

    Press the console key in the keyboard, you know, the one to the left of "1" that releases the application window.

    Thanks, man, but I tested it and it didn't have any effect.
    (We are talking about the ° and ^ key on the Qwertz keyboard = the ~ and ' key on the Qwerty keyboard, is this correct?)

    I remember there was another answer, which seems to have disapeared. Something about the settings of Mapster...
    If the author of this answer reads this, please answer again. Even the slightest hint could be useful.
  3. Floor pattern

    15 May 2017 - 04:53 AM

    Well, basically I would like to ask if somewhere there is a detailed description / manual / tutorial how the floor patterns are applied.
    The wall textures can be panned and scaled, so it is, while not always easy, at least possible to apply them to the sector walls in any way to create the desired effect.
    On the other hand, the floor (and ceiling) patterns are somewhat less flexible.
    As much as I understand the documentations, they are distributed over the whole map and can not be alinged to an individual sector. The only exception is the possibility to have the pattern enlarged or not enlarged in a sector (using the E key), so there are exactly two possible size variants.
    However, the floor pattern of moving sectors such as subways travels with the sector, so the rule as cited above cannot be entirely true.
    Am I understanding something wrong here? And if I do, how can I apply the floor textures to the sectors? Is there a way to pan / rotate / scale them?
  4. Wishlist

    15 May 2017 - 02:20 AM


    As much as I see, Mapster is continousely "under developement".
    Is there already a forum / subforum / thread where suggestions, wishes and to-dos of the community are coleected?


    I have put the wishlist here and will from time to time "update" it, so the list itself will always be in the first page of the thread.
    Each wish starts with the name of the "author" in brackets.
    Obsolete wishes (fullfilled or nor longer supported) will be colored red, wishes that may become obsolete are blue.

    • (Bb) When starting a new wall and set the first vertex, it "snaps" to the nearest grid point. It would, however, be very practical to have it snapping to the nearest existing vertex of another sector, so you could more easily divide sectors or add new sectors to the side of existing ones, which is a relatively common task when mapping. As the older sector often was build with another grid solution (or possibly out of grid at all), having a "vertex snap" would be very versatile. Best way to implement it would probably be with another key combination, e. g. Space sets a new vertex at the nearest grid point, Shift + Space sets a new vertex at the nearest existing vertex.
      Note: read post 4 to 10 for clarification.
    • (Micky C) I'd also find it very useful if there were a way to delete vertices without having to collapse them. I'm sure there are a few checks involved with this to make sure that it's done safely, but even if it was restricted to use in expertmode, that'd be a help.
    • (Bb) Why not adding more shapes than the "Semicircle" that was already included in Build.exe? A true Polygon (without the first point out of place) comes to mind naturally. Others would perhaps be rounded rectangles?
    • (Bb) Probably that's just me, but perhaps there could be a kind of "compatibility filter", so that you can define that a project should be compatible to the original DN3D, or to Polymer, or whatever, and Mapster automatically restricts the features (sewctor count etc.) to keep it compatible.
    • (Bb) Set vertices with a mouse click (what you do now with the Space bar).
    • (Bb) Use a modern GUI with menu bar, icons, context menues etc.
    • (Bb) Art files directly accessable and editable from Mapster.
    • (Bb) I don't know if this is an idea or rather a bug report, but at least on my system, the Mapster window is "focus-hungry", if I may tell it this. It can't be minimzed, it can't be moved away from the screen's center, and to go to another application, I have to use the Windows key. This is very annoying. (may be solved)
  5. Multi-angled sprites

    05 May 2017 - 11:02 PM

    There are sprites that use different images to represent an object viewed from different angles, as described under the headline "Enemy & 3D Actor Graphics" in the Usurper's Editart Guide.
    Is this just a hard coded feature of some enemy sprites or is there a way to make one's own multi-angled objects?


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