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  1. LameDuke in stereoscopic 3D: I've done it!

    02 February 2018 - 11:36 AM

    First, a premise. This will only work with devices that can display stereoscopic images in the "top-and-bottom" mode, where the pictures for both eyes are displayed at the same time in the same picture, left eye on top and right eye on bottom, because it's a fix for the flawed top-and-bottom mode that already exists in LameDuke.

    Now, it all you want to do is try it and don't care about how it's achieved, just go to
    https://mega.nz/#!cb...jpIqwzY_4lzzpxw to download the package, unzip it into the root of your D:\ hard drive (because that's where the preexisting settings expect to find it), set your desktop to 720p (because that's the resolution the preexisting settings expect) and double click on the shortcut to play.
    Instead, if you care about technical details, read on.

    If you've ever run the SETUP.EXE in LameDuke, you'll know about the "120Hz Stereo vision (for Crystal Eyes)" mode. To use it as it was originally intended, you needed the CrystalEyes shutterglasses, which used to be a high-end product, and a CRT monitor that supported a refresh frequency of 120 Hz. The game would then display an interlaced image, with the left eye view in the even lines, a line blank, the right eye view in the odd lines, and another line blank.
    With all probability, if you tried when LameDuke had just been released, or in one of the official DosBox releases, you'll have concluded that it didn't work at all, either because your monitor did not support that frequency if you ran the game in DOS, or because the official DosBox cannot display it correctly. However, I recently discovered a distribution of DosBox that displays the CrystalEyes mode correctly: DosBox SVN-Daum. Another thing this distribution can do is use OpenGL to render the game view as a texture which is applied on a vertical plane, which is what you see.

    If you run LameDuke in CrystalEyes mode in DosBox SVN-Daum, this is what you'll see:
    Posted Image
    But if you try to view LameDuke in stereoscopy like this, you'll see that it doesn't work right yet. The total height of the image is 480, but the right eye view starts at a height of 256, not 240 like it's supposed to. Your brain won't be able to merge the two views into a 3D view, unless somehow the right view is shifted up to the correct height.

    This is why the package contains a third component. Remember how DosBox SVN-Daum uses OpenGL? This means that programs like ReShade can interface with it. The third component is ReShade, with a shader used to correct a preexisting stereoscopic view. In the package, it's preset to work at a resolution of 720p; if you want to use another resolution you'll need to understand the meaning of its parameters and modify them so that the view is displayed correctly.
    If you press Shift+F2 when the game is running, you'll see four pairs of numbers:

    -40 140
    40 -190
    1 1.7
    1 1.7

    They mean:
    - Shift the left eye (upper) image 40 pixels to the right and 140 pixels upward
    - Shift the right eye (lower) image 40 pixels to the left and 190 pixels downward
    - Multilpy the width of the left eye image by 1 and the height by 1.7
    - Multiply the width of the right eye image by 1 and the height by 1.7

    If you use a higher resolution, you'll need to modify the first four values, because the images will need to be shifted for a greater distance. Instead, the last ffour values are constant for every 16:9 resolution, because they are ratios.
  2. Prey Museum

    12 January 2018 - 04:17 PM

    The main page and the Screenshots section of the Prey Museum are online, at http://duke4ever.altervista.org/prey/ .
    This site is dedicated to the preservation of all material that 3DRealms, Human Head or individual developers have ever released during the development of the game that came out in 2006, as well as the presentation of what is known about its development. Although the timeline mentions Prey 2 and the 2017 Prey game, they are not the main focus of the site.
    The remaining sections of the site will be uploaded Posted Image
  3. Sega's accidental Christmas present

    10 January 2018 - 11:12 AM

    I can't believe nobody here has ever mentioned it, considering that it's so grotesque it would sound like a joke... if only it wasn't absolutely real. But let's start from the beginning.

    Last October, Sega released their latest arcade game: Daytona Championship USA. It's a remake of the classic Daytona USA, with far better graphics and identical physics. To let arcade owners update it easily, what Sega did was to make a PC game, place a PC into an arcade cabinet and call it a day. At the end of December, the first update came out, but Sega made two mistakes:
    1) the "update" was actually a full, updated version of the game
    2) it was stored in a public server, freely accessible with no password, and linked directly from the Sega Arcade web site.

    So now, naturally, people are already playing it on their PCs, and the community at Arcade Controls is reverse engineering it!
  4. The pleasure of trolling telemarketers

    16 October 2017 - 09:21 AM

    Did you ever troll a telemarketer? I did, just today. I'm gonna post my experience, and I encourage you to do the same.
    When my cell phone rang, I noticed a number with an unusual area code. I answered, expecting it to be someone attempting to sell me something. I was right. Here's how the conversation went:

    ME: Hello?
    HER: Hello, I'm calling from (she says a company name I genuinely did not understand), is this (my name)?
    ME: You're calling from what?
    HER: From (she repeats the name, I still didn't understand it). I'm calling you for a survey. Are you interested in an easy way to make money online?
    ME: No, it's against my religion.
    HER: (she laughs nervously) Do you often use Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp?
    ME: I don't understand.
    HER: Are you an immigrant?
    ME: No, but I don't understand what you want from me.
    HER: I want to propose you an easy way to make money online.
    ME: What do you mean by "online"?
    HER: On the Internet.
    ME: What is that?
    HER: (embarrassed pause) Did you ever surf the web?
    ME: Ma'am... or miss. I live in the mountains. How can I go surfing?
    HER: Do you really have no idea of what I'm saying?
    ME: So far, I don't. But you could try explaining.
    HER: What is your job at the moment?
    ME: My wife maintains me.
    HER: ...Oh. Is the phone you're using right now a smartphone?
    ME: No, it's a cell phone.
    HER: Do you touch the screen to use it?
    ME: No, I push the buttons. The screen is small, and there's the word "Nokia" just above it. My mother bought it about fifteen years ago.
    HER: (she remains silent for about ten seconds)
    ME: Hello? Hellooo?? HELLOOOOO?????
    (the call ends)
    (I abandon myself to a gloating laugh)
  5. EDuke32 in stereoscopy: a guide

    15 August 2017 - 02:52 PM

    You may know I'm a great fan of playing games in stereoscopic 3D, and in the past years I lamented several times about the lack of a stereoscopic mode in EDuke32. Recently, I found a guide explaining how to run EDuke32 in stereoscopy thanks to a program called ReShade, so I'll mirror it here.

    Prerequisites: Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition or Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour.

    A. Needed folders: either one or the other. Not both.
    • Duke Nukem 3D
    • Duke Nukem 3D Twentieth Anniversary World Tour

    B. You would also need eduke32 The latest release. http://www.eduke32.com
    • Windows Download
    • eduke32_latest.7z
    • Extract, "B 2."

    C. Place the contents of eduke32_latest into "A 1" or "A 2."

    D. As for the High Resolution Pack and related files, get them here: http://hrp.duke4.net/download.php
    • Duke3D HRP v5.4 FULL SFX (986 MB) - Self-extracting archive with everything needed to play
    • Duke3D PSX Highres Sounds v1.11 (7.3 MB)
    • XXX Pack v1.33 (why not?)

    E. Extract the ZIP files you need from the packs on top. The files you need should be:
    • duke3d_hrp.zip
    • duke3d_music-sc55.zip
    • duke3d_psx.zip
    • duke3d_xxx.zip

    F. Place "E 1 - 4" into a folder called autoload.

    G. Place the autoload folder into "A 1" or "A 2."

    • Now, go to the autoload folder and extract duke3d_hrp.zip
    • Open the file duke3d_hrp\highres\sprites.def
    • Now with a basic text editor edit line 5.
    • Line 5 should look like this. //include highres/sprites/firstperson.def
    • Save.

    Posted Image

    H. Now go back and delete "E 1", aka duke3d_hrp.zip

    I. Repack the duke3d_hrp folder using 7-Zip. Once you have a new duke3d_hrp.zip file you can delete the folder.

    J. Install Reshade 3.0.4 This is needed to use some lighting & shadows. But, if you don't care for lighting use the newest one.

    K. Start eduke32.exe in the folder, "A 1" or "A 2". Aka Duke Nukem 3D or Duke Nukem 3D Twentieth Anniversary World Tour
    • Check Polymer, Enable "autoload" folder, and fullscreen if you like.
    • Set Video mode and Input devices
    • Click Start

    L. Once in game press ` and open console.
    • Use Console Command r_pr_maxlightpasses "1"

    M. Now play the game.

    Things to note.
    The World Tour version will have problems.https://forums.duke4...bility-stopgap/
    The reason we have to disable the polymer weapon hands. Is that when it's on the screen it removes the rest of the z-Buffer.
    The reason we have to use r_pr_maxlightpasses "1" is to correct a problem with the depth buffer when it set to high.
    Using r_pr_maxlightpasses "1" will make the game darker. But, it's ok.
    Mirrors in the game have problems avoid them.

    ADDENDUM: the original author of the guide had found problems with the depth buffer if more than one light was allowed to interact with any surface, but I haven't. As a test, I even tried r_pr_maxlightpasses "10", and the depth was still correct. Equally, there are no showstopping bugs with mirrors, the only weird thing that happens is that the tip of the reflected shotgun sticks out of the mirror surface if you walk as close to it as you can.

    If your PC is powerful enough to run EDuke32 at maximum detail, playing it in stereoscopy with an HMD is absolutely EPIC! It even made me want to do a full playthrough of Duke Nukem 3D, something I had not done in over a decade!

    ADDENDUM #2: if you install from scratch, make sure there is no DUKE3D.GRP from the shareware version inside the Autoload folder, because it would turn episodes 2, 3 and 4 into a glitchy mess. If you find it there, delete it.

    Question for Plagman: would it be possible to add a feature to EDuke32 where the parallax maps, besides distorting a texture to simulate bumps and pits, actually alter the depth buffer values, so that the simulated corrugation acquires actual depth when seen in stereoscopy?

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