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  1. In Topic: My god, George was an even bigger dickhead than I thought!

    11 August 2017 - 10:42 PM

    Hello all! Been a while, thought I'd give my 2-cents on this matter being that I am a level designer. I'll mostly just touch on things that we all know or have already said, but I thought I would just make the points crystal clear!

    When constructing a level, it's always good to have backgrounds and scenery that appeal to the player and keep them interested. Duke Nukem Forever is no exception but what DNF's scenery "suffered" from is a common practice in video games called "optimization." Developers are forced to cut some excess detail in order for their games to run smoothly at a steady framerate while also trying to provide a unique and beautiful experience. Sometimes it's difficult to combine the two. Sometimes you REALLY want that building to have amazing details and maybe a flickering light in one or two of the windows. Hell, since we're going crazy on design, lets give this building a beautiful entrance with doors where you can see the inside of the building but aren't able to access it. These things sound nice, right? Well your FPS counter hitting 30-35 would like to disagree. Of course, gameplay comes first and that's why some buildings in DNF appear to have their backsides removed entirely. It's not because "cutting is shipping" or "George was a bastard", it's more likely that George and even Gearbox had no choice but to cut content. To help the game preform better and smoother.

    Another thing pointed out is that a lot of details are left outside of the maps that players are unlikely to see in a normal playthrough. There are usually two reasons behind this but it's either one or the other: Level cutting or easter eggs. For example, the, somewhat rendered, bus stop and gas station in the campaign were probably, at one point, going to be included in the level. In that case, it would retain the example of a "level cut". Although, in the multiplayer map Erection Site, players are able to see this gas station and bus stop from within the map, along with the "Ole' One-Eyed Casino" sign. This, in turn, is an example of an easter egg. A much better example is the Duke Dome level where you are able to walk inside of the parking garage. This may, in fact, have been accessible at one point or another in DNF's development. That or the ground must be solid in order for enemies to walk on the surface without falling through the ground. Either could be correct but what gets me is that Altered Reality claims that the ramps are solid as well. This would lead me to believe that this part of the level was intended for play at some point in time. We will never know unless it's officially disclaimed to us by Gearbox or 3D Realms themselves. The mystery lives on...

    Anyway, I apologize if I sounded like a broken record, but I thought I would just put this discussion to bed and read it a nice bedtime story. :) If there's anything I left out, please feel free to let me know.
  2. In Topic: 5th Anniversary of Duke Nukem Forever

    25 July 2016 - 03:41 PM

    I like how this turned from DNF's anniversary to Half Life 3 haha

    Hasn't Valve just said "screw it" and went with the "it's easier to sell other peoples games than make our own" tactic? lol
  3. In Topic: Hello!

    24 July 2016 - 05:48 PM

    View PostJolteon, on 24 July 2016 - 10:13 AM, said:

    Hello, and Welcome to Duke 4.net :) (Also are you a fan of Pokemon too? I'm a big fan of Pokemon as well along with Duke Nukem. Not only that, one of my friend's favorite Pokemon is Lucario.)

    I am a fan of Pokémon! I grew up with Red/Blue/Yellow and played all the way to Diamond and Pearl, that's where I found Lucario and he was just so cool! I love dogs and wolves and when I see a blue dog on it's hind legs kicking ass in one of my favorite games, you see what I gravitate to haha! I'm not a furry though I swear XD. I do enjoy Duke 3D and Forever. I play both, been called a cheater in DNF and have yet to find games on Megaton. Nice to meet you though!
  4. In Topic: Introduce Yourself!

    24 July 2016 - 05:44 PM

    Hello I was told to post here. Nice to meet everyone! This is me: (Sorry for copy/paste from someone else's post.)

    Name: Just call me Lucario ;)
    Age: 20
    Location: Classified
    Occupation/Grade in School/Year of College: College studying game design :D
    Vehicle: 2008 Nissan Titan
    Favorite Video Game(s): Duke Nukem 1 through Forever, Pokémon Red through D/P, All Doom games, All Quake games (Except Enemy Territory), and Smash Bros.
    Favorite Movie(s): Wargames, Terminator 1-2, and the Deer Hunter.
    Favorite Author(s): Not much of a reading guy XD
    Favorite Book(s): Please refer to answer above.
    Favorite Musical Genre(s): All music but it depends on my mood. (i.e. In-games: Hard rock/Relaxing: Classical or soft rock)
    Favorite Musical Artist(s): Aerosmith, Disturbed, Beatles, and a little bit of Avenged Sevenfold.
    Favorite Song(s): Walk This Way - Aerosmith, Stupify - Disturbed, and Lose Yourself - Eminem.
    Favorite TV Shows(s): Don't watch TV much, but I do like Law and Order and Raising Hope.
    Favorite Animal: Wolf
    Favorite Color: Green

    Thanks for the warm welcome :D


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