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  1. Saying thanks to the build game modders/organizers.

    29 September 2012 - 06:19 PM

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has played around/worked hard in the past all the way to today to take the Build/Duke/SW source code and run with them the way you have. Due to my own history as a modder it's been by far the most satisfying thing I've had the privilege to help out with in my years circling the gaming world. No game release has been as exciting as watching your releases and updates. :)

    /salute and keep having fun!

  2. Chair Story Origins

    24 August 2012 - 11:17 PM

    I've never actually written about the true inspiration for the Chair Story.

    To be honest I don't even know how specifically true this is anymore, but the basic gist is George Broussard was having an argument with Brandon Reinhart about physics and in a moment of frustration threw one of the chairs in the office down one of the 3DR Halls to demonstrate the "real" way a chair would land. (The hall in the linked image is the one this would have happened in).

    This was before "physics engines" existed, so most games, including Duke at the time, did a very rough approximation of physics. Our approximation was pretty limited. Essentially every object that the player could grab and throw would land "right side up". It would do some relatively believable tumbling but when it came time to come to rest, it would always end up standing upright.

    This was my real first impetus to start scripting, as I added support to say true/false for the up/down and north/south/east/west orientations of individual objects designating whether they could "land" in that direction. This meant objects could land in much more realistic positions, but it required going into hundreds (possibly thousands) of objects and setting which of the 6 directions were viable landing angles. For an obsessive compulsive person like myself, this wasn't so bad. However once things like Havoc and Karma physics engines came along, the effort became void.

    That said it was an interesting transition time for the industry as we were ahead of the curve in terms of believable physics long before "physics engines" became the norm, and it came about largely due to George tossing a chair down the hall.
  3. DNF 2001 Breakdown

    08 June 2011 - 06:38 PM

    Since DNF is actually in people's hands now... and will be in many more by this time next week, I thought it would be fun to give a more detailed breakdown of what was what in the 2001 video. There has been a lot of confusion on this... and honestly people who worked with me at 3DR might disagree with my memories and that's fine. It's been long enough nobody should care and be upset... and if they are... they need some perspective. :dukecry:

    This is intended just for fun and curiosity! I'm going to start with the first actual DNF scene (the vegas view) and just go shot by shot from this video. To clarify some terms I will use. Playable = You could experience this yourself as a player just like you saw. Scripted = Think of a Half Life talking sequence or CoD scripted sequence. Meaning it was "real", but control/interaction would have been limited. Realish = It was all real, but we made special camera angles for trailer interest. Fudged = It was in game, but was either polished for the trailer, or simply an idea prototype. This is actually a big range because some prototypes were fully playable, but hadn't been incorporated into a level yet. Fake = It was done purely for the trailer and probably wouldn't have been in the game.

    • Vegas View = Realish
    • Sandworm = Scripted / Fake
    • Jetskis dropping = Playable
    • Boat & Building = Playable
    • Gunship & Window = Realish / Prototype
    • Octabrain & Tunnel = Scripted / Fake
    • Cars & Street = Playable / Prototype
    • Rocket = Scripted
    • EZVend = Playable
    • Tunnels = Fudged / Prototype
    • PMN8EZ Car = Playable / Prototype
    • Sniping Vasquez = Playable
    • Incoming plane = Scripted
    • EDF with shield = Playable
    • Pinball = Playable
    • More PMN8EZ = Playable / Prototype
    • Lightning Strike = Playable
    • Hoover Dam = Playable
    • Donkey Ride = Fudged / Prototype (I know I know... sorry!)
    • Flashlight Man = Playable / Scripted
    • Waitress and Guy holding door (all cuts) = Scripted / Fakeishfudged
    • Random EDF = Fake
    • General Graves = Scripted / Maybe Fake
    • Mothership = Realish
    • Graves again = Scripted / Maybe Fake
    • Save world all by yourself? = Scripted
    • Motorcycle = Playable
    • Shooting planes = Playable
    • Pipebomb = Playable / Fake setup
    • Tripmine = Playable
    • Ahhhhh!!!!! = Playable
    • Kicking door = Playable
    • Paint splats = Playable
    • Riot Shield and Turret = Playable
    • Shrinkage = Playable
    • EDF209 = Realish
    • Face Roach = Playable
    • Dragon = Realish
    • Minecart = Playable
    • Keypad = Playable
    • Squishing = Playable
    • Lady Killer = Scripted
    • Blue Man = Realish
    • Edge of Destruction = Playable
    • "I live... again!" = Playable
    • Canons Ahoy = Playable
    • Bad LOD Jetskis = Playable
    • Satisfying Chomp = Scripted / Fake
    • Gus = Soooo very fake.

    Hope the old timers have fun with this... I'm off to wait for my BoS edition to arrive on Tuesday and my Steam pre-load to finish.

    /salue to everyone that I've become friends with through the years... of all the things related to Duke that have mattered most to me it's you guys and the source code community life that has continued. I wish everyone the best... thank you again. :D

    Most of all... have fun!

    (Note: I've made a couple of updates after watching the video a couple more times... and also remember that this was still a work in progress so it still wasn't "Put it in a Box")

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