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  1. In Topic: Disney Bad Press-Remove Alan Horn

    Today, 01:04 AM

    View PostMerlijn, on 23 September 2018 - 12:58 AM, said:

    I don't care what anyone says, firing Gunn over old tweets was stupid. Bad jokes are still just thatů bad jokes. And now they've potentially fucked the GOTG series.
    And let's not get started on what Disney has been doing with Star Wars. Or them buying out the competion to gain monopoly over the entertainment industry.

    So yeah, not particulary happy with them at the moment..

    I'm curious what your thoughts are on the fact that this is exactly what James Gunn has tried to do to others?
    I wish he wasn't fired, but he brought it on himself.
  2. In Topic: Disney Bad Press-Remove Alan Horn

    Yesterday, 05:41 PM

    IMO, it really doesn't matter what my opinion is on the Gunn firing simply because Gunn looked for blood from other people's twitter past and he got the exact same treatment.
    You reap what you sow
  3. In Topic: Trailer Park Boys corner.

    Yesterday, 05:30 PM

    Frigg off DustFalcon

    The general consensus is that the series died after Season 7; this was when Netflix picked it up many years later and Mike Clattenburg, one of the original writers, didn't return and it doesn't feel the same. Actors are either leaving (J-Roc, Trevor and Corey, Lucy, etc) or have passed away (Jim Lahey, Phil Collins) while some characters have changed (Bubbles has become insufferable at times)

    Seasons 1-6 are peak Trailer Park Boys for me personally. Season 7 has some great moments with Phil Collins and should be watched just for him. Watch the movies too but stay away from the live shows.
    Watch the seasons after 7 if you REALLY want to continue watching it. Same for the Out of the Park series.
  4. In Topic: Doom corner

    19 September 2018 - 12:06 PM

    For Doom 2?
    You might be right, however Entryway is also iconic with it being the first level.
  5. In Topic: What was your reaction to wallboobs, the Hive and the turd flinging?

    19 September 2018 - 12:01 PM

    Yeah, the "Looks like you're... fucked" if the most offensive thing in the entire game.

    It really makes Duke look like a giant douche and it was such an odd thing to say for his character.

    When the twins get kidnapped, he gets fucking pissed and aggressive.
    When those same twins have been impregnated by aliens, he makes a dumbass joke.

    Had the same exact joke been said if he found the president in the place of the twins, it could've worked.


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