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  1. World Tour not running with an 0xc000007b error

    22 October 2016 - 07:01 AM

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but the thread's title speaks for itself. I was glad to finally play World Tour after waiting for like a week or so (wasn't able to download it within that period). And then I got... well, actully nothing, Steam simply started launching it and then took it down immediately without a single sign of the game running. It surprised me (and how wouldn't it?), I decided to go to the steamapps directory and try running it straight from there (duke3d.exe). That was the moment when the error showed up. I know it's one of the most common problems players can face nowadays when it comes to running various games. I've done everything most people usually suggest doing in this situation (updated DirectX, Visual, .NET Framework; I even reinstalled the game 2 times after that) but I still can't get it to run, the same error keeps popping up. My specs (tho not really up to date with the modern gaming standards) all overmatch the sysreqs (by that word "overmatch" I mean they're higher than max requirements for World Tour - c'mon, it's the same Duke3D from '96, only with some Polymer substitute added) so I don't really understand what the reason could be. Can it be my OS (my laptop - yeah, it's a laptop - runs on Win 8.1)? Maybe someone on these forums could help me? Otherwise I guess I will have to refund the game since I have only 1 week left to do that. :(

    Btw, it seems that I'm probably the only one who has experienced this problem since I've not found anyone else on the web posting about World Tour not running.

    P.S.: It's a real shame that there's no log file of any sort in the game's directory (at least I didn't find one).

    P.P.S.: And yeah, I know I could just play the new episode with the stopgap thing that Hendricks has generously compiled for us but the thing is I would like to experience the game myself without any changes (even with the horrible mouselook, no matter how weird that sounds). Then I would probably switch to the stopgap.



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    Greetings at my page, man ;D
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