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  1. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    07 December 2017 - 01:01 AM

    View PostZaxtor, on 07 December 2017 - 12:13 AM, said:

    Thanks for your reviews.

    Boss with symbols that does diff thing when shooting upon symbol.
    Is kinda a reference to Evo : The search of Eden's final boss and Contra III: The Alien Wars' last boss in its brain phase.

    Also as I said for The gltich, in V2 its fixed, if it doesn't spawn a symbol for more than few seconds after the time suppose to spawn it "cancels" the invulnerability mode and becomes vulnerable.
    Boss was freaken long to program and took several thinking, ideas etc to make the change of behavior.

    Those weird blue orbs that moves randomly upward or sometime semi inside the floor spawns atomic health when destroyed.
    Kinda similar to Super Castlevania 4 when Dracula spawns small blue energy orb that drops a chicken leg when killed.

    Okay, I didn't know about those games, as I said Okami is the only one it reminded me of ^^

    What about the big orange chasing ball ? In my fight it never wore off and it didn't seem like I could repell it >_>
  2. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    06 December 2017 - 11:47 PM

    Hey hey !
    It's "you know what" !

    So here I will just talk about the boss because, not only it takes a whole map for itself, but the fight takes a long time and I wanted to speak of it in detail (maybe too much in detail) because of the fact the whole level revolves arround it >_>

    Face To Face :

    At last we're here ! The huge door helplessly closes behind us as a "No going back now" sign. A short but wide corridor, with slightly ominous looking green around the place and lots of ammo for the basic guns, Atomic Healths and Medkit. Now before opening the last door, looking tame and yet intimidating because of imagining what's behind, I don't know if it's a good idea but I'll just turn on absolutely every add-on (of which I have everything !). Right away I'll go all mad-man with enhanced Chaingun and Red Gem. Music changes and let's go. So we get to face a GIGANTIC purple robot with teeth and horns O_o Nicely modelized actually, especially its slim body. Too bad there's not more animations going on but I doubt the engine would have handled it that well >_> Straight away I slaughter its left eye with Chaingun and some 20/30 shots of Red Gem. Meanwhile it just fired bunches of easy to dodge rockets and made weird blue platforms appear, better not stay on those because you become vulnerable and can hurt yourself with fall damage. Suddenly everything becomes upside down ! That's the worst attack of all because, even though I find ways to keep my orientation okay, I still end up getting a bit lost when many attacks occur, that's how I got from 800 something HP down to 400 something because of that flame with explosive red beads in full ! VERY hurtful ! Fortunately we're still given a few Atomic Healths and Armor for good measure, and a Ball of Life just in case but should be kept as last resort IMO since it doesn't go above the default 255HP. After ALL THAT I tackle its other eye with still Red Gem and maybe a few UEPB shots. A bit of the same happens although it started firing orange balls along with flames with red beads, because of the UEPB shot's flashing explosion I got downed to 260 HP ouch >.< The inverted part went out better than last time though. TWIST, now everything get purple and I'm face palmed on the floor ! and there are lightnings striking at places, and I've been comboed by a lightning and another orange ball ! Ball of Life right away, I take more damage but it works surprisingly fine, I got downed to 140 HP and in barely 3 or 4 seconds I was back to 255 ! Satisfactory ^_^ I think I kinda underestimated that power up >_>. One last mention of the lightnings, it appears we can spy small white lights at the places they're going to strike but personally that's the last thing I'm paying attention to right now :/ Finally we destroy its other eye and lots of explosions leaving us time to take whatever item can be taken. Suddenly its whole face tears apart, very easy to dodge, simply go to the right/left-most place and you're fine. Now all remains is a weird small brain ? Kinda tiny in comparison to the head's size ... It starts firing big fireballs, quite easy to dodge actually, I don't know how hurtful they may be but they feel easy to dodge. I try using my remaining 9 shots of Red Gem on it but before I run out we're suddenly warped to a HUGE freaky looking arena o_O I can't describe what the texture/sky-box represents I got no idea ! So right now the brain is simply chasing after me, it sometimes stops in order to launch green and regular rockets, easy to dodge. Relatively easy since I'm taking advantage of the fact it remains grounded to spam Enhanced Pipebombs and if you can regularly hit it then it won't attack really, just stay close enough for the bombs and move fast enough to remain at safe distance for both. Suddenly it starts spawning weird expanding yellow spheres, I'm pretty sure these hurt like a B, a thing is for sure they make me fall to 10 FPS which is more problematic since I can manage to stay far away from the danger. And since there's quite a number of Pipebombs around I can apply my tactic to the maximum. After a bunch of Pipebombs more it suddenly starts to move around SUPER FAST and erratically, I'm kinda scared actually. However if I remain far from it it will eventually hug a wall and stay stuck so I guess I'll switch to the Enhanced+Altered Devastator a bit. It works mighty fine although we must aim at the ground around it because attempting a direct hit will probably go into the void and waste everything. It also start launching weird transparent balls in the air and they fall back down in order to try hug you, they hurt a lot ! Fortunately there's tons of Atomic Healths around. I switch to the UEPB because it's being an easy target right now (and it's standing near the Devastator ammo so I don't dare to close in). Now it resumes to its previous pattern so I resume to my previous Pipebomb strategy. Later YIKES it goes super fast and starts firing Trooper Lasers. Suddenly it halts spawning enemies. And now it sometimes go up in the air before coming back down launching TONS and TONS of easy to dodge regular rockets, the occasion to start using the Enhanced SG IMO, and then back into the running around Pipebombing tactic. Meanwhile it's weird I spy small blue/dark explosions in the distance ? Then it suddenly goes SUPER HIGH O_o Occasion to use the Enhanced Pistol IMO. Later things change, it becomes tainted green and launches TONS of psychic waves along with the rockets, doesn't change my occasion to use SG but from slightly farther away ... Also it remains still so I guess Slot 7B has a good occasion here. Also Look out because sometimes, I don't know why but it suddenly dashes SUPER FAST on me with TONS of explosions and it's impossible to run away from it and survive, another glitch but due to a certain configuration of the boss's rockets and the player's position I'm sure. Also it sometimes fires UEPB shots, easy to dodge. The fight pretty much settles to a """relaxing""" phase compared to what we had before that. I threw all my 30 slot 7B shots and apart from a huge dash on my last shot (which fortunately didn't go further than simply startling me) it's still going on though it seems to have calmed down so I'll throw more Pipebombs after roaming around to get more and CHANGE AT LAST ! It goes high and launches TONS and TONS AND TONS of rockets which make Altering Gem explosions, I can tell you I don't like that phase because all those blue flashes make aiming super hard, I spend my last Pistol shots and suddenly it expands and disappears O_o Now begins the most interesting part IMO. It reappears and spawns a sphere with lots of switching symbols. I remove the SG enhancer in order to shoot it and depending on the symbol we get to face a different attack. I find this mechanic interesting, I remember seeing something of the sort in OKAMI on PS2, its final boss YAMI in blue form was slot-machine like but with a few scripts, HERE HOWEVER there's no script at all ! I find this to be FAIR randomness because it is NOT 100% random and therefore a skilled or patient player can exercise a form of control over the fight and so work the randomness a bit to his/her advantage. Surely this part is the most interesting but it's also the longest and the one that puts your nerves and concentration to the REAL TEST ! Symbol "= with a bump" spawns lots of slimes and boss remains inoffensive, NICE. Symbol "Sagittarian Arrow" spawns LOTS of explosions, requires a carefully timed jump in order to avoid, boss inoffensive, NICE. Symbol "Turkish Moon" fades to black, barely visible, boss shoots few rockets, Still NICE IMO. Symbol "Waves" spawns TONS of electric circling spheres which do TONS of damage, and very hard to avoid and hit the inoffensive boss at the same time, NOT NICE. Symbol "Skullface" results in DEATH from Toxic Gas, the most UNFAIR result of the bunch but we can avoid it if we're careful. Symbol "Weird Asian Image" spawns a HUGE chasing fireball which leaves smaller ones of the same kind which explode with time, interesting mechanic along with inoffensive boss but the ball never wears off and can't be destroyed it seems, NOT NICE. Symbol "Sun" deafeningly whistles and spawns tons of relatively easy to avoid red balls, inoffensive boss, NICE. Symbol "Flower" shoots a bunch of fireballs with big splash damage, fairly easy to dodge, NICE. Symbol "Mix of U and O" bombards you with that symbol, VERY easy to avoid but boss becomes hard to hit with projectiles, SEMI-NICE. Symbol "Yin Yang" spanws Atomic Health and shoots easy rockets, NICE. Symbol "Small O with a long tail" spawns lots of weird pink Enforcers which spawn pink troopers upon dying, boss invulnerable but becomes vulnerable and inoffensive, can be a source of ammo for Chaingun and Pistol, NICE. Symbol "Bomb" spawns LOTS of explosions of various sizes randomly across the whole place, I can't believe I managed to get out of that unscathed, boss inoffensive, SEMI-NICE. I believe we didn't see one or two symbols but right now I deal the killing blow ! Explosions, boss disappears, reappears, explodes again and POOF ! THE END. This is too minimalistic IMO, I'm slightly disappointed T_T But I am too thrilled by my first VICTORY ^_^ thanks to no glitch >_> ...

    Conclusion : Whew, now that's what I call a boss fight ! And no wonder why it takes a level for itself ... Very well designed, phases are all distinctive and varied in nature and patterns. First phase with the huge robot is amongst the trickiest but it boasts the most creative attacks, especially the inverted view and palmed to the floor ones, and it's well balanced thanks to all the resources we're given, along with infinite RPG,SG and Devastator like in "Out of This Dimension". Second phase is a bit more classic, and it tends to drag on for a while, up until I hit the 30 minute mark to give you an idea, with all add-ons. Remains ballanced and challenging at the same time. At that point, as you inflict damage, the boss alternates between active phases where you'd better run fast and relatively calm phases where you can spam harder to use guns like UEPB or Slot 7B. And then that part with the sphere of symbols. As I said it reminded me of OKAMI's final boss's slot-machine like phases. The "Yin-Yang" symbol being the equivalent of YAMI's own symbol as in being the most advantageous set-up, and "Skullface" being the most unfair, but fortunately rarest, one of the bunch. Admiration > Design, creativity, challenge, fair, well balanced in pretty much EVERY aspect, variety. Complaints > 2nd (first one in the weird arena) onwards drag on for kinda long but not as abusively long as in some Oblivion bosses I remember, Sphere of Symbol invincible boss with no sphere game-breaking glitch (despite the fact it didn't happen even once this time), Too minimalistic ending, too sudden, unsubtle, I'd have preferred a small cinematic or a "cool down" moment serving as a transition for the next level. I still enjoyed the fight (especially in absence of glitch) quite well, however no time to relax because we're thrown directly into the next level with a timer right away (I don't like not being given time to relax after that boss) ! Next time.

    BTW to give you an idea of how tough this was, Fighting the boss and writing this feedback at the same time, took a good 50 minutes in total and my left hand is starting to feel weak and almost hurts >_>
  3. In Topic: [RESOURCES] Community Stockpile

    06 December 2017 - 11:21 AM

    View PostFantinaikos, on 06 December 2017 - 04:07 AM, said:

    Thats great :woot: , I hope there is the time to including it in AMC TC enemy cast. (believe or not, I realized only a few months ago that my pigcop with the shield was included in the second episode)

    BTW I have another WIP of a beta DN3D enemy. You should see it relatively soon.

    I believe there is an Enforcer variant with a Shield in a similar fashion, I would like to see this included in AMC as well >_>
  4. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    05 December 2017 - 09:36 PM

    View PostZaxtor, on 05 December 2017 - 12:43 PM, said:

    HRP my old comp could handle it to, if I put around 210s or so polymer sprites on same screen id lag to death.
    With new comp I'd lag a bit if I put around 2230s polymer sprites on same screen

    My PC can't handle Polymer. Even vanilla Duke with no texture pack is barely playable because of lagging (barely 30 fps at most, almost 20 on average, coupled with EDuke's "roll forward" glitch) >_>
    In any case I gauge my PC's strength with games such as yours instead of specs that don't always mean everything. For instance I know my PC can handle Flight Simulator 2002 quite well, even Pacific Fighters (which came out later). Those along with HRP Duke and Trequonia give me a good idea of my PC's capabilities.

    Anyway for the feedback, I believe I'll submit another part on Thirsday and then for the ultimate part it will be either Saturday or Sunday depending on the internet being available at our new house or not :/
  5. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    05 December 2017 - 10:03 AM

    View PostZaxtor, on 05 December 2017 - 09:47 AM, said:

    Thx for ur reviews.

    Lag in orange room is from heavy voxels complex etc.

    With older computer lag was light and with that comp I got not long ago, lag is non existent.
    Probably video card plays a role.
    Older comp was a 3.9 ghz quad-core but no vid card only processor builtin thing.
    While new one is 4core i5 core 3.0ghz but with good vidcard

    Indeed because, when I cleared the enemies, my technique in order to proceed on the bridges safely was to use F7 view while looking at the closest wall and walk side-ways, not looking towards the center of the room really helps. But this technique still takes time and in the escape sequence it made me loose quite a bunch of time (I mention it in feedback) >_>
    Well I don't really know what the specs of my PC are, I don't even know if it has a graphic card (I don't think it does), and the fact it handles Polymost HRP quite well raises questions ... the biggest thing it mannaged to handle well was Attrition with HRP before Dan's latest update, surely it tended to lagg but only when something new appeared once, and if I made long gaming sessions the PC would pretty much lagg less and less since there were fewer and fewere new elements appearing, even in big levels like "Dog City 2012" O_o

    Your mod is pretty much, I believe, the biggest thing my PC could ever handle. The severe laggs like in the ship's core room or some portions of "Out of this Dimention" are clear signs of its limits, surprisingly pushed far IMO, I kinda underestimated my PC >_>



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