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26 years old
January 4, 1993
Male Male
North Carolina
Video games, music, movies, TV shows, books, guns, women.

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Type Date Post
Apr 06 2015 10:43 PM Duke Nukem Origins 3d animated Fan series (Serious)
Apr 06 2015 04:52 PM Duke Nukem Origins 3d animated Fan series (Serious)
Apr 01 2015 04:26 PM ATOMIC CRISIS (Cancelled)
Mar 03 2015 10:36 PM Bombshell
Jan 24 2015 09:07 PM Why I'm So Great
Jan 21 2015 01:26 PM Duke Nukem 3d Novelization
Jan 20 2015 10:28 PM Duke Nukem 3d Novelization
Jan 19 2015 10:31 AM Duke Nukem 3d Novelization
Jan 19 2015 09:16 AM Duke Nukem 3d Novelization
Dec 28 2014 08:55 PM Penthouse Paradise
Dec 28 2014 08:48 AM Penthouse Paradise
Dec 23 2014 09:11 AM Penthouse Paradise
Dec 02 2014 03:28 AM Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens
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