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January 7, 1984
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  1. Exhumed/Powerslave PC DOS underrated?

    20 May 2018 - 12:30 PM

    I create this topic to know your opinion about it but also to talk about the DOS version of Exhumed.
    The PC DOS version is not like the PS1/Saturn, not big jump/flying stuff but it's played like DOOM game, map per map, you can't go back in a previous map and you have limited life (game over is possible), the game was not liked because it wasnt as original as the PS1/Saturn version but i must say the PC DOS Version is the one who marked me the most when i was a teen.

    Because the level design was so massive, long, dangerous with traps and very special in the atmosphere, i did some dreams about it in the past :lol:

    Exhumed Saturn/PS1 has a map system who is really interesting, since we have big jump and flying power stuff, i suppose it's the reason why the level design dont have so much relief like the DOS version (if not you could just skip everything) so it's more about jumping and trick. I played the saturn version and the relief was well balanced with it but what shocked me is when i played the ps1 version after refinishing the dos version the level design seemed so flat/symetrical for the most and the game is not really hard or challenging like the DOS game but it's because they made the relief and stuff more simple in the ps1 version but the saturn version is really neat for it, not too much relief (again because big jump do stuff) but not too simple like the ps1 version.
    Also in the ps1 version, they removed the item like the berserk, invisible (and an other? i dont remember) but for me, the console version was too symetrical/flat per moment (maybe because technical limit?)

    For the PC version, it's played just like a normal fps lke a lot of other of the 90's but what make me love this game is the level design, exploration part, difficulty and inventory, i got a tear when i finaly finished this game some years ago!
    The game was not liked because it was like any fps AND because the strafe control was awful (but there is now a patch who fix it, the game is still hard anyway :D, i would like a version with fixed mouse with more damage by the anubis).
    What i like in Exhumed DOS is the fact you start with a first intro ma who is long, straight but still long to finish and even the last map is HUGE and the relief is still impressive, they made it neat from the start to the end, perfectly.
    First 2 or 3 maps are ok but the next are really massive and complexe, exemple with this video:

    Even the boss area are very different for each BOSS.
    Final boss area of Exhumed (PS1/Saturn): https://i.ytimg.com/...xresdefault.jpg
    Final boss area of Exhumed (PC): https://youtu.be/6POb58csl5A

    The 2 games are very different but yeah, the Saturn version is the best I think (even if the PC version marked me more and is my favorite of the 3 (for the traumatizing mazes)
    Saturn (and ps1) version gave to Exhumed his personnality and a mark in the world of FPS (which PC version did nothing new) but i think the PC version is not that bad, specially if you use the patch for control (i do without but for new player who don't like it, it's a good thing)

    PC DOS version is maybe not original and special but for people who like complexe level design like in BLOOD, DOOM, Quake and co, you should try Exhumed PC (with or without the strafe patch) because the work done here is huge (maybe the best level design i saw in a fps and i played most of the best classic fps!)
    Sorry for my broken english ;p
  2. What do you think about BloodGDX ?

    20 June 2017 - 03:34 AM

    Hello, i don't know what kind of topic we can create here but the admin can remove it if it's not needed.

    I wanted just say thank you for this awesome port, even in beta now, more options, good render and very smooth, it makes the game so enjoyable, a very good thing for the new players who want try blood!
    I have refinished the original game without the autoaim and it was really interesting to play with this option, for the projectiles, it's really cool but harder with the tommygun and the shotgun ^^
    I hope There won't be some problem with the copyright of the sourcecode even if it's reverse engineered.... because it's our last hope to have a good port!
    It could be cool if multiplayer will be really a possibility and maybe some options like no friendly fire in coop, but it will be for later, in the future, but for now, it's still very cool!

    All the fans behind you man (or team?), thanks so much for it! :D
  3. BLOODcm / Eduke32 VR / BLOOD with Oculus Rift ?

    25 September 2016 - 10:17 PM

    Hello ! A guy have found a way to play with BLOODcm VR version, it didn't work because it wasn't updated maybe, i have made a pack who work in case:

    I wanted know if BLOODcm will be updated with his VR version ? (i have a DK2)

    BLOOD with VR can be an awesome experience ! Even if the physics of the eduke32 version are diffrents (not like the original game), it's still so cool to play it with the atmosphere of BLOOD ! ^^

    Not sure if i posted in the right part of the forum, also sorry i'm french, my english can be broken!


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