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  1. In Topic: Does anyone know Md3 repository sites or etc?

    17 January 2019 - 12:33 PM

    View PostMark, on 17 January 2019 - 06:10 AM, said:

    TM guessed correctly. The internal name of the model is frame1, not idle01

    Thanks guys - my model is now displayed in game. Appreciate your help
  2. In Topic: Does anyone know Md3 repository sites or etc?

    17 January 2019 - 12:45 AM

    View PostTea Monster, on 17 January 2019 - 12:25 AM, said:

    You can zip them. You can send them to my email, but then Mark won't be able to see them.

    Great - so the zip contains the .blend, .md3 and .png file; the def code contains the following;

    // statue_fist (8222)
    model "MODELS/statue_fist/statue_fist.md3"
      scale 1 shade 11
      skin { pal 0 file "MODELS/statue_fist/statue_fist.png" }
      anim { frame0 "idle01" frame1 "idle01" fps 0 flags 0 }
      frame { name "idle01" tile0 8222 tile1 8222 }
  3. In Topic: Does anyone know Md3 repository sites or etc?

    17 January 2019 - 12:23 AM

    View PostTea Monster, on 16 January 2019 - 02:25 AM, said:

    Post the MD3, blend and the def file and we'll have a look.

    The most common mistake is that the frame names of your model don't match up with what your def file says they should be.

    Thanks for offering to take a look, however when I try to attach my .blend file to this post I get an error message "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"

    Can I send the files to your email address?
  4. In Topic: Does anyone know Md3 repository sites or etc?

    16 January 2019 - 01:01 AM

    Was a solution ever found for this? I'm having the exact same issue; ie custom blender models that I export to .md3 don't show up in-game... however other .md3s (not made by me) work fine..
  5. In Topic: WHITE NOISE (horror themed map)

    12 January 2019 - 07:05 PM

    I have to be honest I just watched your playthrough of the map but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Awesome job. I look forward to the next episode in the series and how it all develops.


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