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Viewing Topic: [Release] Zero Hour Resources

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June 14, 1993
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New Jersey
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  1. In Topic: [Release] Zero Hour Resources

    Today, 08:22 AM

    This is really awesome! Never would have thought of seeing resources ever getting released! :woot:
  2. In Topic: [RESOURCES] Community Stockpile

    07 August 2017 - 10:17 AM

    View PostGambini, on 03 August 2017 - 09:00 PM, said:

    Good work there, i accidentally downvoted you when wanted to upvove you (i blame my wireless mouse´s lag).

    Sorry for the late Reply, but no worries. It's cool. :)

    Anyways, While trying to think up an Assassin like enemy based on the Caribbean Lizard sprites, I ended up making bloodless dying animations for the Caribbean Lizard, Possibly to be used for faking his own death.

    Attached File  No Blood.png (37.92K)
    Number of downloads: 53
  3. In Topic: What are you working on for Duke right now?

    07 August 2017 - 09:34 AM

    Testing out a new enemy for my next map... or should I say an unused enemy.

    Attached File  duke0229.png (104.48K)
    Number of downloads: 82 Attached File  duke0230.png (96.99K)
    Number of downloads: 59
    Attached File  duke0231.png (57.22K)
    Number of downloads: 35 Attached File  duke0232.png (79.06K)
    Number of downloads: 64

    Sprites were made by Chip.
  4. In Topic: [RELEASE] The Abandoned Mine Shaft

    02 August 2017 - 10:49 AM

    Double post much? :P Anyways, thank you for playing my map. Glad you enjoyed it. :D Also thank you mentioning the Drill, I really enjoyed making it. :)

    View PostPolunka, on 02 August 2017 - 12:36 AM, said:

    P.S.: I've noticed some levels you've released by this point are starting to line up into a series with a coherent story (EDF Outpost => Prison Train => The Abandoned Mine Shaft => Dawn of the Pork). That's a good thing. Are you planning on moving on with this story in your future maps?

    I might. I'm trying to connect all the levels together so I can make an Episode out of them (With Gotcha! being a secret level). While I might have figured out how to connect Theme Park to Mars Donalds (Which will be the next level I'll make.), I'm trying to figure out how to connect Dawn of the Pork to Theme Park.
  5. In Topic: Any Duke related dreams?

    02 August 2017 - 07:59 AM

    That's pretty Interesting.

    I did had a dream last night. In it I was playing a Doom mod (Don't remember which one though), where in it, I was facing a red Cycloid Emperor named Moloch (Who is on the Realm 667 beastiary). Can't remember to much about the dream though.

    Should've mentioned this sooner, but when I was on Vacation, I actually had a dream, where in it I was in some kind of Minecraft level. It was so foggy so I couldn't really see that much. I did ended up encountering enemies like the Zombie pigcops, and enforcers in the dream. That's pretty much about it.


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  1. Photo 20 Jul 2017 - 21:46
    don't worry about it, I'm just glad I wasn't imagining things ;)
  2. Photo 01 Nov 2016 - 17:51
    I see a fellow Trooper...
    Here's something for ya:
  3. Photo 26 Aug 2016 - 07:56
  4. Photo 26 Aug 2016 - 07:49
    Hello :->
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