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  1. Some Help needed about a Lamp Post

    07 September 2016 - 11:34 AM

    I'm not sure if this goes in here, so sorry if it's in the wrong Subforum.

    I'm currently building a small Outside area in my Map in which the Player starts before going into the Subway System.
    Since I want to build it in some kind of a Street-Look (could't think of a better word) I want to place some Lamp Posts (along the usual stuff in a street) for realism.
    What my problem currently is, is that I don't know what Sprites could be used for a Lamp Post.
    At the moment I have something like that but that doesn't look like a Lamp Post for me at all.
    Posted Image
    Does somebody have an idea what I can use for a Lamp Post?
  2. What if You could play as an Alien in a Duke Nukem game

    28 July 2016 - 12:52 PM

    For some time I had this Idea floating around in my Head, how a Duken Nukem game or a Mod would look like,
    were you could play as an Alien (or other enemies Duke encountered) instead of Duke himself.
    For Example instead of playing Duke you would play as an Enforcer or a Pigcop or something like that.
    What would be interesting is how possibly the Story, the Levels, the weapons and the enemies look and feel like.
    What may or may not also be interesting is, if you would at one point encounter Duke and how that would end like.(Probably in a fight);)

    Anywhat I just wanted to post this Idea here to know what you would think about that, if it's a good Idea or a bad one.
    Cheers and bye.

    BTW: Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes. English isn't my Native language.


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