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  1. In Topic: EDuke32 Scripting

    Today, 03:29 AM

    View PostSanek, on 14 October 2018 - 03:45 AM, said:

    I need a one-line, one-time message that will appear on the screen when player enter the room. What is the most effortless way to make it? Can it be tied to a sound?
    I'm speaking of the small messages that appear in the upper half of the screen.

    The most effortless way to do this is to make an invisible sprite that detects whether the player is in the same sector with it (ife sprite[].sectnum player[].cursectnum), and then displays the quote, plays a global sound, and dies when the detection is true (quote # globalsound # killit)
  2. In Topic: EDuke32 Scripting

    Today, 12:37 AM

    damageeventtilerange 5879 5880
    damageeventtilerange 6829 6843
    damageeventtilerange 6876 6885
    damageeventtilerange 6887 6890
    damageeventtilerange 8497 8500
    ife wall[RETURN].picnum BLUEBALLVEND 
    { sound VENT_BUST sound GLASS_BREAKING lotsofglass 20 setw[RETURN].picnum BLUEBALLBROKE }
    ife wall[RETURN].picnum SNACKVEND 
    { sound VENT_BUST sound GLASS_BREAKING lotsofglass 20 setw[RETURN].picnum SNACKBROKE }
    ife wall[RETURN].picnum 6829 setw[RETURN].picnum W_TECHWALL1
    ife wall[RETURN].picnum 6832 setw[RETURN].picnum W_TECHWALL2
    ife wall[RETURN].picnum 6835 setw[RETURN].picnum W_TECHWALL15
    ife wall[RETURN].picnum 6838 setw[RETURN].picnum W_TECHWALL4
    ife wall[RETURN].picnum 6841 setw[RETURN].picnum W_TECHWALL16
    ifge wall[RETURN].picnum 6876 ifle wall[RETURN].picnum 6890
    	sound VENT_BUST sound GLASS_BREAKING lotsofglass 15 setw[RETURN].picnum 7445
    ifge wall[RETURN].picnum 8497 ifle wall[RETURN].picnum 8500
    	sound VENT_BUST sound GLASS_BREAKING lotsofglass 15 setw[RETURN].picnum 7445

    Ok, this is a little messy, but I've pasted in the relevent code from Alien Armageddon so you can see how to do it. First, outside of any actors or events, you use the damageeventtilerange command to specify tile numbers that will be processed in EVENT_DAMAGEWALL.

    In the event itself, RETURN is the wall number being hit by a weapon. The event code tells the game what to do when RETURN is hit. Notice in every case I am changing the picnum of the wall to the damaged version. In between, there is often some code spawning debris and such.

    In some cases, I just changed the picnum to one of the hardcoded ones -- doing that will cause the wall to behave just like you had shot one of the hardcoded destructible ones, which is appropriate if the art on your custom tile fits.
  3. In Topic: Duke Nukem Eternity

    Yesterday, 10:57 AM

    It's been a long time, but iirc you have to press a button to call in an airstrike or something, you can't kill him with your weapons. My apologies if I'm remembering wrong.
  4. In Topic: Killed shrunk monsters !

    13 October 2018 - 09:32 AM

    I don't understand what you are trying to do. I mean, monsters can already squish Duke without the bugs you mentioned. So why are you adding new code that breaks it?
  5. In Topic: Question: Alternative Death Animations for Enemies?

    13 October 2018 - 09:30 AM

    View PostMitchell F, on 13 October 2018 - 12:59 AM, said:

    This is really just copy pasting the code for "ATROOPYDYING" and "ATROOPDEAD" and changing the names of the actions.

    There's something else that you need to do. Maybe more than one thing. It's hard to say without seeing your code. Based on your description, the trooper is able to resume normal AI functions while dead, because your new death animtions are not being handled the same way that the old death animations are. Most likely, it something simple such as a part of the code where it says "ifaction ATROOPLYINGDEAD break" but there is no equivalent break for your new lying dead action.


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  1. Photo 27 May 2012 - 06:52
    Can you please release just the AI part of DukePlus so we can run it with the latest eDuke? Thanks!
  2. Photo 19 Aug 2011 - 20:12
    tanks for the support dan! here is "daniel"! (from the msn) =)
  3. Photo 11 Jul 2011 - 11:45
    I can give beta-testing a shot. I have no distractions, just the limitation on how long my back can hold out.
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