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  1. How much damage has lack of multiplayer and general IP incompetence caused?

    10 November 2018 - 05:01 PM

    When I look at Doom I see a vibrant community of new maps, mods, and servers filled with people all the time. Just take a look at the doomworld forums.

    It's sad looking at Duke 3D not being near as active, when it had way more potential. The lack of multiplayer I claim has caused massive damage in keeing an alive community. This coupled with moronic re-releases of the same thing a million times throught Steam confusing people has helped in keeping playerbase count low.

    Imagine if we had a bunch of multiplayer coop and DM servers, even CTF and other custom modes, with actual people playing. The incentive to create maps and mods and keep improving the game would arise naturally. We would also have better tools, like the awesome Doom Builder 2, better ports, more possibilities.

    So the question is: How much damage has it cause, where would be today if things were different, and who is responsible for the disaster?
  2. Could it be said that Duked 3D is overall a 10/10 game?

    08 November 2018 - 08:32 PM

    I mean just put it in a 1997 context.. the levels, textures, music, sound, .. it was so immersive, even more than modern games somehow in my book. It was a proper fps, always surprised on every level and made me want to reach the next level to see what was next. The enemy design was also very nice and every enemy was very recognizable and had personality. The Battlelord was insanely scary back then specially as you went deeper into The Abyss reaching the spaceship, that gave me nightmares. It had sense of going deeper into something big and mysterious on that level, it was awesome and so impressive how they reached that level of immersive experience with such limited technology back then, and without endless cutscenes and dialogs.

    Even if it came out today as a retro style game it would be a killer. I wouldn't really add or get rid of anything so it makes me think this is a 10/10 game. Maybe the only complains I have is that the ambient sounds were a bit glitched sometimes, making that characteristic click noise when you went in and out of the radius of the sound. Other than that I don't remember noticing any mistakes.

    I just wish we got a proper 3 new episodes with new enemies too (actual new enemies like the protector drones and the queen in Atomic, and not like the firefly which is some strange looking thing that felt rushed to me just like some of the levels.
  3. are ken silverman's test maps in eduke32?

    30 October 2018 - 10:56 AM

    Im playing some duke again after a while and when I select "user map" in the menu, in path: / I see the usual e1l1, e1l2... etc maps of the 4 episodes, but there's also:


    uppon further research i found this: http://www.r-t-c-m.c.../build-ken.html

    so my question is, where are these maps located? I have searched on my duke folders and on my steam folder and they aren't anywhere to be found

    btw the maps are a mess because the textures are missing.
  4. Duke 3D on Magic Dosbox

    28 October 2018 - 09:43 AM

    Has anyone tried the recent version of Magic Dosbox on Android? includes a layout for Duke 3D:


    Posted Image

    If anyone has bought it (I think you need the full version to be able to use all the gadgets) can you comment on it?

    Can you shoot and aim at the same time? This could make it playable, similar to the Android port for Doom which plays great. The same developer was making a port for Duke, but unfortunately, he got a cease and desist letter I think. A video from the unreleased port so you can see how good it plays:

    If it's this playable then I would definitely buy it. I just hate not being able to shot while you turn on other ports, see

    but apparently the new Magic Dosbox with the Duke layout you can do that. It would be as good as it gets for now since I doubt we'll see a proper port so we are stuck with Dos emulation. If someone tests it please let me know.
  5. imagine that you are very rich...

    26 May 2018 - 05:44 PM

    And you buy the Duke Nukem IP and then you must hire the perfect dream team for a new Duke3D expansion pack, similar to Atomic Edition (a proper expansion pack with a proper brand new boss, enemies, weapons.. unlike World Tour).

    Who would you hire for a dream team?

    Engine (some improvements, proper online specially coop... but still the same Duke3D engine/feel):
    -Ken Silverman
    -the eduke3d team

    I would get in the mapping team:

    -Luciano "Gambini" Gallo
    -Merlijn v. Oostrum
    -Alejandro Glavic

    And I would hire the classics (Levelord,Allen Blum III, Pitchfork..) for an additional "old school" episode, like a bonus. I just think their mapping style wouldn't fit within the other guys super detailed designs.

    I would then hire the same team that did the sprites for Duke 3D for the new art. This is key because when there are new sprites it often doesn't fit within the old art if it isn't the same people involved or at least experts im knowing how to achieve the same aesthetics, we want to avoid disasters like the new half assed enemy in World Tour. We want proper new enemies like the Protector Drone/Alien Queen.

    For the music, of course:

    -Bobby Prince
    -Lee Jackson

    The music would be either classic .mid format or new .ogg (switcheable in menu)

    Obviously Jon St Jon for some new lines.

    That is all. I would pay them a lot and give them 2 years to complete a PROPER new set of episodes, a port that works flawlessly online, proper new enemies and weapons etc... I wish I won the lottery.


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