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48 years old
January 2, 1969
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Siebeldingen, Germany https://www.google.de/maps/place/Weinstra%C3%9Fe+75,+76833+Siebeldingen/@49.2103349,8.048401,650m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47965af714c16149:0xe884bca2c1652b1!8m2!3d49.21043!4d8.05041
Ancient Egypt, Programming, Pen&Paper RPGs, Boardgames, LARP, Reading, Cinema, my Family and Friends

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Website URL  http://www.fantasy-miniatures.com

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  1. In Topic: Original Build editor

    07 April 2017 - 01:59 AM

    OK, this night I had a bit of spare time at my home computer and finally set up eDuke / Mapster.
    Seem to work, though I only created 1 sector for test.

    A big big thanx to all of you!

    I'm really eager to start using it now.

    One thing would like to ask at the moment:
    Is there an equally convenient art editor out there which works under Linux?

    I have worked with editart all these years ago, and have no problem doing so, but I have seen someone here did what looks like a really great frontend (https://forums.duke4...s-editor-bafed/). However, though being documented as written in Java, the download was just an .exe file, so it won't work at Linux (without emulator). Or am I wrong here? As said above, I have still much to learn about Linux (but so far, it has been worthwile).

    Is there a recommendable art editor for Linux out there? Or, if not, is there still one you would recommend for me (to use in DosBox)?
  2. In Topic: Mappers/users with non-American English keyboards: input requested

    07 April 2017 - 01:35 AM

    As most of the keys aren't very intuitive anyway, it's jsut as easy to memorize the key I have to press on my German keyboard as memorizing the original one, so I personally see no benefit in an internationalized keyboard version.

    National versions of the manuals (just replace the keycodes) would be convenient by removing the need to find the correct key in the first place by try and error, or by looking it up in the internet (which is not always correct in this). Plus, these would not interfere with the software, not possibly causing any problems.
  3. In Topic: Original Build editor

    29 March 2017 - 12:13 AM


    Check your PMs, youngloov

    I did. Finally worked! Thanks a lot!


    I stroked it after my old lover Yatta offered an entire Duke 3D game

    I see. Just asking. Thank you, too!
  4. In Topic: Original Build editor

    28 March 2017 - 05:46 AM

    View PostHendricks266, on 27 March 2017 - 07:39 AM, said:

    Did you see Yatta's second post?

    Yes, I have, as well as Hank's first.
    Thank you very much, guys!

    Yatta said:

    Oops, try this one.

    Thanks a lot, but has again been used by someone before I could. :P


    I have at least three Duke 3D games. If you like, I can send you the editor as a zipped file, and will destroy that given version.
    or download the original set here, for 'educational' purposes.

    Well, I would not have wanted to have an original version destoyed, anyway, but is there a specific reason why you offered it first and then stroked it? :unsure:
    Used the second link, and finally own a build.exe of my own again!

    No back to the main thing-
    I started to install the tools I need to build up Mapster on my own computer at home, but I'm still in the process. I write in this forum mainly at work, when a little creative break is nedded in programming. Here I have a Win10 thin client with very lilmited rights, so that's pretty much all I can do here. My time at the home comp is limited too. My three year old likes to watch some Youtube vids and play some games with me before going to sleep, and I won't deny him this. But when the editor is set up, I think he will have fun when we/I make up our own map. For start, I think of something like a pirat ship - would provide some action and still be appropriate for a child.
  5. In Topic: [RELEASE] Der Ist Mars

    27 March 2017 - 08:14 AM

    View PostMister Sinister, on 24 March 2017 - 06:25 AM, said:

    I don't speak German, so I had a quick look on German wikipedia.
    It says "Der Mars ist, von der Sonne aus gezählt, der vierte Planet im Sonnensystem und der äußere Nachbar der Erde. Er zählt zu den erdähnlichen (terrestrischen) Planeten", so I figured it must be "Der Ist Mars".
    My mistake if the name is incorrect.

    Actually, the correct phrasing, as a native speaker would put it, should be:
    "Das ist der Mars", or "Dies ist der Mars".
    Names of Planets are like those of rivers or ships, they always go with the article.
    The first article "Das" doesn't belong to "Mars", and such doesn't inherit its grammatical gender. It's the same with English "This is Mars", but you can't see it, because articles don't express a gender in English. It really means "This (thing) is (the planet) Mars", German: "Dies (Ding) ist der (Planet) Mars".
    I'm German myself, so I it didn't come to my mind the slightly wrong grammer could be a realmistake, but I thought it was a deliberate pun...


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