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"In the old time it was not a crime!" -- He shouted, "Since you were judge you'll die alone in madhouse...." then turned into a rabbit and suddenly was gone... Then this whole fucking thing broke out with gypsy riffs and crazy dubbing... Soon judges were all drunk, the women were complete, and children were chasing the naked one... So since then I believe him... For it was true: Along with my mind a one jamaican siren it was missing from the courthouse.

Inside the tubette on the small duplex tile shadow of my hand made a movie wolf head. The dangling cigarette made a long fire tipped tube resembling a smoking fang, which curled from his mouth to my mouth, then slowly into the peeled back tiny mouths of the flaky enamel ceiling above my shaggy head. A test of endurance metered by what with things changing this fast. I drown the soggy creature, threw his wet butt out of the bath tubette; trembling as it was a small room with a very large open window. He bounced and disappeared off the sill into morning, aching and yawning like a neglected tooth that took root in both night and day.

The first scene was on the bathtub ring and then out through the window.. Zoom... A little boy cutting out paper dolls singing Ring Around The Rosey. A rose jumped over a pansy into a mud puddle with the sun in it.. Pan... To the bathroom, the wall paper decorated with Christmas ornament stars repugnantly cheery to the degree of nostalgic depression. A woman begins to disrobe.. Zoom... In to the unkempt shabby underarm and large perspiration, tears on the enormous lit up breasts one dark 'n one light. Light nearest the window, dark nearest the basin above an inadequate light fixture below the latter breast. Pan... The tub ring.. Zoom... to the ring on the finger obvious zen intent one ornament began to move unnoticed by the near nude woman, who now nude 'n situated in the tub cringed at the ring, added hot water relaxed at this mixture pleased, splashed, picked, sneezed, winked, wheezed, flatulated, bubbles popped. The tub returned to normal. The star began to rotate much like the lid of a large mouth jar. Jerky 'n very human being removed from this of course, and entirely on its own. This obviously an example of its picturesque physical appearance, attitude and formation Alright then. The star recovered after the autopsy upon close analyzation tipped the scales at 10,000 lbs. and was matched with a metal very much like lead as we know it here recovered in a mission that successfully returned from Venus in the late fall of 1975. The star had dropped and lodged just under the woman's armpit, only one point was visible.

Life sometimes is like a rollercoaster ride! Sometimes is little good, sometimes is real bad, but don't let that get you down, no way seņor Peter, when I'm at the pearly gates and I see you up above that judges stand, I will say I gave that bum a nickel, a nickel I did not have and I will be spared from purgatory and many, many different punishments. I will not be placed in limbo, because when you are in limbo, there will be a big rug that you must dance to the Chubby Checker songs and it is hell!

Brickbats fly at my fireplace, upside down I see them in the fire. They squeak and roast there. Wings leap across the floor, fold up the wall shadows. The window curtain ghost throws my heart and dusts my throat. My mind caught by the corner gradually decides its safe, becomes a bat itself, flexes its little claws. Curse its leather wings with loud, hollow pops around the room, threatening to dash its brains. Somehow, at the last minute retreats and becomes a natural glue and holds fast and slow in every other motion, making the night more interesting. Becomes a cold, liquid breeze that freezes and thaws and pours the surroundings full. As no breath can be taken, it drowns and relieves to see the black turn into yellow, and the yellow into black.



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