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  1. Old French voicepack

    03 June 2016 - 03:05 AM

    Hello everybody !

    I didn't want to bump up an old thread so I'm making a new one for it.
    I know somebody has already made a new voice pack based on already existing duke games like DNF BUT I have managed to back up files from an old French voice pack which used brand new lines instead of backing up those from other games. If anybody is interested I'm going to post it here.

    However I have no idea who developed this pack and the site I found it on back in the days is lo longer up (I found it on a website where there was a TC called "War for a Murderer" in the days of JFDuke) so I don't know what I should do so I'll post it here and if anybody has a problem against it, just say the word and I'll remove it and keep it for myself :

    Attached File  Old FR Duke.rar (1.05MB)
    Number of downloads: 129

    I remember seeing that some people knew about it but could no longer find it either but I can't find the topic about it so I hope this'll help.
    And as I said if it poses a problem just tell me and I'll edit the download out of here.

    EDIT : I've done a bit of searching and apparently the website I found the pack long ago was called "goregamez.tk", it's the only site I find when searching for "War For a Murderer" TC but as I remember it's in free domain and inaccessible and I don't think opening it in Cache mode will change anything >_>
  2. Who is/are your favorite character(s) to play as ?

    28 August 2015 - 08:27 AM

    Hello world !!!

    I've been actually asking this question to ME and so I thought it would be a good idea to ask people the same question(s) ^^

    Who is your favorite OC to play as in AMC ?
    And if possible Why do you like said OC more than any other ?

    Since AMC is all about playing as 9 different OCs with their own characteristics I figured it would be a good idea to see what people think about that, besides it would give an idea of how adaptable the gameplay is to other players' styles. Also I do not intend this topic to make people say who is the best OC of the game in general, just their favorite OC to play as without necessarily taking strategy or challenge inducement into account.

    Personally I don't have one utmost favorite OC to play as but 4 surely stand out of the box : they are James, Micky, Merlijn and Geoffrey, I like to play as them the most !
    Because I like their voices, one-liners, and their gameplay in general since James has original weapons that can use a lot of alt-ammo, Micky has interesting weapons, Merlijn is reminiscent of Whitchaven and challenging and as for Geoffrey I just like his gameplay/weapons and one-liners ^^
    Then in the "middle" OCs I like to play as come Mikko and Sang very close, then Zaxtor, Rusty and Highwire.
    The fact I put Highwire in "last place" doesn't mean I don't like him since every time I play a non-OC-specific map he's part of the OCs I use the most but it's just that Rusty and Highwire are the OCs I think the least about in general and Zaxtor is a special case since I've played Oblivion extensively I know him too much I guess.

    If I REALLY had to chose my utmost favorite OC to play as I'd strongly hesitate between James and Micky, and as I said without necessarily taking gameplay and strategy into account, but I really can't chose.

    There you have my mind, What is/are yours ?
    It might have been better to make a poll but I don't master that at all and I'd say it's more interactive that way ^^
  3. Orthographic glitch in EDuke ?

    23 October 2014 - 02:44 AM

    HELLO world !!!!!!!!!!

    I've been playing a bit of DN3D with Attrition HRP and I've been having weird caracter problems as in letters and numbers being replaced by other things.

    It first started with "unlacked" instead of "unlocked", "(u/n)" instead of "(y/n)" and now after a few hours I have letters replaced with boots or nuke symbols, numbers replaced with letters or scuba gear, very few textures in-game are now different, and some babe models had weird colors and textrues O_o

    I've tried taking off the HRP and putting back in with a fresh HRP install with and without polymost override and it didn't do anything, also tried replacing EDuke32 with a new one and it still didn't do anything. When I tried launching the game without HRP it went back to normal.

    In the end I don't know if it's a problem with the HRP or with EDuke handling the HRP (running without polymer activated) ... I've made a test with another "HRPed" EDuke that hasn't got Attrition and it was normal.

    Finaly as I'm typing this I've tried launching the Attrition HRP batch but with selecting "none" in custom game directory : it asked my if I wanted to import cfg from Eduke and in the end it launched Attrition HRP either way but with no texture problem, If I try launching Attrition HRP with letting "Attrition" in custom game directory then I have that texture problem but if I put "none" it still launches attrition but without the texture problem o_O

    Any idea how I could fix this without having to put "none" in custom game directory all the time ?
    I'd like to include a screen cap of what's happening but I don't know how to do that.
    I didn't touch at my folder so I'll still be able to make a screencap if needed.

    Thanks in advance fo your answers ^^

    PS : I'm not using ZPack because it's not compatible with the latest Attrition.
  4. Discovered 2 new glitches.

    26 September 2014 - 07:39 AM

    Hello world !!!

    It's me once again for reporting two new glitches I found although this time they don't pose a problem but still they're here and that's why I report, and bY the way do tell me if I bother you by making a new topic everytime I report or if I should continue reporting (if I do) on the latest one (this one) ?

    Okay so here's the exploit glitch I found, it's not that usefull for the time being but intelligent people may find a use for it, I suspected its existence in the user map about a base in an island resort and then I tested it further in the toilets of the AMC base and it was confirmed :

    When you have the Shrinker as a temporary weapon and use it to shrink yourself, you can switch to another weapon and IF you switch to a weapon that you can DUAL WIELD and IF you actualy can dual wield it then things start being interesting > indeed if you switch repeatedly between dual wielding it and single wielding it then you can sort of stay shrunk for the amount of time that you want, you just have to stop it and wait in order to grow back to normal size.
    Since it involves dual wielding it can only be performed by >> James with his different pistol replacements + Sang with his Mini-Uzi + Rusty with his Revolvers.
    Surely Zaxtor can dual wield his SMG but since we can't choose to dual wield them or not then the exploit cannot be performed with him..

    Now for the other "glitch", it's no real glitch but more of a failure in map editing, it's on the level about a base in an island resort (classic user map) near the room where you shutdown the reactor, in the corridor before that room are glass doors where you find the "protective boots" equivalent >> when you open these doors they remain stuck together, as in if you open the right one then the left one will open and stretch in order to have it's tip in contact with the right door's, it's pretty hard to explain and I don't know how to post a screen cap inside a post but the only problem that this glitch poses is just that you need to brake the glass in order to go in and grab the item but still it's a weird thing to notice :/
    A litlle map edition is enough for solving the thing, but since I have no knowledge of Mapster's functionning there's no way I can do that myself ^^

    So far I haven't seen anything much but as always I'll pop up and tell you guies about anything I find.
    And once again tell me if I'm bothering you guies with my thing of posting a new thread everytime I have things to report or if I should keep THIS ONE for it.

    Thanks again for listening to me, I like to contribute and it's the only way I can do that ^^
  5. Discovered a new weird glitch for Providence.

    19 September 2014 - 12:48 AM

    HELLO WORLD !!!!

    It's me again, for reporting a new weird glitch that I found in Providence in the first part of the level (with James outside) ...

    It occurs in that sort of Crypt, you know where we find a gear to unlock an area further in the level, I'm gonna try and explain clearly what happens :

    I wanted to have a clear sight of the spirit in order to shoot him and so I used the night vision since the flashlight wasn't enough, I shot it with the M16's mossberg fire and guess what happened >>>> the flash of the shot and the animation kept playing over and over again, I couldn't fire a second time until I switched night vision off in which case the animation ends and everything is set to normal but it doesn't end here since I've tested that a bit.

    When night vision is on in that crypt I can shoot the FAL (cause it's what I equiped) but when out it doesn't reload and I can't do it myself until I switch NV off again, same for the M16's normal fire. and lastly for what I've been able to test so far I could shoot the FN-57 (cause tis what I equiped) without having to reload at anytime and obviously I couldn't do it myself.

    I didn't have time to test further but what I'm sure is that Sang seems to be imune to that glitch since I tried reproducing it with his weapons and the Stuff Cheat and nothing weird happened with or without his NV equivalent :/

    What needs testing with James is his Striker/Auto5/Jackhammer to see if we can reload them in the cryp with NV on since I couldn't reload the M-16's mossberg I'm pretty sure it and the number 3 weapons are connected, same for the AN-94 replacement for not being able to reload and the GL firering animation might get stuck as well.

    I couldn't test more so I suggest you guies to test what I've told you cause I'm pretty sure the situation I suggest are bound to be affected as long as Night Vision is on along with the Flashlight in that crypt. Might as well use the Stuff Cheat to test every other weapons of James' but it doesn't feel as if they'd be affected :/ and since Sang wasn't I guess any other character wouldn't (even though we're not supposed to access this part with them).

    I'm very sorry I couldn't test it all and report everything possible like I did last time but I discovered it this morning and I won't have time to test that until next evenning T_T

    Anyway I hope this new report will help you guies with your crusade :unsure:

    Till next time !!!

    PS : May I ask BTW what purpose does the "Minerva's Amulet" artefact serves ? I gave it to James and I don't see any difference :/



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