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June 14, 1993
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  1. In Topic: [RESOURCES] Community Stockpile

    07 October 2017 - 11:49 AM

    Did a little simple edit. Here's a octabrain with creepy glowing red eyes. (Because it's October, Halloween is near! :P )

    Attached File  redeye octabrain.png (134.97K)
    Number of downloads: 61
  2. In Topic: Any Duke related dreams?

    15 September 2017 - 08:04 AM

    Had another dream last night. I was playing a usermap that had a bunch (And I mean a BUNCH) of pigcops. I was mostly using the RPG to blow them up. There was also a couple of Protector drones and Enforcers (Who had a custom dying animation where they fell on their backs when dead). That's pretty much about it though.
  3. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    04 September 2017 - 01:53 PM

    View PostZaxtor, on 04 September 2017 - 01:37 PM, said:

    Yes is a trick to get 2 atomic health, was done on purpose.
    Those things are very hard.

    They can give 1-2 atomic health armor etc.

    So They can drop two on purpose then? I thought It was a oversight at first. Guess I was mistaken. :P

    View PostZaxtor, on 04 September 2017 - 01:37 PM, said:

    Shadow enforcer cannot be harmed with weapon 7A (maybe does extremely little dmg but no effect from nuke).
    They cannot be crushed,
    They have quite a bit of health.
    I never had issues with them.'

    I should've described the bug bit more. I wasn't really using the weapon 7A against them (Sometimes I do but forgetting it has no effect with the message saying so), I was mostly using the shotgun, and explosives. But the thing is, They do play their dying animation, but sometimes when they do, they might spawn another Shadow Enforcer, which that one is invincible.
  4. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    04 September 2017 - 01:10 PM

    I've just completed Trequonia yesterday. Overall, I really liked it. The levels had a nice design to them, and this mod does have a lot of cool features, and gimmicks as well. But of course the game play can be tedious at times, with it's difficulty, and confusing routes. But After playing Oblivion, I can expect that kind of stuff, so it is forgiven. I did had fun playing it. B)

    Just a few things I'd like to point out:

    Does the Security Camera have a Gas mask too?

    Attached File  duke0032.png (259.71K)
    Number of downloads: 15

    It's probably more Realistic if you think about it (Since you have a gas mask on when viewing the screen), But I'm not sure if it was intentional.

    Attached File  duke0034.png (321.22K)
    Number of downloads: 12

    Not really a glitch per say, but it is possible to get on top of the temporary bridges (At least on some of them anyways) that appears when pressing the doom like switches in the Core level, as seen in the screenshot above.

    Also I've spotted an exploit on the Snow white Lizard troopers (Or as they are officially called the Dread Lizard Trooper), It's possible for them to drop two Atomic Health, first by killing them normally (Preferably the Chaingun Cannon, if only because it prevents them from firing), which of course dropping the first Atomic Health, then blowing up their corpse with an explosive (Like a pipebomb), which will drop the second Atomic Health (This doesn't happen the the Enforcer types who drops Atomic Health as far as I'm aware of).

    Also the two glitches that Polunka had reported earlier with the Shadow Enforcers being invincible, and the boss slayer found not disappearing on the hud after a certain level, had happened with me too.

    For me with the Shadow Enforcers, it seems to happened mostly on the Core level (Level 11 I believe), and it happens randomly when They supposed to die, but came back invincible. I wasn't using Pipebombs though for I was using a Shotgun, and it still happened. But like I said, It happens randomly, and it only happened in the Core level at least for me anyways.

    And with the Boss slayer found message not disappearing, it started doing that on level 10 as well. Despite that I haven't found it for those levels at all (Well I did manage to find the Boss slayer on level 10, but not on level 11 and afterwards but the message was still there).

    But aside from all that, This mod is pretty cool. I will be looking forward to V2 when that comes out. ;)
  5. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    27 August 2017 - 06:12 PM

    I think so, but when I loaded up a different save, everything worked just fine, But I think what might've happen was that I had hit the switch multiple times, I'm not sure if that what caused the glitch though. (And no that yellow door wasn't leading to the mines, I'm past that point, it was leading into a passage with an octabrain and another door at the end, leading back to the main path).


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  1. Photo 20 Jul 2017 - 21:46
    don't worry about it, I'm just glad I wasn't imagining things ;)
  2. Photo 01 Nov 2016 - 17:51
    I see a fellow Trooper...
    Here's something for ya:
  3. Photo 26 Aug 2016 - 07:56
  4. Photo 26 Aug 2016 - 07:49
    Hello :->
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