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  1. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    Yesterday, 07:11 AM

    View PostZaxtor, on 15 October 2017 - 04:40 AM, said:

    The 2 blue locked accessed panel door at the ancient guardians room are an alternate way, looks like it leads no where but it opens a different path instead of the standard path to exit the red mist area.
    There is a certain weapon if you use at those guardians they get angrier and changes form.

    Change form ?

    Could you tell me for the sake of my curiosity over the changing form thing ^^
  2. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    Yesterday, 02:39 AM

    Hey, it's feedback time !

    4th level and one of my favorites ^^

    Big City :

    Ah the perfect playground ! I say that for the UEPB, that level's super outdoor nature makes it the perfect playground for that weapon, I love that ^^ AND you get an open armory with 2 recharges for it in order to triple the fun ^_^ Anyway it may not be as big of a city as in other mods that I witnessed but it has its little charm, and the fact we can visit around half the building is always nice, otherwise what would the point be ? Free roaming all around the place may be a waste of time but at least it's worth it for finding the bunch of Atomic Healths that are hidden around the place. At first we may feel stuck right away, even though the fallen grate is clearly a clue I remember that I felt I had found the Bar (first mandatory place) by chance. It was funny seeing all the aliens dance, and it's a superb place for the particle gun (no matter what mode), also I kinda scared myself because the flashing lights tend to make enemies look like what they're not, especially the Enforcers : they're normal but the flashing lights make them look grey (the horror T_T). Then it's also kinda funny that the "Bar Tender" arrives while we're upstairs, a bit as in "Damn I leave my bar for a few minutes and it's already all trashed up >_<". Then the "Texting Device", which looks like a regular SmartPhone, which IMO is one of the best ways of guiding the player, because it's a breath of fresh air from the usual enemy spawn even though it still applies here but less often (only within buildings (especially the IMF one)). Not as if it were any problematic thanks to the UEPB (and pistol just in case ...). That concert room where we find the Black Access Key was quite nice, a bit empty looking because of all the free space but if it's a concert room then why not. That 255 building is one of my favorites along with the Video Store (later), its selection of rooms is interesting and varied, although that variety makes me wonder what kind of building it's supposed to be ... a research center maybe ?. Then IIRC we see the Self Storage building ? that's kinda one of the least interesting one of the bunch ... nothing much inside it ... and that glass door with an elevator button will always be an enigma to me >_> Then we go directly to the other least interesting building with the blue Keycard and enforcers in it. Apart from potentially precious resources, there's literally nothing in here and what may be misleading is the fact you have to get out in order to have a message for progression. What bothers me is that that place just feels like its only purpose is to serve as a "script triggered", I'm making kind of a big deal out of it but I'm just saying. Then the shop ... nothing much to say here, just your typical shop, kinda small but at least the space is used intelligently. However those invisi-troopers are a pain, it's nice that we're given NVs for them more than once in the level because, even though I can kinda deal without it, they're real strong and resistant. Then the IMF building, now that's probably the biggest piece of the whole stuff in my opinion. Not my favorite building (I prefer the 255 one) because it's quite cramped up, especially on the ground floor. At least I can satisfy myself by hearing enemies shoot themselves for some reasons. There are too many rooms to describe but the overall selection is also interesting and varied, it's even trying to differentiate from the 255 building which adds to the overall diversity in the level. The room I especially like is the DJ one, very detailed and credible along with a nice reference to Duke (although the music kinda covers the character's voice). Also it's nice to see the Cafeteria with all the PC screens showing things ... like that "Video Games Kill People" video, won't watch it but just for the title it's no surprise that 80% of the "Like-Bar" is red with dislikes (BTW I never really understood the thing with that guy and you Zaxtor but I'm not going to put my noise in "none-of-my-business-Land"). And finally I like how you ALWAYS took the time to model all those PCs with mice and even the mother-board in the DJ room ! So we go from room to room with unlocks and everything ... too much room to remember everything. Then our first CPU phases, super easy, that is until we stumble across the corrupted clusters that I dislike :/ Then a quick go to the Library, nice looking place even though there's nothing special to say about it. I'm starting to lose the wire but I believe at that point I found both the Dark Red and Violette Keys along with the Chip and used that CPU in the room with the Red Keycard from the Library ... I'm pretty sure I didn't do that on my very first playthrough O_o It leads me to believe it's sort of a secondary quest but it doesn't bring me anything special, I'm a bit confused, can't even remember how I managed to beat the level without all that in the first place on my first time >_>
    More easy CPUs and then the 666 Building I believe. A bit weird in terms of atmosphere and architecture, feels more based on a gimmick than on a wish for details but I suppose the wall limit was being problematic at that point. Then first boss, a bit weird since it's actually easier than the first Orange Trooper from the second level. At least we get 2 special dark red Enforcers, even though it's easy to take them one by one without making both wake up at the same time, and using the UEPB cautiously works mighty fine. Or we can also get behind a crate and Chaingun them so that they're stuck in regular firing, their spits alongside it being too short ranged to reach me. Easy peasy but I suppose the situation can quickly become hazardous if we don't have the UEPB and don't think of using the Devastator. Then I'm very confused because there are 2 blue Keycard locked doors, one of which opens with the boss, and there's a locked door behind that (never managed to open it) that leads to a mess of tight platforms that lead to exactly the same results ... very confusing O_o Then one final time into the 255 building I believe, the Secured Area door surely is unlocked super late for the very first accessible building. Then a quick go at the Video Store, I liked looking at that place. I don't know half of the movies there are and I haven't watched 1/6 of the selection but there are some that caught my interest. I can't believe you managed to stack up on all those tiny Hi-Res pictures of movies of all sorts, I didn't realize on the moment but it's really impressive. We take a fuse that just happens to appear here for no apparent reason (guess the Mutual Friend isn't as far as we may think ?) and up to the end of the level with one last boss. Very easy with the UEPB once again. Otherwise just keep our distances, super easy since we're not stuck within the area we can use the whole city !
    Now a mention about the music which is just super excellent, a bit short and repetitive but damn it's excellent, nothing more nothing less ^_^ !

    Conclusion : Pretty much another of my favorite levels in the game, with its atmosphere, free roaming, not too persistent guidance, balanced difficulty thanks to the wideness of the area, variety of pretty much everything, easy bosses, and more importantly a big freaking playground for the UEPB ^^ all topped by a superb soundtrack. I'll still prefer the first level for its visuals but that city level gets a fave from me for its gameplay and variety.
  3. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    14 October 2017 - 11:59 PM

    View PostTheCultist, on 14 October 2017 - 11:24 PM, said:

    Thanks, I followed your instructions and managed to get to the boss and defeat him (the red thing shooting green things at me). After that, I found a switch, I'll have to look around for what it unlocks. Also I'll look for the bridge addon, do I have to find that now or is that later in the level (I don't want to miss it and then have to get back and go through all this platforming stuff again)

    You will find the Bridge Maker at the "end of the level". Let's just say that you will fight the boss more than once and you will reach the room with the BridgeMaker after you defeat it for the, I believe, third or fourth time. If you keep moving onward you will not miss it don't worry, because you will eventually reach a dead-end with it ^_-
  4. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    14 October 2017 - 11:56 AM

    View PostTheCultist, on 14 October 2017 - 11:43 AM, said:

    I still haven't passed Secret Sector :( I have no idea how to proceed, I'm here:
    I don't see a way to get up there (I'm talking about the first picture). Up there there's a blue thing that looks like a portal or forcefield, is that where I need to go?

    There's ALWAYS a place accessible in that room, you just have to find the correct path everytime. The one in the first picture you can't access it from where you are, therefore you don't have to go there.

    Zaxtor may be more able to help you because that place is too hard for me to remember ^^
  5. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    12 October 2017 - 11:38 AM

    Hello !

    Exceptionally I will submit 2 parts of my feedback this week-end for various reasons >_>
    Once again this one was written by memory right after playing and it will be the same for the next two levels.

    Tequonia's Surface :

    So we're finally on that mysterious looking artificial planet. Nice introduction to the level, with the ship both inside and outside although it's a bit weird that the ship in the cinematic is a 2D sprite but I suppose it's a matter of wall limit. I already like the aesthetic of the place with the huge seemingly out-of-proportion looking buildings, and the color selection to. Some people would dislike the overall grey color but personally I like it, it blends nicely with the dark "sky" and the rest of the place, besides the color selection remains even for almost the entire level which I believe is not something you can achieve that easily. Yet again it's kind of a mazey level but this time wide open, more agreeable to navigate, and with fewer destinations it seems. Only problem is that most intersections look alike and it could be hard to navigate but the TabMap is super easy to use here so no problem in the end. First special trick is that long corridor with the things on the wall that produce those beams with kind of a deafening noise, fortunately it stops when we step aside. It's easier to pass than those blue things from the previous level that's a good plus (we can cross the whole corridor when they're off !). Then another one with those traps with lasers that are disable when we break the ... I believe they're receptors or small generators I don't know ... whatever another neat trick along with being able to see them with NV. Then we get to that "small" tower with a nasty surprise at the top. Usually I don't like fighting Battlelords indoors but this room at least was large. Then at that point I go to the red tower thanks to a secret and that tower is fortunately a sort of exception because oh my god is it cramped up, it's the most cramped up place of the level and I hate having a grey Enforcer and a Battlelord in CQC like that, at least it's worth the trouble especially if we have missed the first secret level. Then that puzzle ... it kept me stuck for quite a while but for a wrong reason IMO. Because you see there are 2 or 3 ways to follow the "last word" hint's rule and there's only one that works and even though it's perfectly logic on a gameplay standard it feels frustrating in a way because both the ways I have in mind feel legit in a way and it would have been nice to allow at most 2 solutions for writing the result of the problem while still following the rule. Anyway once you know that you're already through it since the 2 other parts of the puzzle are anecdotes if you ask me, no real thinking required except maybe for the iron ball we not think of it right away ... Then first boss. It's highly reminiscent of Oblivion, I don't remember accurately but I know there are at least 2 or 3 bosses that are a bit like this one even though they all have their respective traits. And this boss is way easier and fragile than its counterparts of Oblivion. The novelty of this boss is those thin white beams that can harm you even with their remaining trails, and their bouncing around seems quite credible too. Then we get to go I believe to that last part of the level which makes use of another original gimmick with those blue force fielded bridges with the keycards that make us go all around the place to find that weird hyena in super high resolution. The only things I don't like behind that gimmick are that when you use the keycard you are stuck motionless for quite a moment and it exposes you to my other grief against it : enemies tend to be able to harm you through the fields and certain walls, Battlelords can launch their mortars and splash damage you while the troopers' lasers can sometimes go through walls, especially at angles. Also more than once, Battlelords in tight spaces ... fortunately though at that point I got the UEPB which is super useful here, not always easy to use but never less satisfying ^^. Then that Hyena boss ... well the fact it just turns into a small Cycloid Emperor and not even moving is a bit of a letdown honestly ... those blocks that eventually get destroyed is an interesting mechanic, I suppose it's mostly useful when we don't have the slayer in stores but even so I feel the boss is easy enough to be manageable, besides the UEPB seems like it can kill it in 5 shots with the slayer so I think it's perfectly doable without it (unlike the Powerglove boss for instance). In any case a looong corridor and it's the end. I wish I could say more about the level but the places we go to are kinda hard to detail about because they all have similarities and share a harmonic set of colors so in the end one description remains valid for the other rooms in a way ... Despite the level progression being slightly less clear than in the previous levels it remains fairly easy to grasp, so much that even when the enemies appear to lead you to the last part it almost felt unnecessary although some persons might actually need this extra guidance. In any case it's agreeable to roam around the level because of the relatively large places and lack of obstacle apart from the long corridor with beams. Now a word about the music. It's kinda nice, especially during the intro sequence during which it's 100% fitting. Then for its use as a global level theme I'd say it kinda ends up being repetitive since the loop seems not too long. At least it's ten times more bearable than the music of the secret level ! Because it's not as easily stuck in your mind in my opinion.

    Conclusion : In any case it remains a good, kinda easy, level to introduce the artificial planet that will serve as ground for 80% of the game. Like I said, what I enjoy the most in this level is the overall ambiance and color selection along with the fact there's barely any obstacle around the place, both indoors and outdoors with one or two indoor exception(s). And I heard the boss music I like so much so kudos for it ^^. It's one of those levels, along with the 2 normal ones before it, that particularly kept me into the game and kept me going and willing to proceed further, I don't know just like the others it has that little something that makes all the difference both in terms of gameplay and overall enjoyment despite the difficulties at the end and in the secret tower. Unlike the previous levels it starts introducing more originalities (like the thing with cards at the end) but yet the biggest deal is for the next level which houses one of my utmost favorite soundtracks of the game.



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