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  1. Duke Nukem Forever (How to set FOV to 120)

    25 August 2015 - 09:39 PM

    I know you guys don't like me, nor do I care if you like me, but I figured I'd throw this in here in case anyone knew.

    Click here to be redirected to the Steam page that this came from...

    If you're a person who likes higher FoV options because you're used to games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, then this guide will help you out! Duke Nukem Forever limits your field of view to 90 at the maximum, BUT with this simple and easy trick, you can change that to something like this...
    Attached File  2015-08-25_00001.jpg (491.74K)
    Number of downloads: 2565

    That is 120 FoV in Duke Nukem Forever and this guide will help you change that. Here's how...

    P.S. If you noticed my EGO meter says "StarCraftZerg" that is another simple trick that I can teach you as a BONUS for this guide. It will be at the end.

    Like I said, this is fairly simple to do and PLEASE follow my instructions CAREFULLY!!! I can't stress that enough. If you change the slightest thing within this file, your game will be rendered unplayable. Gearbox tried to keep out modders by penalizing you for tampering with the files and if you mess with the wrong line of code, your game is SHOT. Thanks Randy Pitchford...

    Anyway, you're going to want to find a file within your Steam/userdata/"PlayerID"/57900/remote named "user.ini". ("PlayerID" is a bunch of random numbers that make up your profile on Steam. If you have multiple accounts, you're going to be doing some deep scavenging). Once you find the "user.ini" file, you open it with Notepad and this is where I say to be VERY careful. Do not change ANYTHING else within this file or your game will be unplayable. Unplayable as in, you make it on to the game just fine but if you try to play, all of your keybindings are reset and you can't change them again so you have an unplayable Duke character.

    Now, the lines of code you're looking for are towards the bottom of the file. There are 3 things you will have to change and they are all labeled DefaultFOV so they should look like this:


    These are not together like shown above, they are seperated and the best way to find them is by pressing "CTRL + F" to find a certain phrase. In this case, look for the phrase "DefaultFOV" without the quotes.

    Once you find all of the DefaultFOV lines, change the "75" to "120". Don't change the decimals, just the real numbers and when you're done click "File" at the top, save it and run Duke Nukem Forever. If this was all done correctly, you will have your field of view changed to this...
    Attached File  2015-08-25_00001.jpg (491.74K)
    Number of downloads: 2565

    Hope this helped you guys and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Have fun!

    P.S. The EGO text tutorial is in the Steam guide.
  2. Duke's Day Off (USERMAP)

    27 June 2015 - 08:05 PM

    This is my final map that I'd been working on for some time off and on. It probably shares the same name as an older usermap, but hey I couldn't think of a title so you name it lol. It's basically another "get to the end, shoot all aliens preventing that" type of map. Then again, aren't most maps? Anyway, here it is for you guys.

    Duke's Day Off (Eduke32 Version)

    Here are some screenshots I took.
    Attached File  2015-06-27_00012.jpg (496.61K)
    Number of downloads: 507
    Attached File  2015-06-27_00003.jpg (464.89K)
    Number of downloads: 410
    Attached File  2015-06-27_00010.jpg (328.48K)
    Number of downloads: 411

    It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's just something I've been working on for almost a year. Figured I'd post the Eduke32 version here. Have fun.
  3. Duke Nukem Forever Sound Clips! (DLC Included)

    22 January 2015 - 04:36 PM

    I've been working on extracting the DNF sounds and what not, and I was able to get most, if not all, of the Duke Nukem Forever One-Liners, including the DLC ones. Here is a video of these sound clips

    Also, included is the download for each sound file individually! If you find a clip that is messed up, just let me know and I'll have it fixed and reposted. Enjoy!

    CLICK HERE to download Duke One-Liners.zip from Mediafire!
  4. Favorite Weapon in Duke Nukem Forever!

    07 December 2014 - 10:46 AM

    Like the DN3D Favorite weapons poll, I'd like to see what people prefer to use in DNF. (That is, if you have played DNF or care about it's existence. lol)
  5. Favorite weapon from Duke Nukem 3D (POLL)

    02 December 2014 - 07:12 PM

    I personally prefer the shotgun in both DM and Single player.


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