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05-November 14
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Skinny little Russian liberal faggot
27 years old
June 20, 1992
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Max Payne  sgt rarity is aka radar or something? well can someone tell her that it hurt my pony feelings i think she sent me to hell and said fuck you as i fell. thought we was going to be friends when not many ppl here was liking me someone said hi on my profile thought maybe someone was going to try be friendly but really is opposite probably trolling me even with the comment

Aug 14 2015 09:14 AM

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Max Payne  You are right Robman and I do admit I am being a bit of a dickhead sometimes but I didn't know people were so easily offended its like i'm back in middle school. i was only mad at sgt rarity cuz i thought he was my friend even on profile he said hi to me but on forum he say i should be ban forever and all rights taken away.. Hurt my pony feelings then he started downvoting me using quota day by day so guess he or she fucking hates me. But yeah there is probably a reason i am ban

Aug 14 2015 05:36 AM

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    Hello. :)
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    I need some toilet paper Lunick
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    Cry some more.
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