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My Information

69 years old
May 3, 1950
Male Male
Kennewick, Wa
I play a lot of computer games. My 1st computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000, then into the Commodore series of computers, then MS DOS, and up the MS DOS chain, then I started with Windows 3.0 and up to what I have now Win7 Home 32bit.
I am an Amateur Radio Operator. I have an AA degree in electronics, 2 way radio, tv, vcr and windows based computer repair. I am retired now

Contact Information

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Topics I've Started

  1. re: password reset

    29 April 2018 - 07:56 PM

    There is nothing that says that the new password has been entered correctly or not. That needs to be added.

  2. re: downloading Duke 4

    11 July 2017 - 12:53 AM

    Were can I find a copy of this Duke 4 that I can download?

  3. Re: Duke Nukem II crashing

    09 July 2017 - 01:18 AM

    1st off this is a Dell Inspiron 3541 laptop OS Win7 Home 32bit. Everything on the laptop is running fine other then Duke Nukem II.
    I have the registered version of MS DOS, Duke Nukem II. 1 of a hand full of MS DOS games that I payed for a long time ago and still have.
    Anyways I am playing the game via Dosbox. I have been using Dosbox for a long time. This time I played Dukem Nukem II from the start
    episode 1, level 1.. I get up to the end of episode 3, level 1 and the whole screen blacks out. No controls, no nothing. The only control I have is
    Ctrl + Alt + Del > task manager, then end the game and it drops back to Windows desktop. After that Windows is fine. I normelly save each level
    at the start of a new level. I have tried starting episode 3 level 1 from the new start a few times and the same thing happens every time. Could
    episode 3 level 2 be corrupted? I haven't deleted the game and reinstalled yet. I just though I would throw it out there and see what ideas come up.


    A PS. It is NOT episode 3 level 2 that has the problem. It is episode 3 level 3. When I win episode 3 level 2 and the game moves on to level 3. That's when the screen goes black and so on.
  4. Re: deleting a 2nd account

    09 July 2017 - 12:43 AM

    I ended up with 2 accounts here. How do I delete 1?

  5. a problem with duke nukem II

    09 November 2015 - 12:39 AM

    OS Win7 home with DOSBOX for my MSDOS games.I just got done reinstalling Duke nukem II on my laptop after I had to do a partition wipe and reinstalled everything including the Win7 os on my laptop because some garbage got deposited on my C: hard drive. After the reinstall. Duke Nukem II was working just fine starting at episode 1 level 1 all the way up to episode 3 level 2. E3 L2 played fine but when I exited E3 L2, instead of E3 L3 starting I had a white box were the level should be. The game borders were still there but I was completely locked out of the game. I had to completely shut down DOSBOX to get out of the game. What happened?



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