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  1. Hi-res sprites

    01 October 2018 - 11:32 PM

    I've got a general question regarding custom characters/monsters and weapons...

    I'm currently in the process of modelling characters and weapons in Blender and would like to know whether there are any limitations on the sprite dimensions of custom characters/monsters/weapons. If I wanted to export sprites directly from blender at a much higher resolution than the original game would mapster be able to handle it?

    For example, frame1 of the liz trooper is 55x78 pixels. Let's say I wanted to have a character with an average frame size of 360x512 pixels. Obviously the .art file would be MUCH larger, but theoretically could the game engine handle it?

    It goes without saying that I'd be scaling these sprites down in-game so that they're in correct proportion to the player.. the point is just to have crisp, hi-res sprites.

    Likewise with custom weapon sprites; can I use hi-res art and then scale it down to improve the visuals?

    And just to clarify, I have no interest in importing 3d models into mapster.. I prefer the 'artsy' sprite look.
  2. TC design and organisation

    30 August 2018 - 05:12 PM

    Hi all, I've been building maps and custom art for my TC for almost 2 years now, and I'm starting to hit a few snags.

    I've been working from the AMC TC 2 mod, as I liked a lot of the extra functionality. My custom artwork has been steadily increasing and it is now starting to interfere with some of the hard-coded sprites and other in-game functionality. I realise that I could just move my art to the final tilesets so that there is no interference, but it seems inefficient to me to have a bloated .GRP file with 80 unused tilesets and then my custom tiles. I considered just inserting my artwork in the 'safe tiles' where there is no coding attached, but this seems kind of messy to me. Furthermore, my custom art will soon be interfering with the AMC TC sprites (such as weapon sprites) which will mean that the mod becomes increasingly unplayable when I wish to test my levels...

    Would it be wise to use a fresh copy of eduke32 and 'transplant' the code and functionality from AMC TC (or wherever else) that I wish to use over to my mod? As great as the AMC TC is, there are plenty of extra features that I don't wish to use (ie multiple characters). How do the experienced members here go about managing/organising a TC? I just want to get this issue sorted now, before it turns into a big mess, and any general advice or pointers would be much appreciated.

    I currently have ZERO .CON coding knowledge, however I'm willing to try and get my head around it so that I can organise my TC properly.

    P.S. I was motivated to write this post after opening up the Alien Armageddon addon in mapster and admiring how tidy and organised all the custom art was.
  3. Floor (texture) alignment help

    12 February 2018 - 07:14 PM

    I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can shed some light on this.

    Basically I'm trying to get a road texture to align correctly with road sectors. The top section of the attached image shows the basic plan of the road.

    With sector A I was able to press "R" on the road and the texture conformed to the sector shape. Likewise with sector C.

    However sector B, which is a mirror opposite of sector A will not align correctly. Now I'd be willing to let this slide, but sector B is the exact same angle/shape as sector C. And Sector C aligns fine. So I know that it's within the realm of possibility to get the texture to line up correctly.

    Pressing "F" on sector B only gives me the two options pictured (2nd pic)

    Are there any tricks that people use to align floor textures?
  4. Noobie coding question

    20 January 2018 - 03:45 PM

    I've got a really basic problem that I can't seem to figure out. Basically I've been adding my own custom artwork to the AMC TC GRP file. Certain tiles are assigned special values; for instance in TILES017.art tilenum 4361 is defined as "DUCK" (this is one of the ducks from the atomic edition babeland level).

    Now I've gone into the AMCDEFS file and have added // in front of the line that defines the DUCK object;

    define DUCK 4361


    //define DUCK 4361

    However I now get an error message that "Error(s) found in game.com. Do you want to use the internal defaults?"

    So obviously this DUCK object is referenced elsewhere in a code file. However I've searched through every file in the /CODE folder and searched for "DUCK" or the tilenum "4361" and can't find any reference to it. I'm clearly looking in the wrong place right?
  5. Questions about AMC cut-scene camera

    14 January 2018 - 03:47 AM

    Hey guys

    I recently started playing around with the cut-scene functionality of the AMC TC for my own mod I'm working on. I've got two questions;

    1) Is it normal that the camera can only "hear" certain sounds? For instance, I've got a MusicandSFX sprite in an area where the camera is located but it won't play the sound. If I enter this area in 1st-person mode I can hear it just fine. Having said that, there are some sounds that it will play, such as the sound of the sparks from the particle generator.

    2) Can a shaky-screen effect be achieved? I've set up the activators to set off a chain of earthquakes, and I can hear the earthquake sound in the background (so I know it has in fact activated) but the camera isn't affected.




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