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  1. In Topic: Polymer still a bit problematic?

    30 October 2016 - 10:30 AM

    Thank you all for your input. Its not that it runs super bad for me, its more that its inconsistent. I have a fancy 144hz monitor with the blur reduction stuff, and unless something gets at least 90~FPS it causes major ugliness. Polymer, well, doesnt though in some maps it does. Also, just this morning E4M1 floors literally disappeared and became skyboxes for me with Polymer so lol maybe that is a cosmic sign that I should just wait for this NG before getting all fancy :)

    How does World Tours 3d engine stack up? I have heard surprising little about it in comparison to Polymer/Polymost.

    Also, I love anyone who does this kind of stuff. These games(classic games like duke/doom/quake and so forth) are the games that most modern stuff wishes it could be and the folk and communities who create and maintain sourceports and modern updates for classic games just because they love them so much and have the talents are some of my favorite humans.
  2. In Topic: PolyMOST HRP / Custom Z-Pack (gloves and more...) / GreyDuke

    16 October 2016 - 06:54 AM

    Does anyone have a lick to the Polymost override for HRP 5.3.565? I had this for years but lost it due to a recent drive crash. I cant seem to find an active link anywhere online.


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